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Should I call again?

I dropped a wood duck of at the taxidermist last February. It has been almost a year. I called him back before Thanksgiving to ask about it and he said that he was working on it right now and hoped to have it done before he started getting deer heads in. He said it would be about 2 weeks. That is the last I heard from him. It has been almost 2 1/2 months after he told me it would be done. Should I call him again or just let it go. I don't want to bother him and have him do a crappy job just to get it done. Any suggestions?

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Re: Should I call again?

I would go to the shop and talk to him. See if he really did work on it or if he just blew smoke your way.
Most of the time nothing gets accomplished over the phone.

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Re: Should I call again?

how well do you know him ? if you think he might have been blowin smoke give him a ring. if he's a good buisness man he wont mind the phone call.

i have had a duck out at bird mans for over a year, i called in december when i was supposed to hear from him,
he didnt mind that i called at all. he told me january. but still no word. but i know i'll hear from him one of these days.


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Re: Should I call again?

i'll tell ya a story...then you can make the decision...

took a squirrel to get done (gray squirrel but all the typical white markings were chocolate brown)

said about a year...i said no problem..

after a year and a half or close to 2 years, i called..

"its in there now..couple weeks" (whatever THERE is? freeze drier maybe)

couple weeks nothin...couple more nothin..couple more i called..."couple more weeks" nothin...let 2-3x the "couple weeks" pass and called again...same story..

right about 3 years later i got my squirrel back...and it looks like HECK...actually looks scary...i wasnt happy about it...wasnt happy about the wait...but so mad i paid him and left...but, i cost him ALOT of own, and everyone i know that ever talks about getting something mounted i make sure the work doesnt go there...

i tried to not be a pest...but if you tell me a year, i'll give you a while longer then im calling...if you blow smoke and tell me a couple weeks, im going to call back a couple weeks after your couple weeks is up...

i shoulda showed up in person after a while...

what usually happens with some taxis is the small stuff doesnt bring as much money as the big stuff and it gets put on the back burner...poor business practice IMO...if you dont wanna do my squirrel, just tell me! dont take it, ruin it, and keep it for 3 years!!

ive heard of more than one taxi doing it...and its always small stuff...and most taxis will tell you, it takes a good bit of time and work to do the small stuff and they simply dont bring as much money as a deer head or other larger critter...

somethin comes up in your life and your laid up for a while, i have NO problem with honest and say "hey man i had a major heart attack and been laid up and couldnt do any can come get your critter and your money back or i will get it done ASAP" no laid back and as understanding as they come...but hate bein jerked around...
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Re: Should I call again?

I say show up so he remembers you and what your waiting for....

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Re: Should I call again?

I agree with everyone tried the phone and it didnt work. A nice little showup to his shop is in call. If he really is working on it you should be able to see what he has had finished. Phone calls and emails never get to the root of the issue. Face to face is the way to go if you want real progress.
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Re: Should I call again?

Its been a year, he said it would be finished in 2 weeks, you are the customer, he is working for you! I wouldn't hesitate to give the guy a call or a personal visit. There very likely is a good explanation, but none the less, the taxidermist owes you a reason or your bird!

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Re: Should I call again?

Personal visit is best, that way you can ask to see it and if he was really working on it. A year is not unusual to get a mount done if you are using a busy taxidermist but I would be concerned if he told me a finish time and you still don't have it.

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Re: Should I call again?

Well, it turns out it was done back in December. Istead of calling, he mails you a postcard saying that your mount is done. He claims that it works better than calling because you have a visual reminder. Anyway, my old lady must have just tossed the postcard in the garbage because I never saw it. I stopped in yesterday and he said that he was getting ready to send me another one. Personally, I would call 1st and then send a postcard as a second reminder, but whatever. I got it back and it looks pretty good.

You can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin it once.
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Re: Should I call again?

i was told 1 year for my goose mount to be done. it has been 1 year and 2 months. i will give him 4 months and then i will drive over and see how everything is going. i think for the money they charge in taxidermy they should also be straight up and honest with customers. like you said, if you dont want to do it, dont take the animal and say this that and the other.
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