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Re: Kuhn to test free agency waters

Neither of those guys are good blockers, and Kuhn can catch, IIRC. Since the ability to play wide receiver is what Arians believes is the most important thing in a running back, he would fit. I like Redman, but until he shows the ability to pick up blitzes and play WR like Arhead wants, he will not be used much. I love his style, which is the direct opposite of Mendenhall, that is, Redman isn't afraid of contact, and hasn't shown himself to be Fumbilina. I doubt that we ever would see Redman try a Spinderella if he was one on one against a 190 lb cornerback. Ike would put the shoulder down, make that CB a part of the turf, and move on. Menenhall is too soft, and is an Al-Queda sympathizer. No place for him here.

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