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what is your favorite rifle/cartridge combo?

what is your favorite? i've been sitting here for a couple of days and i decided i would try it, with some exceptions......

1. YOU hunt with it
2. NO rifle/cartridge that you would like to have

......and here i go. some people would say fer me, the winchester m94 in 30-30 with 150-170gr factory fn. i have killed alot deer with it. i also have killed snakes, grouse, pheasants, foxes, a 'yote or two, squirrels, feral cats and dogs, dove(i did it one time, i killed 3 or 4 of them, i was young and i couldn't refuse the triple dog dare...

then there is a rem m760 in 308 with 150gr hornady rn and imr, i think, 4064. i have killed a deer or three and my only black bear(396lbs). i luved that gun until the luck ran out of her. it was right after my black bear, it was like that she'd warned deer that i was coming. i remember the days that i could NOT see anything, even birds. then i'd show up the next day with a different rifle and it was like kicking deer out of their spot to get to my stand.i'd do this for several years and i'm glad that i sold her!!!! the 1898 springfield armory in 30-40 krag with 165gr ranch dog and some h4198. me and my son have killed deer and my teeth are cut on cast boolits but no, thank you. the tc encore in a 23" MGM barrel in 444 marlin with 300gr fn gc and 2400/tuft of dacron? mmmmm....i should say yes, even tho she is the main rifle that i use, but no. i have killed many deer with the 444 and 255gr keith, 265gr hornady fn, 275gr ranch dog, 280gr lfn and wfn gc going about 1800-2000fps(powders were many). the rem m7 in 7-08 with 139gr hornady fn(discontinued) with imr4320 is a killer for deer. the 18.5" barrel is a fast bolt action rifle. unfortunately, i gave it to my youngest boy. i have had 30-06 in multiple manufactures and the bullets/powders also. i can't say anything bad about '06 but its plain vanilla. ruger #1 in 270 and 140gr hornady sst and imr4350 is one of my most accurate rifles, the avatar shows the results. the 243 in multiple manufactures and bullets/powders too. tho i have killed deer with it, i will give it a solid NO!!! after the shot(be it behind the shoulder or shoulder of the deer) the deer would go 75 - 150 yards(1 would go 300+ yards from a failed 85gr x-bullet). its just me, but i find the .243" is to light of a caliber to use for 150lbs+ deer. 25-06, 6.5 creedmoor, 500 linebaugh and many others to boot used to be my main rifle, but............

i hafta go with oldie.....the semi custom 1898 mauser in 7x57 with a 139gr hornady fn and imr3031. i got an FN 98 action only, i can't remember the date, 1950's? then the rifle was a 20" douglas barrel(which i wanted a 18.5" barrel and my gunsmith{who was a good friend of mine, RIP} wanted a 22" barrel), timney trigger set a 2.5lbs, 'glass bedded, fajen stock and scoped with 3-9x swift(this was one of old ones, had a over-the-counter warranty not like they do nowadays!!!). the first time i took her out, i got my 20ish+pt buck with it. the antlers were about 11-12" wide and about 6 or 7" long. "but 20ish point buck!!! come on!!!!" you'd say. i'd say "count the points, if you would put wedding band on it, then its counted." i'd say that the buck was a 6pt, but my friends say 20-26pt. i gotta find that rack, i put it in a box years ago.....anyways i could it at 1/4 - 1/2" groups at 100 yards(5 shots/benched), for all the good that did, 70ish yards was my long shot, 30ish yards was normal. 300+ yards away, it had its own sound...it was like bam instead of bang, my dad could explain it better. i gave the mauser to my oldest boy and now that i have a 93 spanish and 98 mauser that needs rebarreled (93 spanish is going, i expect?, to 257 bob and the 98{i have aperture sights on it already} is going to be 375-06 imp), its hard to find a reason not to make the 7 mauser. however that rifle fitted me perfectly. well, maybe not now, being that i have only one arm now.

what is favorite rifle/cartridge combo?
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For Pa. deer and bear, model 81 Browning in .308. My son loads me 150 grain Hornady Interlocks for the lever action. The gun shoulders nicely and has a quick action with a 5 shot clip.

For hunting the West, Alaska, and moose, I like my stainless / synthetic stock Ruger 77 shooting .300 WM. I usually shoot 180 grain Hornady Interbonds when I hunt out of state. The trigger has been reworked to shoot 2 pounds, which adds to long range accuracy. The gun is built like a tank, the bolt action can handle the Western dust and the gun’s finish holds up well when hunting near the saltwater of Alaska and Newfoundland rain.
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You never get over your first.... 1943 Winchester 30 CF(30-30). I think it was my grandfathers but the few memories(passed when I was very young) I have of him I don't remember him hunting so I'm not sure(Pop also passed away and I never thought to get the right story). I have killed more deer with other weapons but taking the old girl out for a walk after a light snow just feels right. I'm happy to kick up a deer or two getting a shot is a bonus !

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Oh I definitely got over my first when the price of ammo rose to over $50 a box of 20... (.264 WinMag)

Favorite now is my 700BDL SS in 06. Topped with a VariX III, it's been faithful and reliable since 94. 165gr CorLokt PSP. Put an awful lot of meat on the table. Almost boring. Bullet goes exactly where I want it to.

2nd would by my 10/22 w/ a 16" Green Mountain barrel. Squirrel and bunnies don't stand a chance.
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My go to rifle season is one that I bot when I was 16YO back in 1972. I use my Winchester model 88 in .308. However......I've been very fortunate to bag a buck in archery season and rarely pull the 'ol faithful outta the safe.
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Now I don’t golf. But guns and ammo are like golf clubs. Different guns for different animals and terrain..

For deer pump carbine in either 308 or 35 whelen
For bear 338 mag 35 whelen 45-70 300 ultra mag
For turkey 10 gauge .
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My Hoyt, every time.. Fashioned in Camo, with dual cams, a 31" draw length and Easton full metal jackets topped off with Rocky Mountain Premiers in 125 grains. To the OP- the Feral cat killing may get you some negative feedback, feral cats are like what the ranchers out west do with the wolves, "dig don't tell".
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Winchester model 70, 30.06,and a 150 gr Rem. pointed soft point cartridge works for me......

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My full stocked CZ 550 in a 6.5 Swede shooting Norma 156 grain Oryx ammo. Haven't yet to find any critter offering up any refusal.

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North West trade gun flintlock I built back in the late 80's. carried that gun for everything for almost 25 years and killed a lot of game with it. 20 gauge/.62 cal., 31" barrel and weighed a hair under 5 pounds. Its retired now hanging on the wall.
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