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Any info on 7mm-08?

Hey guys, I was looking for some info on the 7mm-08. My wife was asking me about some Christmas gift ideas and for some time I have been wanting an inexpensive bolt action that I could carry for deer and bear that I wouldn't have to constantly worry about scratching. I did some research on the Marlin X7 and many reviews show a very accurate, good trigger, and overall solid gun for the price tag. My local gun shop has these at $309. I can't decide between the 30-06 and the 7mm-08. I have never owned or shot an 08, so I don't know much about them. Are they comparable ballistically? What about at 100, 200, or even 300 yards? Would the 08 be an adequate gun for bear? Would there be any noticable difference in recoil, as my wife would also be using this gun for deer, and the gun is only 6.25 lbs? Any info would really help. I currently have a 760 in 270, but would like to have the bolt action. I don't want to get another 270 just for a little variety I guess. Thanks.
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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

I own and shoot a 7mm-08 along with my wife doing the same. I used to shoot a 7mm Remington Magnum and the little rifle puts them down. Most are bang flop! I still like the big bang that comes from the Magnum, but I really cannot argue with how well the -08 does. Have taken deer, bear and moose (the moose was taken at 410 yards) with the -08 and it is a sweet shooter. The recoil is in the light to slightly moderate category.

I was just a bit skeptical about the 7mm-08 when I purchased the first one for the wife and then she started putting deer down with it. I finally purchased one for myself and have not looked back. I shoot the -08 better than any other gun I own.

The 7mm-08 is inherently accurate being based on the proven 308 cartridge.

I think you would be making a good choice! Put a decent scope on it for her and don't look back!
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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

My 13 yd old Granddaughter won a 7MM-08 T/C Venture last spring, I topped it of with a good 3 X 9 scope. After talking to some friends who own and load 7MM-08's I hand loaded some 120gr ballist tips.

She got a buck at 150+ yds, 1 shot, double lung and it ran less than 50 yds and piled up with no follow up shot needed. A button buck at about 40+ yds same deal.

Great little rifle and fantastic cal. for deer.

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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

i own a ruger frontier in 7/08 and like it. its practically equal to a 308 but the ammo is twice or more the price and the availability is not as good. don't get me wrong, good caliber but if i had to have one gun in that class it would be a 308. i just wanted a 7/08 because i didn't have one. the '06 kicks more for sure.

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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

I also have used a 7MM Rem Mag, I own a 30.06. Bought a Remington Model Seven in 7MM-08 and use it most of the time. I reload so ammo availablility is of no concern. Correct shot placement will drop any big game animal. I use Nosler Ballsitic tips and and Barns solid brass bullets in 139 grain size.

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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

The 7mm-08 is a great cartridge. It will take just about any game in North America minus the Big Bears. If probably would have no problem on the bears, but I will feel more comfortable with a bigger gun for those.

.30-06 is great as well. Both will do what you need and perform the same on game out to 400 yards or so. The 7mm-08 just does it in a little lighter, less recoil package.

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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

Ive killed 4 deer with my savage 7mm-08 that I got when I was 11yrs old, it kicks less than a 243. And the farthest I've ever had a deer go was 5 steps, I shoot hornady 139grs that you can buy at gander mtn, they turn a deers heart/lungs to the consistency of grape jelly. Trust me you'll love it
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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

Like others have pointed out, the 7mm-08 is simply a .308 necked down to 7mm.

Think of it as sort of a .270 short for sake of comparison to what you know.
It will recoil less than a .308 and .270 because of the lighter than .308 bullet and less powder than the .270.
I think it is more than adequate for anything you'll find in PA.
If you reload, it's very versatile. If not, the ammo is still widely available, but probably a little more expensive.
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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

7-08 is probably all the gun you would need for PA. If I were to advise a new hunter, you could hunt PA all your life with a 308 or 7-08 and never need more gun. I think the heaviest factory loading is 140 grain bullet, which I would prefer something a little heavier for bear. But I know of bears taken with one with no problems. IMO recoil is mild, the 06 will recoil noticeably more. The 120 gr Barnes bullet goes out at like 3000+ fps and will likely take a deer as far as you can shoot accurately.
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Re: Any info on 7mm-08?

Lots of NIB Remington M7600s in 7mm-08 around.
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