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To port or not to port

To all my fellow hunters who have guns that are ported do you see any difference in recoil ??

I have a Mossberg slug gun 695 12 gauge kicks like a mule and itís louder I donít see any difference and it came from factory ported .

Know I have a savage bear hunter in 338 win mag with a factory installed muzzle break and it kicks like a 20 gauge .

Just wondering if itís even worth the effort in attempted to port another gun or itís just a waste of time and money.

Thank you

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porting isnt designed to really reduce recoil. it will help with muzzle rise. A well designed muzzle brake will reduce muzzle rise and reduce felt recoil because its able to move the gases faster. my mossberg 930 is factory ported and is loud but i dont notice the recoil unless running 3" heavy shots.
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I would not do it on any gun that I'm going to be hunting with, unless you and everyone around you is using ear protection. I used to have a Mossberg 835 that was ported, so so so loud.
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I've owned two factory ported rifles. A Marlin GG in 45/70 and a ruger American Ranch Rifle in .450 (although the RR comes with a muzzle brake which can be removed and a tread protecting cap screwed on in its place.) All it did was make it louder. I didn't notice any difference in felt recoil when I fired a GG without a ported barrel and the RR with the brake removed.

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Originally Posted by schappellt View Post
porting isnt designed to really reduce recoil. it will help with muzzle rise. A well designed muzzle brake will reduce muzzle rise and reduce felt recoil because its able to move the gases faster. my mossberg 930 is factory ported and is loud but i dont notice the recoil unless running 3" heavy shots.
Sorry schappellt, porting can and is designed to reduce felt recoil. A muzzle break is nothing more than porting added to the end of the barrel as opposed to cut into the existing barrel! True, some porting is designed to primarily reduce muzzle rise (like the magna-porting a magnum handgun), but other designs are meant to mitigate recoil. Depends on the design.

That being said, although schappellt alluded to it above when he mentions the speed of the gas, it really has to do with the pressure the given cartridge operates at. The higher the pressure, the more effective a break/port can be be.

Saami standard pressure for a 12 gauge is 11,500 PSI. The OP's 338 Win.Mag. operates at 64,000 PSI. Hence his statement to the effect that the porting does not seem to work on his shotgun, but works like a charm on his rifle.

From this we can conclude that porting of your average shotgun is a waste of time, while it might be much more effective on a high pressure rifle. With the shotgun, you get the added vectoring of the sound waves towards you with little reward in the recoil department, while at least with the rifle it makes a difference in the recoil.

All that being said, I would not shoot a ported 338 Win.Mag without ear protection, not even once while hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read up on the science of noise damage to ears. I don't even think I would fire a shot from my AR without ear protection. I use sound cancelling electronic ear protection while hunting with my revolvers 100% of the time.

Therefor - I do not think it worth while putting permanent porting onto a high pressure rifle that is to be primarily used for hunting. Why bother? You don't feel the recoil while shooting at game and there are other ways to mitigate felt recoil while practicing on the range.
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stay away from porting your barrel.

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Properly positioned ports can and will reduce felt recoil as the gases are directed in a direction and are used to reduce recoil. In redirecting the gases rearward or upward to reduce recoil or muzzle rise causes the noise to be redirected towards your ears. Several years ago while being a rangemaster at several larger USPSA/IPSC pistol matches the fad was ported pistol barrel (straight up) and an attached compensator which directed gas up and to the sides. As a shooter they were not that bad noisewise to shoot but as a rangeofficer (while wearing plugs and muffs) to 125 people /day shooting 20-36 rounds you felt shellshocked by the end of the day.
Port efficiency increases with pressure so powders that had higher pressure were best for efficiency. Also powders that had a longer burn at maximum pressure are good for some guns. As an example in a compensated 1911 in 38 Super Bullseye powder probably won't operate the slide but a load with Hodgdon HS-6 creating the same pressure will run the gun flawlessly. It just needs pressure for a longer time to gain momentum in the slide.
Porting a barrel can be a great thing but there are down sides also some of which are the increased noise to your ears but also decreased bullet velocity. If done improperly decreased accuracy can be experienced.
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My Marlin 45-70 Guide gun came from the factory ported. I can't tell anyone if there is reduced recoil because It is the first and only 45-70 I ever shot. So far as being loud, There is little difference between it and my .308 for me when behind the gun. I can't speak for being off to the side.

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