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Building a 30.06 rifle

I've been looking into building a rifle at is 30.06.

Does anyone know where to buy parts for one? And building a rifle, How tough is it to build?

Just wanting to know if it's worth the time and effort of building my very own rifle. I've never built a firearm, but I do build things for the Naval ships.

I have the mechanical skills, but I don't have machines to mill anything. So parts would need to be bought complete. And final assembly would be my responsiblity.

Thanks, Scott
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

When you say build i take it as a custom rifle. Most of mine are or factory rifles with modifications. It will depend on your checking account of how far you want to go. I would say you need to contact a gunsmith or custom rifle builder there are many out there and some darn good ones in Pa. I will give you the basics of a custom rifle and opinions will vary but here is my preference.
Action of choice : i use a rem 700 most of time and have it blueprinted by a smith . Its put in a lathe and receiver is squared along with the lugs on the bolt im not going in to many details of step by step but all of this is done so barrel fits perfectly square along with the recoil lug ground. Custom actions are availble that everyrhing is done priced anywhwere feom 1k- $1,500.00 Trigger can be worked or replaced I use Jewells.
Barrel- Stainless stell match grade there are many good barrel makers out there: Hart, shillen, Brux, Kreiger, Broughton, etc. You can choose the twist, contour, and length. Your smith will thread, fit, chamber, and crown. A good barrel is the heart of a custom rifle.
Stock- All on prefernce wood or fiberglass. Many people like a beautiful piece of wood you can have that choice. I have a local smith that has amachine he can duplicate any thing you want checkering, etc. Fiberglass i prefer many makers out there. Mcmillian, Manners, HS Prescision, etc. The stock has to fit your action of cource but should be properly bedded. This is the start of a custom rifle good luck to you.
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

10 times cheaper to buy one........
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

You get what you pay 4
Originally Posted by hunterdan199
10 times cheaper to buy one........

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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

Most custom rifles have resale value much lower than their cost. If you end up selling it, you'll take a bath.
There's a lot of very good .30-06 production rifles around.

Rich Deerhunter
Cochranville, PA
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

Building a rifle and working on Naval ships donít have too much in common, like the others have mentioned, you really need to have a gunsmith do your machine work. Once the machine work is done you can pretty much do everything yourself without needing expensive equipment. If you want to do everything yourself, your best bet would be to purchase a Savage action, you can get chambered barrels threaded to fit them and adjust the headspace yourself with the barrel nut.

People that speak negative about custom guns either cannot afford them or have never shot one to see how accurate they can be. Yes, they could be a loosing proposition financially, but I canít say Iíve built a custom gun with the intention of selling it. Itís kind of like building a hot rod, if you take the time to re-do a 67 Vette and do it right Iím thinking you would make out OK, do a poor job on a 72 Pinto and, well youíll still have a Pinto. If Bob Mundon built you a pistol, it will always hold its value, ďJoe SmithĒ builds one and you probably wonít get scrap price out of it.

The sky is the limit when building custom guns, you need to do some research and figure out what you want and how much you want to spend.
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

Its all a matter of what someone wants and can afford. Dont let anyone talk you in to or out of doing a custom if you want it. Yes it is expensive but you do get what you pay for. Lets take your pick up truck for example assuming most people here probably has one. My first new truck i didnt get until i was 40 just didnt want the payments it was a regular 3/4 4x4 a/c, and radio. Worked great for plowing and moving my landscape equiptment got the job done. Now i have a 350 lariat, leather, pl, and most of the bells and whistles is this a waste of money? Im sure there are many others here that has some luxaey on there vechicles again are they wasting money? All in the eyes of the beholder. Im not there sell the idea of everyone needs a custom rifle but just giving the basics of what needed. Also i never state my gun is better than yours and never will. I do have factory guns that shoot real well and close to the customs but at the end the customs will be consisting more. I disagree now days of loosing money on a custom depending on how you put togeather. On another site i visit forum in there classified section of guns 4 sale there bringing good money. Now days you have the internet to move something compared to 15 years ago you had to find someone in your community that wanted what you have. I also think due to the internet it takes a long time for a build due to there is a lot of it going on and barrel makers and stock makers are backed up.
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

You will NEVER get the money that is put into a custom rifle back when you sell it, unless you keep it 30+ years. I have some that I built in past years and did so just to have that feeling of "I did it".
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

Parts are easy to find but since you already stated you need to purchase ready made parts its not going to be anything special or custom about it. Not like you are changing the stock length or making it lighter.
As other guys already stated your going to spend more on components then something you can buy right out of the box and shoot with better accuracy.
If your just looking to play to help pass winter quicker start out with a kit black powder gun, they are fun and come out fairly nice.
Good Luck
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Re: Building a 30.06 rifle

If you are stuck on an '06, then I would buy a factory rifle....but if you want to be "different" and own a wildcat caliber, then I would go for a custom made job! There are SOOOOOO many very accurate and reliable factory '06's out there I don't think you could do better by going custom, unless you just need to have lots of expensive extras built in!

If I only coulda' seen into the future!
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