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One more on the wall

Cleaned her up and degreased it with gun scrubber, 60 strokes with JB Bore paste down the bore, internals were lightly coated with Barricade, head space was adjusted .013" outward for a slight crush fit on the primer to prevent primer blow by. One [censored] of a gun so far! An easy 4 shots and shes ready to go.

First shot at 20 yards.

Moved out to 50 yards, took 2 shots which touched, decided rather than take a 3rd shot, to just adjust the scope 12 clicks to the left and she was center!

Took a total of 8 shots with it today and this is what it looked like afterward.

#8 primer

I really do love this thumbhole already. It feels very solid when i kneel down and practice off hand aiming.

Tomorrow will be a 100 yard day and then maybe even 150 yards.
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