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The only issue with the current system is with the treasurers themselves, and THEY are the ones that cried and whined that they needed the money when the PGC tried to take them out of the process...

A few years back, a lot of guys that I know failed to get their doe tags for 1B after never having a problem in the decades before. They mailed their applications on time to either the Erie or Warren County treasurers offices. The first week went by and none of them were awarded their tags. The second week went by, with now non residents applying, and they didn’t get awarded their tag. Soon enough they were sold out and had their applications to them. Now you tell me how non residents were awarded tags while these guys were left out in the cold, despite having their applications there on time?

After some research, my suspicions were confirmed. The treasurers were recieving the apps but setting them aside and bit processing them. A batch came in Monday and were placed in a bin and then a batch came in on Tuesday and dumped in the bin on top of the previous days’ and so on and so forth until eventually the game commission actually called them up to ask why they weren’t processing the applications. Well, by the time they started getting around to it, they were grabbing the ones that were at the top of the pile and going from there. So much for “first come, first serve”. By the time they were getting the very first apps to arrive, the unit sold out...

Think about it. The money made by the treasurers for processing is put into a pot and distributed equally to all treasurers in the state, doesn’t matter if they processed one or 20,000, they all get the same. So what incentive do certain treasurers have to be timely in their processing? They’re going to get the same amount of money regardless...

The treasurers need to be removed from the process to streamline it and make it more efficient.
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