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Hawke rifle scopes

partially against my better judgment, partially my desire to be different, and partially due to my budget, I opted to purchase a Hawke Endurance 3.5-10x50 for my .308

I will do a full writeup here for you guys but it's too late to do anything with it tonight. I have the scope mounted so I will take you up to that point and get some pics up tomorrow.

Packaging - Scope was very securely packed in styrofoam, wrapped in plastic bag with dessicant, a cleaning cloth and a set of lens covers similar to every other scope I've ever bought. ZERO complaints here.

Scope is pretty light weight but noticably robust...it "feels" well built. I like the fact that the tube is one piece. Initial looks thru the scope were clear, very clear in fact with no chromatic abberation on high contrast targets. It would not be fair to show a pic thru the lense with my camera, because the camera has more purple fringing than the scope and would do it a huge injustice. That said, i'll post the pics anyway tomorrow.

The fast focus eye piece came out of the box compressed all the way and after 1 full turn out, i was in perfect focus with my crummy eyes.

Next up, the adjustment turrets. It took me 200 clicks down and 400 back up to hit the stops. Exactly what they said in the manual it would take. Same on windage. 1/4 MOA clicks, so that is 50 full MOA vertical adjustment if the clicks hold to true 1/4 MOA for each one. that's one heck of a lot of adjustment. the knobs can be re-zeroed - a feature I really appreciate. I don't plan to fiddle with them all the time like i do on my 22mag, but I like to know that IF i change, i can re-center quickly. They are finger adjustable, and the clicks are very solid, actually taking some measurable force to move them. not at all like the scope on my 22mag or even the bushnell i just sold. They are low profile turrets and will work out just fine for their intended hunting purpose.

Reticle is standard 30/30 reticle, spanning 30 MOA at 10x. the reticle is SFP, so the reticle does not change with zoom, so all ranging must be done with scope at max power if that is your bag of chips. I'll be setting this one up for MPBR, with rifle sighted zero at 200, and about 8" low at 300. I doubt I'll ever have a shot that far in PA again...unless Bloodhound drags me back out to the Xmas tree farm for a rematch with Super Doe.

It's time for bed...i'll finish a full writeup by this weekend hopefully.

First impressions of optical quality are very good. even looking thru it at night after my eyes adjusted to the light, under tonights moon, i'm impressed. Granted...it's got a 50mm objective, so it better be able to pull in SOME light, but the difference between this scope and the Bravo Sierra Alpha on my 22 is literally night and day.

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Re: Hawke rifle scopes

Look forward to your full assessment.

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Re: Hawke rifle scopes

as promised...a short(?) writeup.- I failed to take pics of the packaging and simply refuse to dismount the scope to take them.- when you buy your Hawke, you can supplement this thread LOL

I was looking for a workhorse hunting scope for my .308 with decent low light performance and my primary focus was a scope with good optics and a no-nonsense duplex reticle.

The Endurance scope has a one piece tube, quick focus eyepiece, and resettable turrets.- all i wanted in a hunting scope.

The flare in this image is from the screen door glass which is slathered with 2 year old hand prints.- I neglected to take another pic.

Anyone care to calc the distance to target knowing the reticle is 30MOA?-

I just realized too that all my range pics are in that magical hidden folder on my HTC Imagio phone.- I will have to re-take.-

I took it to the range today to sight in, and did the old look thru the barrel to bore sight.- It was close enough for military work, so I loaded up and sent 3 rounds with the scope on lowest power.- I centered the group 3" low and 3" right.- Adjusted up and left 24 clicks each and sent the shot.- dead center in the bull...NICE.- to see how repeatable the turrets are, I came up 32 clicks and left 32.- This is 4" left and high at 50yards.- Fired, shot in the 1" square at the 4" mark.- Right 64 clicks, fire, in the next black square.- Down 64, wash rinse and repeat.- Left 64, same thing.- right 32 and up 32, in the bull, touching first shot.- I'm done.-

Ran the muzzle velocity harvested from my handloads into a balcalc today and settled on a 200 yard zero with 2" high at 100.- Come up was 8 clicks and left windage alone.- Recentered the turrets on the current setting and will verify after the weather gets cold.-

Seriously, the best 59 bucks I ever spent on a scope so far

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Re: Hawke rifle scopes

Good write up Jay. IMO, Hawke makes the best scopes for crossbows compared to everything else on the market. I have not used one of their rifle scopes yet but I would not hesitate to do so. Next time a need a scope for one of my rifles I will be giving Hawke some business.

There also have great customer service, BTW.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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