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Re: One more on the wall

First 3 shots 'lower' were my first out at 100 yards with 100gr BH209 - 250gr Aerolite Powerbelt. Not bad, not great either but not bad for the guns first trip to 100 yards. Shot clipping the bulls eye was me adjusting the scope.

This is when the trouble began due to the intense heat we were having today. Same load.

Gun cooled down for a good 20 minutes while i was at the house. First 3 shots were very decent with a new charge of 90 grains blackhorn209 just to see if less powder was better in the rifle. Ran back to the house for 2 more 90gr charges and fired them 10 minutes in between shots. STUMPED! They danced over the right.

Making some adjustments to my lead sled, i extended it forward one notch so the pressure on the forearm was directly over the forearm screw. Back to 100 grains Blackhorn209. STILL OVER TO THE RIGHT!

After those 3 shots i really started to question my ability to mounting a scope. I figured maybe i didnt torque it down correctly and now its starting to dance around under recoil. WHO KNOWS!

When i first got the rifle i made a promise, I wont clean that factory QRBP until she hang fires! I even made a list of the # of shots ive taken so i could report how many it took before she went fizzle clump.

I broke that promise as i was really stumped due to the shots moving off to the right for some reason. I went and got my #32 drill bit out of my range box and remove the QRBP and cleaned it.

Total of 23 shots with Blackhorn209 and CCI 209 Magnum primers.

I did allow the barrel 6 to 8 minutes to cool down between shots, THANKFULLY since the temp' dropped into the mid 80's in the evening.

3 shots @ 100 yards, cleaned the QRBP between each shot, allowed the barrel to cool down.

Complete target from today,

15 recovered primers from today that were shot in the fouled up QRBP. The other 3 primers were from when i started cleaning the QRBP between shots.

With proper head space adjustment, this is what she looked like after a FULL day of shooting.

I've had this Optima for a SINGLE DAY and already she's ready for New Mexico Muleys!
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