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1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

Well a friend and I decided to try our hand at beaver trapping. Found a fair amount of chewing activity in a creek, what we believe to be the den (No visible hole but lots of peeled sticks on the bottom in about 4 feet of water on the inside bend where the water is slow), and some tracks in the sand.. Could not find any castor mounds although the castor smell is VERY apparent in the area of the den. The brush is just too thick in that area and we're too inexperienced to find a definite mound.. Found some mud pies that looked like a beaver placed them but they had no odor to them.. So we made 3 sets guarded with 330's. 2 castor mounds lured with backbreaker and one pile of peeled sticks in an area that they were doin alot of chewing. We stayed 50 yards away from the "den" with the 1st set and the furthest wast about 75-100 yards away. I read, I think on here, that if you stay further from the den then you are less likely to catch the smaller ones... Well the 1st night produced nothing. Today we caught a 15 pounder at the set closest to where we figure the den is.. It was caught leaving the feed pile (see pic). So we're happy with our catch but are wondering if there are other tricks to avoid catching the younger ones. Here are some pics of my sets. Please criticize them. This is our first attempt at beaver and any advice is greatly appreciated... Also, in the pic of the set that didn't produce I would like to note that the bank was slicked up nice and shiny but last nights rain changed that as you can see. This mound also showed beaver tracks around it in the sand but they mustve came up onto the bank from about 10 feet away because it is undercut and there was really only one other way to the mound. The route I believe the beaver took was up a very small 1 foot wide feeder stream that I blocked off (pretty heavily I thought with a good sized log). To the left of the trap the bank was undercut when the trap was set and there is a little "fence" in the bank there to keep them from getting to the mound from the left. Had to have come from the right.. The distorted "tracks" kind of verified this. (boy, beaver don't leave very good tracks do they?... mink tracks everywhere but few beaver tracks..) Any advice appreciated.. I'm happy to make a catch but 15 pounds was def not my target. lol

It is time to manage avian predators!
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Re: 1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

what i would do is put a snare or conibear in the little run you have blocked off.very hard to give you any more advice about where to set with out a better pic of the area.the water does seem to drop off in the one pic, can you set a foothold with a drowning wire? a for catching the smaller beaver, they stay around the house when there is ice. with the lack of ice you have they can and will travel as far as the adults with open water.also looks like in the pic of your set there was lots of room for the beaver to get around your fencing.you could try to dig some of the bank out with a shovel to recess the trap in and force them to a spot also.good luck. you have a month to learn the ropes with them beavers.
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Re: 1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

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Re: 1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

sweet, good job
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Re: 1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

Very nice.
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Re: 1st beaver.. And beaver questions...

Based on my experience, u need more fencing and need ur 330's set deeper. I like to have the top of my 330's at surface or an inch under. Try trenching out a slide, often I will lay a log out into the water and shovel a trench on the downstream side of it for my trap. U can also dig a cut back into the bank, both will work. The farther from the lodge the better ur chance at larger beaver. Make ur own castor mound, u don't need to only set at existing mounds. Find a good handful of black leaves and mud, stuff that has been submerged since the fall or longer. Put that handful on the bank, maybe 8-12" from the water, sprinkle with dry castor or paste. Try to avoid using logs parallel to the bank for fencing, beaver have a tendency to climb over them, I place vertical branches and brushy stuff as blocking material. Ur bait sticks looked good, keep them short, just in case the beaver grabs a mouthful and exits through ur trap, less chance of a miss caused by a stick snapping the trap. Also noticed in ur second pic, ur fencing should be longer, further out on each side, u actually created a funnel on each side of ur trap that they are likely to use. Hopefully this helps. Good luck.
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