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guns are not the problem

in light of the recent theater shootings.....
when will people realize that guns were not the problem here. But rather a sick and demented mind void of love and compassion for a fellow human being...This type of behavior should come as no suprise to a society that...promotes violence on TV...promotes violence in the video games we play... that listens to gang rap and music with violent lyrics..raises up tough guy shoot em up hero's...where broken homes are becoming the normal....where mom and dad don't teach right from wrong...where there is rapidly declining moral standards...where its against the law to have bibles in school...but after they commit a crime and are in prison, you can take in all the bibles you want.....i'm getting tired of praying for victims after the fact....when will this country learn.
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Re: guns are not the problem

N It won't learn. Always looking for something to blame. A weapon, disease, drug, etc.
We'll hear this guy in co was abused, had adhd, on bath salts...........insert excuses here.

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Re: guns are not the problem

Well said!
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Re: guns are not the problem

Heard that his mother, as soon as she heard there was a mass shooting in Aurora, knew it had to be her son. HELLO!!!!!!! We all owe it to ourselves and our communities, that if we know someone is mentally unstable, to seek them immediate help. BEFORE a tragedy, not after the fact.
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Re: guns are not the problem

Bingo. People have been killing each other long before there were guns, and if all guns were removed from the earth (obviously not advocating that)people would find ways to kill each other. As was said above, without guidance from parents, without some sort of moral standards (whether you belive in God or not)society will degenerate. When violence is promoted and glorified, people will gravitate toward it (or at a minimum be desensitized to it.)We also live in a society where life is de-valued. We kill unborn children by the millions and call it choice. So when something has no value, we have no problem choosing to kill it. That mindset extrapolates into the rest of society.

Am I grieved about these kinds of inicidents? The answer is an obvious "yes." Am I surprised? The answer is an equally obvious "no."
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Re: guns are not the problem

Yes guns are not the problem. But it takes common sence to realize this. Many very smart people lack it. Other times the people that want to blame guns for crime, want the guns banned so they can control people. Many times people who commit high rates of crime also want gun control also, as people that are armed are able to protect them selves. Many innercity people that have high crime rates, and blame guns for their problems also. When we are all willing to take responsibility for the actions of bad people, and quit blaming guns we will be farther ahead. Check out crime statistics and you will see that those who have the high rates usually blame guns. Look at the crime in Harrisburg, on the news you see people talking about murders and robberies in their neiborhood and usually they blame too many guns for their problems.
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Re: guns are not the problem

Originally Posted by tanner
Well said!

Never Misses
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Re: guns are not the problem

ABC News was so anxious to affix blame, that they found someone belonging to the Tea Party with the same name as the shooter and rushed it on the air that morning. Wrong guy, but indicative of how the media likes to take advantage of such tragedies to further their own agendas.

Someone goes off their meds and sets fire to their apartment building (that's happened in this area several times in the past few years), no big rush to outlaw matches or flammable liquids.

A nut job intentionally drives his car into a crowd of people, no rush to outlaw automobiles.

But any time some whackdoodle shoots numbers of innocents, there's an instantaneous cry from the media and their leftist patrons, to further restrict/ban the possession of firearms.

Those among us who are disturbed for any number of reasons, always seem to find a way to inflict chaos on innocent bystanders. Yet their privacy and rights are almost always more important, than the threat they may present to the rest of us who are minding our own business. Unaware that the oddball down the street may be planning to blow us away; Run over us; Or inflict harm by any means available, for "reasons" known only to them.

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Re: guns are not the problem

I wonder what connection there might be in the report that he was a neurological graduate student? Perhaps he was trying to find answers to a problem he knew he had?

Perhaps too we will find their were professionals that had assessed him as dangerous but allowed it to slide. This has happened before. Perhaps what they have learned, from the previous cases, is to cover their tracks, so as not to be blamed.

I beleive many people resort to this kind of violence as result of a feeling of alienation. The sense that no one really cares. Parents become afraid of their children early on. A fear they'll not be liked by the child. As the child grows the emotional abandonment sets in. "What can we do?" Society instinctively avoids what makes it uncomfortable and our fears separate us. The simple minded conclude that removing the weapons from everyone (treating gun owners like criminals)is a solution rather than more of the same ostracism that contributes to the problem.

It has be know for quite sometime that treating someone badly makes them eventually behave badly. There are other people at blame here! Allowing them to point the finger at law abiding gun owners is more a part of the problem than a cure. More than two thousand years ago bearing false witness was identified for what it is.
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Re: guns are not the problem

I do not know why a civilian needs tactical gear unless he is police or military??????? ALSO drum clips are NOT NEEDED for hunting or sporting purposes....He had several drum clips for his AR-15...Remember the 2 bank robbers in LA a few years ago who had AKs with drum clips were finally killed by police and left to die on the street..
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