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Re: Never too early!!

Odds have nothing to do with who is actually better. ESPN hypes Rivers like he's the second coming of Fouts, and he is. Pretty numbers but can't win crap. But ESPN pumps him up, and casual fans go "Well, if ESPN is saying he's great, he must be!!" Same as NE and Indy. NE hasn't done diddly squat since they were made to stop cheating. And Peyton Manning's postseason failures are legendary. IMO, an arguement could be made that he's actually a career underachiever, a perennial bridesmaid who happened to get drunk and married once in Vegas. From his time at Tennessee, he's choked in big games. Pretty numbers are not the measure of a QB. That whole offense is based on Manning getting pretty stats, so he will have nice numbers. Can you imagine if he threw for 2800 yards, 20 TDs and 9 INTs? They would go 0-16. But despite having everything his way, he has the same amount of success as Doug Williams, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer. But the Manning/Beiber/Rivers propaganda is put out by ESPN and the Roger Goodell network everyday, so people end up making stupid bets, and Roger can justify taking defense, contact, and anything that may be construed as manliness out of football.

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