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Re: hooting deerstalker 50 flintlock

That is a hefty short bullet. Keep in mind that Buff hunters had one shot kills at several hundred yards with 70 grains of powder and a 450 grain 50 cal bullet. Your bullet will carry it's energy much further than a round ball, but moves slower. However, increasing powder to lessen the trajectory arc doesn't do much because the bullet is too short to remain stable much beyond 125 yards. 70 or 80 grains is plenty considering the average range in PA. Don't even concern your self with the factory MAX load. it has no useful purpose for hunting in PA. In too many circles Americans tend to think of more as being better. More horsepower, faster, higher, bigger, etc. In muzzleloading, "more" can be both counterproductive as well as possibly dangerous. At 100 yards a slow 1,200 ft per sec bullet takes roughly 1/4 second to strike the deer. (add a a few hundredths for ignition. ) A 2,400 ft per sec, the bullet gets there in 1/8 of a second. Not a huge difference, over all at deer range. The amount of powder necessary to move that bullet that fast in that barrel is beyond dangerous. According to Lyman's Black Powder Handbook, 1st Ed. in a 26 inch 50 cal barrel, 70 grains of powder will push a 180 grain round ball at 1574 FT/sec. That same 70 grain charge will push a 370 grain Maxiball at 1286 ft/sec. But the 370 grain bullet results in twice the energy at 100 yds. Just guestimating, but your bullet over 70 grains ought to be doing about 1450 ft/sec out the muzzle and should have about 530 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yds.
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