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Originally Posted by R. S. B. View Post
That is not the way it would work though with a lottery. With a lottery, just as there was with the elk drawing in the early years, there would be a percentage of the allocation set aside for non-residents. That means that in any unit that sells out before the second round there would be residents, selected at random and perhaps even the first one to apply, would be rejected while a non-resident a week or even two weeks later would get one.

I suspect it would actually end up being just like the elk drawing is now that residents and non-residents would have an equal shot at them. Of course more are going to go to residents though simply due to the demographics of way more residents allying.

But, the fact is there would be a lot more residents getting rejected for a license in the unit they want than what happens under the current system.

Dick Bodenhorn

Not if the lottery is done the way New York does it.

Order of Selection
  1. Landowners and Disabled Veterans
  2. NYS Residents and Nonresidents with 3 or more preference points.
  3. Residents with 2 preference points.
  4. Residents with 1 preference points.
  5. Residents with 0 preference points.
  6. Non-Residents with 2 preference points.
  7. Non-Residents with 1 preference points.
  8. Non-Residents with 0 preference points.

Read about their procedure here, it works very well...
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