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I was just informed that a coworker is selling two muzzleloaders. He told me the prices but I wasn't sure if they were good deals so I thought I would ask.

What would you pay for a never fired Traditions Pursuit LT .50 Cal w/Tasco 3X9. It is black with nickel stock and comes with sling, pwoer belt bullets, 209 caps, Pyrodex pellets, cleaning kit, breech cleaner, and Power Belt starter kit?

What would you pay for a TC Pro Hunter Endeavor (fired a dozen times) .50 Cal, Stainless Leupold 3X9 SABR scope, sling, TC plug cleaning tool, TC plug thread cleanign tool, cleaning kit, TC barrel removal tool, TC liquid plug cleanser, TC seasoning patch, powerbelt bullets, powerbelt starter kit, Pyrodex pellets, 209 caps, TC extended JAG, and TC quick loader?

I just want to make sure he isn't ripping me off. Thanks guys.

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