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22 mag vs 22 hornet

I have the itch for a new rifle. Thinking along the lines of something for turkey's and small game w/the ability to hunt chucks as well. I know some will say .17, but I have not been impressed w/the carnage i have seen it cause to tree rats, or lack of effectiveness on turkey's. So I am looking more at the 22 mag or 22 hornet. Anyone have any pros or cons on either one, or recommendations about a good gun in particular? How about load recommendations?
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

If you're worried about carnage why are you looking at a center fire? Of those two I'd go with the mag. But the 17 hmr is a far better choice for what you want. And the accuracy is far better. It's a great fall turkey round, just need proper shot placement. Same with rats, chucks, pheasants, rabbits, foxes, etc. Shoot a rat in the chest with the mag it's going to be destroyed also.

But it's your choice. Good luck and happy hunting.

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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

Just asking b/c these two rounds are fairly new to me.

As for the .17, my dad has one and I have had the opportunity to hunt and plink with it. It's a decent gun, but I'm looking for something a little heavier, and something a little more tried and true. Call me crazy if you'd like.
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

Either the .22 mag or .22 Hornet will serve you well depending on whether you want a rimfire or centerfire. However, personally, I prefer a comparable .17 to a .22 because they've generally been more accurate for me. What .17 caliber are you comparing the .22 mag and .22 Hornet to? There are many factory rounds in rimfire and center fire that are good options and, except for the new .17 WSM, have been around for awhile. There are more options for the reloader. The .17 HMR and .17 WSM are rimfires and cartridges like the the .17 Hornady Hornet and .17 Remington Fireball are centerfires. All are flat-shooting and generally very accurate in factory guns and ammo.
If you reload, there is huge advantage to going to a centerfire because you can load heavier bullets and/or other powders like Trail Boss for reduced velocity, less meat damage, and less noise. You'll also be able to load your own rounds when you need them rather than being at the mercy of the stores for factory ammo.

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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

The .22 magnum and the Hornet are quite different rounds. If you handload the Hornet is a great little number. I've been loading them for many years and have used it on everything from squirrels to turkeys with good success...if you do not reload the factory Hornet ammo will tear up edible small game...

There is no reason to hunt squirrels with the magnum. It is less accurate than a .22 LR, noisier and far more destructive...

The .17 HMR is more accurate than either the Hornet or the .22 WMR. It is also noisy in the squirrel woods and tears up meat, too...

If I did not handload I would choose the .17 HMR if I could only have one rifle...otherwise, the Hornet wins...
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

You can probably walk into Walmart and buy .22 Hornet shells somewhere today.

.22 Magnum on the other hand................

demokraten saugen
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

I chose the .22 mag. for my all round small game and light varmint gun. If using on squirrel and rabbit it's more than needed but works fine IMO but would prefer to use a regular .22 for squirrel and rabbit. The mag. is better on turkey and fox and would probably do ok on short range coyote head shots. The mag. works great on chucks.

The range of the .22 mag. is about 125 yards and most will group under an inch and a quarter at 100 yards. Ammo can be a bit hard to find now but the Hornet ammo will be more expensive unless you hand load.

You can use the .22 WRF for small game for a little less power but I never tried them for accuracy in my rifle. I always felt that a head shot squirrel or rabbit wasn't loosing any meat so why worry about it. The mag. is more versatile for me. The mag. anchors anything I bust with it under 100 yards; where the regular .22 gives me much less power.

If your going after furbearers that you want to skin for the hide or chucks and turkey alone then I would vote for the .22 Hornet. I myself wanted just one rifle that was capable for everything under 100 yards so I picked the .22 mag.
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

If we're talking turkey and chucks, the hornet hands down. Gun, check out the CZ.
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

If you're talking turkeys and wodchucks,the .17 hornetis tough to beat.I bought one last summer and my son and I have killed a bunch of woodchucks and one turkey.Damage to the turkey was acceptable and the woodchucks die right there.It's also a better fur gun.
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Re: 22 mag vs 22 hornet

Between the two you mentioned I would say the hornet. I like the mag, but it's the least accurate out of the two and not re-loadable. If you don't reload, this is a great time to start. I like my 22 magnums, in pistol or rifle. I love my Hornet. I shoot everything from little tiny v max's that zip so quick and explode everything they touch to 60 grain partitions that punch through a 6 inch tree. I haven't had a change to test the partions on any game. It's more of a round I loaded for a M6 survival rifle.

But like others are saying for all around I love my savage 17 hmr. The thing is just so accurate and everything I have hit with it is done. Just DTR and that is hard to argue with.
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