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Scent lock clothes

Are scent lock clothes really worth the extra money? I've only had a scent lock hood, so I can't say I've used their equipment enough to know. But you can figure on adding $100 to a pair of scent lock hunting pants compared to regular. I wash all my clothes un-scented detergent and store them in airtight bags. I also think it comes down to playing the wind correctly. Just curious to know if people think it is worth the extra money.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

They are very well made and will last for years. Are they any big advantage for success?? I have mostly good camo and wash them with um-scented detergent store them in a cabinet when not in use, take them out a week or so before the season, hang them on the line then pack them in a bag of leaves which supplies the scent from the great out doors and try my best to set down wind of where I think a buck might approach....I think one will do well with either method....

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Re: Scent lock clothes

I've heard a lot of discussion that they are hype. The science just can't uphold the claims since only a finite amount of odor can be absorbed and they can never truly be recharged in a dryer. There are warmer, quieter clothes out there for less money.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

All hype, just care for your regular clothes with scent free wash and dryer sheets, store them in the big ziplocks and be done.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

All hype. You can wear a body bag and if you are upwind a whitetail will smell you. We smell bad.

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Re: Scent lock clothes

Not worth it IMO. I think if you wash your self and your clothes with scent free soap and just spray your regular clothes with scent killer or leave them outside to air out well is probably just as good and a lot cheaper.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

I always used unscented laundry soap on my clothes then store them in a vacuum sealed bag.
Never felt the scent-Lok was worth the added expense.
I hunt with a guy that even I can smell the Hoope #9 from his gun 25 yards away and he smokes a pipe while hunting, yet we never have problems getting up on game.
Wind direction and depending how pressured the animal is to move is more important then the scent we give off.
Maybe archery is more necessary but not so sure during rifle season.
Think scent lok clothes are going to help the guy who usually doesn't walk up a flight of steps and now is trying to walk a quarter of a mile up hill and is huffing and puffing and burping up the pepperoni and beer he had the night before??
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Re: Scent lock clothes

I own a scent lock suit and it works great, I have killed lots of deer while bow hunting from the ground. farthest shot was 20 yards closest was 8 yards or so.

this got me to thinking and experimenting. I got the same results with using unscented everything and spraying my clothes with different brands of scent killer sprays, none seemed to work better than the others. deer kill results were the same when playing the wind.

I set up next to pine / hemlocks and rub the needles until I can smell the pine scent, this helps cover or disguise my scent (maybe) I have also urinated in a mock deer scrape and killed deer too.

the use of deer scents helps attract deer but I believe everything is highly over rated and mostly not needed.

how many big bucks have we killed every year using all the stuff they advertise on TV shows. get comfortable, sit still, and set up in a high traffic area (for deer )

and you will get some venison. cant kill big bucks where they don't exist.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

They are made to last if you take care of them. Good amount of pockets, warm, comfortable, etc... But as for scent control, I wouldn't bank on it.
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Re: Scent lock clothes

I did the whole scent lock suite before, never had success like i do when i play the wind. Had deer wind me while in scentlock, had them wind me while doing the whole shower, wash, spray everything with scent free crap.. Still get busted. The only sure way to keep a deer from smelling you is to be downwind of it.

I forget who it was on here, but they once said... To compare a deer's sense of smell to ours... You walk into grandma's house, you can smell she's been cooking apple pie. A deer walk's into Grandma's house, it can tell you every ingredient in the apple pie.

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