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Rough Estimate

I know this will probably be hard to pin down so I'm just looking ballpark here. I have a .30/06 that belonged to my grandfather. Its a rebarrel on a 98 Mauser action (Czech variation). He bought it mail order in the 50's. I have always wanted a .35 Whelen and a custom rifle. I think that action and caliber would be a nice marriage. My grandfather was a rifleman and appreciated nice rifles and I think if he were here, he'd be all gung-ho about this. What I'm looking at is maybe a shorter barrel, maybe carbine length rifle with a full mannlicher stock (I've always loved that look) maybe double set triggers, and like I said in .35 Whelen. I know there are about eleventeen hundred different variables out there like who builds it, what brand of barrell, trigger, stock, etc. Can someone give me a rough idea of what I would be getting myself into. I have a couple of safe queens I would part with if I could get this project done.

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Re: Rough Estimate

My only advice is to go for it. I've always wanted to do something like that and never have. Someday.
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Re: Rough Estimate

The nice thing about having a custom rifle built get it exactly the way you want it

Yes, I do like Mausers and you can do a couple things to get one built a little cheaper. The Czech 98 actions are one of the strongest out there and are not too expensive. New take off Remington barrels are readily available as well as sporter mannlicher stocks. Add in the cost of gunsmithing, fresh reblue, Leupold(ish) scope and a adjustable trigger and your probably in the ballpark of $700-900.......but then you have a sweet looking rifle and it's the way you want it.
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Re: Rough Estimate

Having that all done by a first class gunsmith you will spend close to 5 grand. You can do it cheaper, but it wiil show. Biggest deal with your description is a full Mannlicher stock, which with nice wood is BIG money. Its worth every penny when its done and you are honoring the memory of someone. You also have an heirloom rifle to pass down. Its important for value sake to use an accredited gunsmith. There are many basement hacks who can put together a gun, when you pick it up its not worth beans. If you take the plunge I recommend Dave Norin. He is a member of the custom gunmakers guild, and he builds the nicest Mauser customs of anyone working today. From someone like him you will get a masterpiece, and the money won't mean a thing. Hpoe this helps !

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Re: Rough Estimate

1 grand or less if you can do some of the work yourself
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Re: Rough Estimate

i f you already have your action and want to build on it your ahead of the game. The heart of a custom is the barrel i will give you a complete list of items and if i forget some manuf.doesent mean there not any good. If your looking for what i call a high grade hunting rifle your after accuracy and should get some better velocity with your choice of caliber. What goes in to a custom starting off with the action you have heard me speak on previous posts about truing, square, or blueprinting basicly all same stuff. The smith will do different things such as cut new barrel threads, grind the recoil lug, re face the action , and lap in the lugs and maybe replace the extractor. Why this is speaking in small fractions when he puts the new barrel on it would be slightly crooked so to speak With the action trued the new barrel will sit square. New barrel it can be chambered to any caliber you desire as long as your smith has the reamer it will be properly headspaced with his gauge giving tighter tolerances than a factory chamber. Stocks, i like a fiberglass stock but if your in to wood hey its your new mouse trap not mine just make sure it is properly bedded and floated. Trigger, if yours breaks the way you like it stick with it or maybe it can be adjusted. barrel and bolt fluting is an option but not really helping much.
Match grade stainless steal 325.00- 350.00
action work varies 150.00- 250.00
chamber and fit new barrel 175.00- 250.00
pillar bedding 75.00- 150.00
fiberglass stock 300.00- 500.00
jewell trigger 175.00- 200.00
These are average prices every smith charges different you might have a good smith in your town thats not inernet famous and charge less
Barrels: hart, shilen, broughton, brux,kreiger, etc.
fiberglass stock: Mcmillian, h&s prescision, manners, etc.
Triggers: Jewell, timmney, basic
Gunsmiths: there was already some listed here or google i have my own but Jim Borden is in pa. and clarence hammonds is in york area both are benchrest smiths and i have there rifles.
The neat thing on a custom build is you can do it your way meaning caliber, barrel length, and twist. You will probably wait a while gun parts especially barrels take a while to get in, not like car parts. Best of luck to you.
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Re: Rough Estimate

If some of the action work is already done (bolt handle, safety drilled and tapped, trigger, etc. I'd suggest upward of $2000. More iF you want XXX wood and a top barrel, scope, mounts etc. The Manlicher style stock requires more expensive fittings than a regular stock.

It will be WAY more than a new m700 in 35 Whelen.

But it will be a very nice gun with some history on the action and some family history also.

If I was doing a 20 Manlicher style stock, I'd do the rebarrel in 8x57. A great cartridge for evenything in North America and it is the original cartridge.
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Re: Rough Estimate

Thanks guys. I have a smith in mind as he's done some work for me in the past and I've been very happy with his work. I've never had him build a rifle for me but I've seen some of the ones he has built and I've been pretty impressed. I suppose I could have called him but I wanted to get an idea of what I'm looking at before I waste any of his time. I don't know what it is about a full Mannlicher stock but they've always grabbed me. I guess if it isn't realistic then I would go with something else but I have my heart set on one. Basically what I'm looking for is a light weight, fast handling Pa bear and deer gun my Pap would be proud of. He could never afford a fancy rifle but he enjoyed looking at them. If I'm not mistaken, he paid $60 for this rifle through the mail in the 1950's and killed a pile of deer with it, including a mule deer in Wyoming. (To this day I haven't met anyone who could shoot a rifle like him. I watched him hit spent .30/06 cases with this rifle at 50 yards. One of his favorite tricks was to shoot the thumb tacks that were holding the target. I could go on forever and tell stories about what he could do with a rifle) I'm not concerned if I can't clover leaf every group but it would be an added bonus. Maybe a 1.5X-7X piece of glass on top. And for some reason I always wanted a .35 Whelen. I've never fired one or even held one, but I figure if I get one, I can scratch that off the list. Looks like the pre 64 mod 70 and the pre WWII mod 94 in .32 special may be a possible sacrifice for the project.

I don't have ducks. I don't have rows. I have squirrels. And they're drunk.
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Re: Rough Estimate

If it were me, I wouldn't mess with your dads rifle.

I would, and have had one built, I also bought a bbled action and put one together for the wife. I lost all of my pics in a puter crash so I cant show you.

I had a mannlicher in carlo walnut built on a 98 Orbendorf action, 24in Douglas air gauge heavy sporter bbl, dual set triggers. Most people don't like it because its heavy and long, I don't care, its what I wanted. My length of pull is a good 3/4-1 in longer than most and this fits me. I saved by assembling the parts and then finding a gunsmith to build it. If you figure the cost of parts x 2 you have a good ballpark price, as long as you are not into a load of checkering and fancy stock work.
I suggest that you go for a good smith, not a parts changer. Ask around. IMHO it would be worth a trip to Washington PA to Keidles. I have heard nothing but good about them. The guy that did mine was ok. Blueing is great, attention to detail was a bit lacking. It is MOA with [censored] reloads made

The one I did for the wife was a JP Sauer that had already been re-bbled into 243 Win. I bought the bbled action and a stock in a AA Fancy with butt pad on it. I finished sanded the stock, bedded the action and gave it a oil finish . I put a Timmney trigger in, but I didnt care for the safe on top, it just didnt feel good, so I put a Bold on this year. It is just as sweet as the Timmney but I had to relieve the stock a bit and re oil. I am still not 100% on my oil finishing, but I am getting better. There is a reason that it cost money for someone to do one.

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