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What's your Semi-Auto plans?

So, now that PA has joined the "Modern Sporting Rifle" revolution, let's hear what everybody is planning or thinking about!!

Most of you are in the same boat as me - do you have any real, logical reason to get another deer rifle or groundhog rifle?

Of course not But, be honest, we all jump on any flimsy reason to get into another project or buy another gun!

So, I've been thinking about my next rifle and it has to good for everything from Groundhogs to Coyotes to Deer. I'm leaving Bear out of this equation because I hunt it so infrequently. Also don't think this would get much use on Fox, since most of my dedicated Fox hunting is now done with a .22 WMR to save fur. Edited to add> And, I am not in the camp that thinks the 223/5.56 is a deer gun. Now, I could throw a scope on my AK for deer, but what about the off chance of a coyote out beyond 200 yards?!

At this moment, I'm leaning towards the following
- Flattop AR platform in 6.5 Creedmoor, 20 inch barrel.
- I'm thinking it should be a middle weight, not too light and not a big bull barrel heavy deal.
- It has to have a forearm that has and extended top rail and easily accepts side rails for lights and what-not. Although, I might opt for a key-mod forearm because I'm not a real fan of the jagged configs that have exposed pica-tinny rails all around.
- Torn between direct impingement or gas piston , although market availability and price my decide that.
- Scope choice still TBD. It would be cool to go thermal, but who has that kind of $$$?
- above all , it must be a sturdy reliable workhorse.

So there's my project, what's yours?
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A few years ago I bought a 223/556 Windham AR. I never did anything else to it because I didn't want to spend the money just for when SHTF. But not I'll be needing to work/replace my hand guard and add a decent optic to make it perform to my hunting expectations. Of course there's a whole lot of other little things that I'll be needing that add up pretty quickly. Things such as a brass catcher, etc...

And lets not forget a replacement trigger, although I think that I'm going to attempt a polish and/or spring job prior to spending a few hundred dollars on a new drop in.

After Wolf signed the Bill, I saw that before Christmas that Walmart was selling Savage Model 62F's which are semiautomatic 22LR's for $99. I used Christmas as an excuse with the wife to pick up two, one for each boy.
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I'm pretty sure it will be a Grendel upper for me. I've looked at a lot of options and keep coming back to the 6.5 Grendel. I wholeheartedly oppose caliber restrictions but .223's for deer isn't ideal for me. I'm not saying I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it but I prefer the numbers the Grendel puts up. If AR10 style rifles were lighter, I'd probably be adding another .260 to the arsenal. As it is, this rifle will likely get used by my kids far more than me. A lighter rifle in a short to mid range chambering will be more useful than a heavier rifle with more range. I'm actually pretty excited as an AR platform really lends itself well to switching back and forth between shooters of vastly different sizes and right handed/left handed shooters. My kids have been shooting an AR-15 since they were five. It took some serious stock work to make a 10/22 usable for them at that age. No problems with the AR. They are now approaching an age at which they may start hunting. I have a stock ready to chop for one of the .260's but an AR makes accommodating growth much easier.
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Plan on taking out my M1 Garand. Already have some 150gr SP loads all worked up for the rifle. Actually, they are the same loads I use in my 1903A3.

I also have an M1 Carbine that I might try one day for deer. The .30cal Carbine is about on par with the .357 Mag I think. I never really compared the two, but we'll see.

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Originally Posted by Steve in PA View Post
Plan on taking out my M1 Garand. Already have some 150gr SP loads all worked up for the rifle. Actually, they are the same loads I use in my 1903A3.

I also have an M1 Carbine that I might try one day for deer. The .30cal Carbine is about on par with the .357 Mag I think. I never really compared the two, but we'll see.
You and I are on the same path here. There are options relative to sculpting the enbloc to a 5 round limit; but what is your plan for the carbine? Do they make 5 round magazines for carbines or is there a mechanical DIY alternative?

This is getting to be fun!

Good night Chesty, wherever you are......
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I haven't decided on a specific rifle or caliber yet. I do know that if I am going to spend the coin on one, it is going to be a high end rifle. Right now im bouncing back and forth between .308 and 6.5 Creed

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I just finished building my lower for my 7.62x39 upper...now I have to see what it likes to shoot...I have 2 different factory loads from ppu 123gr SP RN and 123gr PSP both are .310 diameter...also 2 hand loads...my single shot likes .308di. 130gr PSP with 24gr of imr 4198.
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In many of the other threads on semi autos guys mention hunter recruitment as a possibility.

Maybe increased enthusiasm for current hunters will be a big motivator. You guys seem happy and I know I am. We'll get to play with all the toys we have stashed.
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10/22 and AR-15 may get some use for groundhogs this summer. That's about it. I'm not planning to buy any new semi auto for deer. I won't use the .223 for deer I don't think. I always thought that 6.8spc would be a good deer round but it seems to be fading from popularity. Maybe if I ever get a new upper in a more deer capable round I would use the AR. I might try my M1 Garand some day just for fun who knows.
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I think Semi Auto made legal for everything is great! I'll probably not buy one though, I'll stick to my lever and bolt rifles.
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