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Need some help with boots

Let me start off by saying I've been paying attention to a few of the boot discussions going on here but really haven't came up with a good solution for myself yet. Since the people here seem to be very knowledgeable I decided to start a thread.

I've been hunting for 15 years now and every single year my feet freeze...sometimes on the truck ride to the woods in the morning (no joke). It really ruins my hunt because I either have to get up to walk or stand up to rock back and forth to try and get some blood flow (and even that doesn't work).

My question is this....I've finally made the decision to get myself a great pair of hunting boots that will keep my feet warm. At this point I'm willing to spend a good bit of money for them as well. I also saw that the socks you wear are just as important. Currently I normally wear a long white normal tennis shoe sock covered by a wool sock. I only wear this because that's all that fits in my size 13 hunting boots. I know that for my next pair I have to go at least a size bigger.

I hunt archery and live in 2B so I basically start hunting in October and don't quit until late January.

I'm open to any suggestions that you guys might have!
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Re: Need some help with boots

If being still for hours you might wanna try electic socks
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Re: Need some help with boots

Well a couple suggestions. If they're white cotton, that's a problem right there. Cotton retains moisture and is a poor choice in the cold. Dry feet stay warmer. Wool, all wool. Make sure the boots are big enough, need a little room with socks so as not to restrict circulation. Next foot powder in the sock that goes next to your skin to help keep them dry, or just powder your foot well before putting them on, no-scent powder preferred. THE best cold weather boot I ever wore was from northern outfitters, they're big, bulky, but light. Sat in cold with minus 30 wind chills with no socks (that's how they recommend you wear them) and my feet were warm. Unbelieveable. But no ankle support, and IMO not good to walk in the woods with for any distance. You didn't say but sounds like pack boots are not an option. Once temps hit the 20s my feet never stay warm in leather if I'm sitting, then it's the pack boots. But I last pretty well nowadays in leather boots with 1000g or more of thinsulate and a good wool sock. Some of the pack type boots are not that bulky anymore with as much as 2000g of thinsulate, so I would check into one of those with at least 1200g or more. Cabelas has quite a few.
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Re: Need some help with boots

get good boots and try these over top.

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Re: Need some help with boots

My feet sweat alot so I always carry a spare pair of socks in my pack and as soon as I reach my stand I take my boots off as well as socks and dry my feet with and hand towel. I also change out the insoles and put on a pair of poly sock liners before putting on my wool socks. I try to get socks with at least 85% merino wool...hope this helps. You could also use the disposable foot warmers and keep your boots loosely tied while on stand.

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Re: Need some help with boots

If you see 20 degree temps and winds if you have leather boots your feet will freeze while sitting..I have browning pac boots for sitting all day...Most manufacturers are not making pac boots anymore..If you keep an eye on EBAY you can get a used pair like my brownings..You need to get the wool liners for the pack boots..The insulation SOREL is using now is next to worthless...Sorel does still make pack boots.They are out of Canada..
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Re: Need some help with boots

I have a pair of these. They are awesomely warm

I also had a pair of 1400 gram rocky boots I liked too.

For me, I am willing to have bulky boots for warmth.
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Re: Need some help with boots

If your feet get cold very easily and even before being out in the cold, it could be more than your boots!! If you notice that your toes blanch out or even turn white when they're cold it could be a medical condition. Might want to get checked out by your physician. A buddy has this...not saying you do because as a nurse I am forbidden to diagnose as per my scope of practice but here's a link you might find informative... cannot beat muck boots for comfort and warmth! Dunns is selling the -40 and -60 temp woodies and arctics for less than $120 with free shipping right now.

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Re: Need some help with boots

Davy's right on about the socks. Cotton traps moisture near the skin and evaporation draws heat from you. I don't wear any cotton material against my skin when I hunt. Wear a light sock made from polypropylene or dri-fit material next to your skin with a good quality merino wool sock over it. I've been wearing LaCrosse AlphaBurly for the past few years and really like them with 1000 grams of thinsulate. Light and warm. Be sure your boot is large enough for the two layers of socks and still gives you some wiggle room for your foot as well. If the boots are too tight, it cuts your circulation and doesn't leave any evaporation room.

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Re: Need some help with boots

Currently I normally wear a long white normal tennis shoe sock covered by a wool sock.
Cotton kills in cold weather.
Wool will keep you warm even if wet.
I have diabetes and had really bad vericose veins in my legs which really killed my feet in cold weather. I had a vein closure procedure done on both legs which helped a ton as I have better circulation in my feet now.

I wear these under 1 or 2 pair of 80%+ wool socks(depending how cold it is) -

Cabela's Over-The-Calf Coolmax® Liner SocksThe Over-the-calf CoolMax® Liner Sock is made of special four-channel dacron polyester liner has 20% more surface area than ordinary fiber, enabling it to transport moisture away from the skin quicker so it can evaporate without absorbing liquids into the fiber itself.
I bought a pair of Irish Setter 1000 gram boots 1 size too big to accomodate more socks if necesary. I usually lace the boots up tight when walking in/out, but loosen them up when on stand to keep the blood flowing better.

I have used chemical toe warmers and they work too, but get expensive over the course of a season.

One thing I thought about but have not tried yet are those boot booty cover thingy's, I am usually toting enough crap in the woods without something else to take for a walk LOL.

Hope that helps.

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