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new barrel break in / fire lapping

interested to hear your thought on breaking in a new deer rifle barrel. Has anyone used fire lapping and if so, how tedious and long of a process is it. Where did you purchase the bullets? Cast or jacketed?
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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

Personally I never worry about it. I do fire a fouling round in a clean barrel before sighting though. I then just sight the gun in and go hunting or target shooting.
There is so much disagreement on this subject, even between so called experts, it will blow your mind.
Go to Google and type in " new rifle barrel break in " to see what I mean. Happy reading.

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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

Well, I do this:

Fire three rounds(normal copper jacket bullets, nothing special). Then clean thoroughly(copper solvent and all!). Then repeat for at least 30 rounds. Usually I start to notice a difference around that 30 round mark. I try to do 50 like that...shooting 3 then cleaning well.

I don't know if it improves accuracy all that much, but in the end I get virtually no copper fouling when cleaning. Also, after my break-in I don't clean the bore very often. I may clean it after a rainy day afield, but not just for trips to the range. It's not needed and affects accuracy.

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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of research. I've always fired a shot, cleaned, fired / cleaned for about 10 rounds, then went to a 3 shot string for 15 rounds, then a 5 shot string until I've fired about 100 rounds. But I was hearing that fire lapping can get rid of the tool marks that eventually collect copper fouling a lot quicker. didn't know if anyone has ever tried it.
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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

I would highly reccomend that you don't even think about fire lapping with diamond dust... more than likely you'll clean the rifling, especially in the throat area right out.. Better off to get some JB and use it lightly with the first 10 shots you shoot, mixed with Butches....just brush lightly and that will remove most of the debris from cutting the rifling..and for the most part 99% should already be removed..if it's that bad then no amount of cleaning will remove a big slice, nick, or bur..I have a friend who tried fire lapping..he cleaned the first six inched of rifling out of the barrel, so be careful if you try it.
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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

I never use to believe in any type of break in procedure. But lately, I've moved a little off dead center.

I just purchased a new 220 Swift barrel for my Encore. Now, when I got this delivered the bore was full of machine oil and "stuff" from the factory. So, I swabbed the bore with Butch's and a patch. (Did this with about 5 different patches) Then I ran a poly brush down it, and another Butch's soaked patch.

I was still getting a light brown patch. So, I bought some JB bore paste that comes with a small amount of oil. This is the non-EMBEDDING compound that is sold. I first ran an oil soaked patch down the barrel, then I applied the past. I ran the patch (patch is fairly tight in the bore....but not "knuckle busting" tight) down the bore for 20 strokes, then I cleaned the bore with Butch's, and again, ran a dry patch down the bore.

So, I got another clean patch, soaked it with Butch's and ran it down the bore. Well....this was the first one that came back with no...and I mean NO!!! dirt on it. There wasn't a hint of brown on this patch!!

So, I'm very pleased with JB. Now....I haven't had a chance to shoot this barrel yet, but maybe this weekend.

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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

I used the Tubbs Final Finish on my 300WSM to speed up the break in process(in theory). I don't know if it made much difference or not. It shoots well and cleans easy now.

Anymore I shoot a barrel and see how well it cleans up before worrying about a specific break in routine. My match grade barrels are all hand lapped when I get them so they tend to clean up easy right from the start. The factory barrels have been touch and go. Some clean up good and shoot well from day one with no break-in. Others are so rough that no break-in regime is going to help.

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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

What you need to do to a new barrel really depends on the quality of the barrel. And the initial condition of the barrel. I have seen new barrels that need fire lapping. Some that needed a good hand lapping. Some that came hand lapped from the factory. And some that needed no lapping or initial break in.

So what are you starting with??

Normally with any factory rifle I do a good hand lapping of the barrel before I shoot the first shot. This has always been all that was needed. But I have had a couple of Savage's and one Encore Barrel that need a fire lapping. And it worked out very well in all cases.

If you have a question about what to do with a particular rifle then you really need to use a bore scope and check it out. But for any factory rifle a good hand lapping is normally a good thing.

Don't fire lap a barrel unless it really needs it. Fire lapping will remove some metal. And maybe more than you want. Tom.
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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

if the barrel is a custom tube, i'd follow the makers instructions for break-in. a factory tube will never know the difference. and i'd never fire lap a custom.

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Re: new barrel break in / fire lapping

I recently purchased a Win Mod 70 extreme weather in 300 win mag. FNH makes the barrels (they make the machine gun barrels for the military). I called and spoke to a tech. He told me that there is no break in for this barrel. It should shoot right out of the box. It did.
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