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Tell me about the .300 short action ultra mag

I recently acquired a Remington model 7 stainless synthetic in .300saum. I know literally nothing about the caliber short of a quick internet search. It has been sent out to hart and has had the accurized packaged done to it. Iím sure the gun is a shooter. I have my fair share of rifles and really donít need one that eats $60 a box ammo. Someone wish to tell me about it and maybe talk me into keeping it? Someone wish to give an idea of what a like new piece like this is worth with no scope? Thanks everyone!
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What I've seen on the round is that it more finely splits the hair between the 30-06 and 300 magnums.

The 300WSM sits on the 300 Winchester Magnum side of the fence between the 30-06 and 300 Win other words, it doesn't quite reach the 300WM's capabilities, but it's closer to the 300WM than it is to the 30-06, if that makes sense.

What I've seen of the SAUM is that it's a bit closer to the 30-06 than the 300WSM is. So, not QUITE able to run to the same potential as the 300WSM, which means there's a little more daylight between the SAUM and the Win Mag and a little less between the SAUM and the 30-06.

I wouldn't even consider owning one if I wasn't a reloader. Even the 300WSM is tough on the wallet, and tough to get the performance you'd want, if you're not handloading for it. If I wanted to run factory and have a 300 mag, it'd be a Win Mag, hands down. Nothing else would be competitive for buying "off the shelf" food for it.

Of the non Win Mag options, on flat out performance, the 300SAUM, 300WSM, and 300H&H are all packed fairly close. Flip a coin, take your pick. You'll get more than a 30-06 but less than a 300WM. I have the H&H and WSM versions. I run 180gr Nosler Partitions out the muzzle at 3000fps, +/- about 25fps depending on which one and which load. A 300WM can touch 3100 from what I've seen for the same bullet. A 30-06, IIRC, will redline somewhere around 2700-2800, roughly.

Again, if you're not running a loading press, I'd have it rechambered... of course, if it's a short-action, your options are severely limited, and not to anything that's substantially better for factory shooters.
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The Rem.SAUM is Rems short 308 caliber magnum as it became necessary for each manufacturer who was anyone to have their own. It pretty much duplicates the WSM. As bullet weight increases to 200 and over the short mags lose out to the long action mags. Unfortunately Remington doesn't seem to support cartridges that aren't immediate successes. The WSM version was copied from someone elses design and must pay a royalty to that person(If I remember that was Bryce Towsley) for each gun and maybe ammo produced.
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My favorite rifle is a Model 700 Remington SAUM I got the first year it was offered (2001?). A great cartridge, it is my go to big game rifle. Shoots great and puts the game down in a hurry. I've shot 2 mule deer and numerous whitetail with it, the farthest being about 400 yds. Also have killed a few coyotes with it in deer season.

I started out with 2 boxes of 150 gr. Remington Premier factory ammo and used these for hunting the first year I had the rifle. No complaints, they shot and killed well. Well, I do have one complaint, the ammo is expensive. If you don't handload it can be pricey to shoot. I do however handload, so once I used up all the factory loads and had some empty brass I was set. Also since the cartridge fell victim to the popularity of the .300 WSM and is no longer offered in factory rifles, ammo can be hard to find. Definitely a handloaders cartridge. I settled on 61 gr. of IMR 4350 pushing a 150 gr. Hornady Interbond, CCI 250 LRM primer. Shoots sub MOA all day long. If you haven't reloaded short mag cartridges before, some of your accessories may not work. The case will be too fat. I specifically ran into problems with my Lee hand priming tool and RCBS powder funnel. Had to buy new ones to accommodate the larger diameter cases.

My rifle is, as stated earlier, a model 700 BDL. It is walnut/blued. It recoils no more than a .30/06 and is a real pleasure to shoot. I have shot the model sevens before, and they recoil a little stronger, but still not too bad. The only work I have done to mine is the trigger - I had it reduced to 2.25 lbs.. That's how I like em'.

I would say given the caliber you have a gun worthy of holding on to. If you want to use it for hunting it would prove to be more than adequate for nearly anything on the North American continent. If not, the caliber ensures it will only increase in value over time. If it were a wood stocked gun I would offer to buy it from you here and now. But I'm sure there are plenty of other guys that would be willing to pony up some good cash for it.

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The only problem with the SAUM vs WSM is brass availability.If you can find some,grab more than you think you'll ever need.I have a 300 wsm and it's crazy accurate with 65gr of H4350 and a 180gr accubond and it drops everything like a concrete cloud.
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Rechambering that gun would be a big mistake. It's value is in the caliber. You would be better served selling it and buying a different gun. I would hold on to it if you can, in 20 years that caliber will bring a real premium.
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I bet it kicks like a horse
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The 300 wsm is a super cartridge! Don't know anything about the saum.
IMO the 300 wsm is the best all around cartridge out there. All in a short action. Has won lots of 1000 yard competitions. Not a hard kicker.
The saum seemed to die off fairly quick. Remington was clambering the wsm and not the saum for a while.
Never heard anyone say they had trouble getting the wsm ti perform or had to reload to get it to shoot.
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I don't know how factory ammo would group in my 300WSM...

I reload it to keep costs reasonable when shooting premium bullets. That and to get the performance I want. I run 180 partitions at 2975-3000fps. Not sure if factory will push the pedal down that far?

In a lighter rifle with a 24" barrel, that's a lot of oomph in a really easy to carry package. Mine is a Winchester Model 70 "Extreme Weather".

I imagine a SAUM will be similar...fairly easy to handle and carry, but with some bite like a 300WSM.

Both, I think, are really best with a handloader. The amount of factory attention paid to them, especially the SAUM's, is woefully small.
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Factory ammo for the SAUM is good. The Remington factory loads performed fine in my gun. They shot well and the core-lokt bullets did fine on the couple of deer I shot with them. I much prefer the Interbond bullet in my handloads, but the core-lokts did ok.

The only other factory ammo I have seen is Nosler, all loaded with premium bullets, and about $15.00 more / box than the Remingtons. Nosler offers a fairly wide selection. The 180 gr Noslers are listed at 2900 fps out of a 24" barrel.

The real challenge is finding the ammo on a store shelf.

The recoil is on par with a .30/06, so it is really quite a pleasant rifle to shoot. Of course the light weight rifles will kick a bit more.

The .300 WSM has a slightly larger case capacity allowing for slightly higher velocities. Generally speaking the WSM is about 100 fps faster than the SAUM in max loads with all else equal. This along with Remington's notorious habit of not supporting cartridges it develops (6mm Rem., .260 Rem., .280 Rem.) led to the .300 SAUM being beaten out by the .300 WSM.

For all practical purposes the cartridges are ballistic equals.

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