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American Whitetail Ammo

Wondering what everyones thoughts are on this ammo?

I see they use interlock bullets. Reading review on cabelas and they say they group well and hold consistently. I am mainly looking to see how well they hold up at the shot, and if the fragment if you hit a rib or other bones.



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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

IMHO for the kind of hunting I do (all woods) shots are almost always less then 100 yards. I feel 100 yards and under any kind of brand name ammo is "good enough" for accuracy of course as long as the gun is sighted in for it. That being said all my deer/bear rifles I own are dialed in with nosler partitions... never had a critter get away yet that took one of them to the vitals. The added piece of mind of shooting a quality bullet is worth the few extra bucks to me. I always sight in with cheaper ammo then run a few rounds of premium ammo in to make sure its still centered.
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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

I have killed a bunch of deer with interlock bullets. They don't always exit, but then again they never went more than a few yards. Put the bullet in the vitals and you will have a dead deer.
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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

I just bought 308 150gr for a browning BLR, 20" bbl and WOW! For a lever action with a TERRIBLE trigger, it shot SUB MOA!! I'm talking .625-.75 off sand bags. So, in this particular gun.....fantastic! I've killed deer, elk, mule deer with interlocks and they are a very good bullet. They DO fall apart in a magnum caliber but do what they're supposed to.....
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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

I have no experience with the loaded ammo, but lots of experience with Hornady Interlocks. It's a fine 'standard' bullet....very similar to a Rem. Core-Lokt in design. For deer out of my 257 (117gr RN) I've only had one come apart and it was due to circumstances: front chest shot on a 2.5yo buck, bullet entered just off center, smashed 3 or 4 of the heavy front ribs and came to rest just under the shoulder. The jacket stopped 2-3" before the lead core did. Jacket was peeled back to the interlock ring. Velocity was around 2800fps at the muzzle and the deer was at about 40 yards, maybe a little less. That was the only time I've had one separate. I don't often recover them or many fragments of them.

I don't know the cost difference and I think I recall you're shooting a 243. Either way, you can also look into the Federal Fusion line. They're pretty inexpensive in most calibers and the bullets are bonded. I'm shooting them in my 280 until I get around to working up a load for it.

My buddy shoots and likes the performance and accuracy of the Hornady Superformance stuff in his 243, but I personally think it's a waste to be shooting ballistic tips at deer in the tight quarters we hunt in.

You really under estimated the ramifications of the boondoggle you have just perpetrated!
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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

I will be shooting both 243 and 7mm-08. I want to make the 7mm-08 my main deer rifle. I was not happy with corelockts out of my 30-06 as they always seem to fragment. Now my dad shoots a 30-30 and they do not seem to "blow up" as bad as we have found a few perfectly mushroomed bullets. I am assuming this is because of the lower speed.

I am researching the federal fusions as well. I do not reload, but a guy I work with does and has all of the set ups for the 7mm-08. He told me if I get him the brass and buy the bullets he will set me up with shells. I think I may get the American whitetail to get her dialed in and then play with a few of his hand loads that he has had success with.

I had contemplated the superformance ammo from hornady but have heard stories of not getting good blood trails, but it seems that the ammo flat out slams deer. Will be playing around and doing research a bit.

I have also heard that Barnes makes some great bullets that will not fragment.

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Re: American Whitetail Ammo

My Savage 308 loves any and all off of the federal/ hornady line. I have had positive results with the Americans and for the price I was pleased in every way. Now to be fair I've only shot 4 deer with them but they were all pass through and dropped within 60 yds of the shot. Your 708 should be comparatively similar in results I'd imagine.

My brother also uses this round in his 243 and he has shot several deer with them and he loves them. His results were the main reason I bought a box. He only had 1 shot not pass through, but it was a quartering shot that hit the shoulder and stopped in the opposite leg.

Between both of us we have recovered every deer we've shot with this ammo so far.

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