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How much time ??

Last fall - first day of archery - I took a really nice big buck. My first real trophy buck - also my first archery kill.

I took the head to a local taxidermist to be mounted. He informed me that I had not taken enough neck and cape to make a good quality mount. Well.. OK...My Bad! Although I had no experience... in all my excitement I screwed up so.. My bad.
The taxidermist told me that he would get some "cape" from another deer and make corrections for my error. I was really appreciative - told him so. He then said the mount would be ready in July (last month). I called around the 4th and he said it was not yet ready. Maybe August. I called the first week of August... He said... Nope, not ready yet.

So.. can anyone here tell me if I am being impatient? As I stated, this is my first trophy (well a very nice deer if not a trophy) and I do not know what to expect. And... yeah... I paid him in full already.

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Re: How much time ??

Usually takes about a year

I'm so far behind I think I'm in first place.
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Re: How much time ??

A year or slightly more is not unusual.
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Re: How much time ??

Been waiting 3 years on a squirrel.
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Re: How much time ??

Like was said a year is ball park for most taxis.

But...he quoted July...which is his problem and led to you having expectations....I wouldn't harass him weekly or daily..I personally would sit back and wait...if you keep calling he may rush it just to shut you up...if it got to be next year I'd probably call again since he quoted August this time lol...

Its tough to wait...I waited several mo the for a skull mount that I expected a week or 2...why it took so long is beyond me...turned out nice...but I didn't expect 4-5 month wait lol...I did call I think twice till I was told spring/summer...
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Re: How much time ??

OK< I have almost 30 deer heads mounted
so have some experience here
what I will tell you is this, a good taxidermist is like finding the right woman LOL
there NOT all the same in any way shape for form
finding a GOOD consistent one is NOT an easy task

as for time frame
that all comes down to HOW they work
do they tan there own hides, do, they ship hides as they get them, OR like many do, they wait till they get a bunch then ship to save money buy sending in bulk and getting better rates
then comes the TYPE of tanning they do, or HAVE done
I have had heads back in under 3 months, and some that the LAZY SOB of a taxidermist took 4 + yrs of pestering to get it back, and a few I gave up on and just took my racks back and deposits, or would have sued them!

average is about a YR for most places

NOW< here is food for your thought here
finding an extra Cape for you, is NO easy task, all the more so if he's doing it at a FAIR deal, in which I mean, he's HOPING to FIND a local that will donate one to him
and if thats the case, well that could be weeks or months from when he GOT your deer into his shop
and then is the SIZE of the cape
something I gather you don't know much about
BUT if you shot a BIG trophy buck, and he just grabs a cape off a SMALL BUCK< the difference will be HUGE in what you get back
when they get a buck in they measure the deer, noce, neck and such measuraments( I highly recommend folks learn to measure there own, asn KNOW many guys who got WRONG capes used in there mounts and NOT very happy now, but NO way to prove) shooting a 250 lb deer and getting a cape back from a 90 lb deer is a BIG let down LOL

SO< if this Taxidermist is TRYING to do you good, and getting you a cape as close to the size your's was
that takes even more time on HIS part
you start busting his [censored] now, you will be the looser NOT him
check in once a month if you like and ask nicely!, just tell hi your new and it means a lot to you to get it back for others to enjoy HIS work
NOW if a yr comes and goes, then its time to start getting MAD and worried

and again, ONCE you FIND a good taxidermist
and by this I mean LEARN the difference between a GOOD mount and a BAD one
learn what to look for, and look at there work in there shops, do ALL look GOOD< or do some look so so, and other great and others poor??
that's the difference between a GOOD one and just a taxidermist
a good one EVERYTHING will look GOOD, no crossed eye animals, no white showing in eye's on critters that DON"T have any white in there eye's
and so on

most folks never know what a BAD mount is, till they get a GOOD one and place it next to the BAD one
and sadly MAY taxidermist know this, and also know MOST only get one or two mounted and don't see the differences
and can get away with crappy/sloppy work
due to folks just NOT knowing what GOOD work really is

Good taxidermist are HARD to find, trust me here

in my area say 100 miles radius, have a few dozen and ,most I wouldn't give them a squirrel to do, never mind a deer of trophy quality
sad, but true
over priced crappy work, getting first time hunters money! and its sad!
many uop here have taken in too many deer heads and then went under never even getting heads back to PAID in full customers
it happens,
save proof of deposits and time frames, get things in WRITING!

good luck, and post a pic when you get it back
love to see it!
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Re: How much time ??

I had a similar experience but my turnaround was less than a year.

I shot my first buck when I was 12, a small 5 point. My parents said they would get the buck mounted for me since it was my first buck. Well, being 12 years old and being the only one out of my immediate family who hunted, we took the buck to a local butcher shop. I guess the guys at the butcher shop didnt read the tag saying I wanted to keep the hide for a mount and when I went to pick up the meat and the hide/head., all I got back was the skull and meat. Fortunately for me, my taxidermist is my cousin and he was able to get another hide from a doe that had been shot. I think he had gotten the mount back to me 8-10 months after I dropped it off to him, without the hide.
As stated above though, finding a good taxidermist who you can trust and rely on is like finding a good woman. Good taxidermist are hard to find and finding one who's work you like and one you can trust can sometimes be a hard thing to accomplish.

This is my most recent mount, and this is the reason why I keep going back to the taxidermist who I trust and know does good work.

Also, I will say that a good taxidermist will give you advice about your mount. I wanted the buck in the pic above to have his his left ear be the only one that was cocked back because that was the side the arrow hit him. But, my taxidermist advised me against that because he thought the 1 ear cocked back would take away from the antlers. I'm glad I went with his advice because I really like the way the mount turned out.
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Re: How much time ??

Thank you one and all. A kinda knew that taxidermy is mostly an art and working with natural materials - ya just can't hurry it so... I will just go with the flow and trust the man.

Again... thank you to everyone who took the time to share there knowledge. This sure is a great website to learn and learn.

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Retired Army - Desert Storm
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