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thanx thief!!

so..its been a few days...figure i can post this now...was holding off incase the moron decided to post pics on here....

saturday was the last day of the lovely extended deer season in 2B...

i opted to check my line in i would get to the farms that are likely being deer hunted earliest..

well, i get to my LAST sets..usually its first or 2nd stop..saturdays with nice weather during the deer season ive declared the day to physically check each set..make sure my trap is still there..make sure its not fire, dug out..whatever...

all 3 footholds in the field look fine...head across the ditch to the brush field where i had 4 cable restraints on a trail that a pack of yotes used a week or so prior...i had high hopes that id snag atleast one out of those sets..they marked the trail pretty heavily and i got 4 spaced out nicely on a stretch they all used..

i go check them..i notice the first one is closed half way and the support wire was bent..figured it was a deer...

look up at the 2nd set and see a catch circle!! WOOO!! there is a bush in my way and figured ole wiley coyote was hiding behind it..

i get up to it and NOTHING! huh!?!? i start looking a little closer...2 piles of blood and yote fur!! look at my cable and my BAD is pryed open and laying on the ground..

what in the world!?!? whered all the blood and fur come from? howd a yote pop the BAD?? i then look at the catch circle for more clues...the yote cleared a spot on the trail and took it to bare dirt/mud..BOOT TRACKS all over the mud!!!! i then look closer at my cable and 2 strands of 1x19 is broke...but BAD was pried open..looked like they tried to cut the BAD with a knife or tool that just couldnt cut it...then got the BAD to open enough to take the cable off...

3 other sets can be seen from there...and the same boot tracks were found within a foot or 2 of one of my foothold obvious hayset to boot LOL...thankfully they didnt take that trap or mess with it..

blood was obviously lung blood to spot from the bullet hole..the other from its mouth...

i was so mad i literally screamed! i took off and road around the block looking for deer hunters...none found...seen a few on my way back from the first check..the one guy pointed at me but i didnt recognize the vehicles or any of the hunters so thought nothing of it..

went to my buddies farm which is across the road from where the yote was...asked him if he heard any shots or seen any hunters...he said he didnt and was outside most the day...but at 0800 when he was walking to the milk house he did hear a strange dog barking in that direction and it never dawned on him it was a coyote..

very upsetting....i can honestly understand a deer hunter seeing the yote and shooting it not knowing it was trapped...or even shooting it thinking they are doing me a favor...but, STEALING IT?!?!?! UGH!!! thats just low..

with the way people are around the area, no telling who it may have been...random people will pull over and go hunting..i dont get it..RARE day does someone ask permission...

frustrating and upsetting...saved that spot for last as its fairly "secluded" and deer hunters typically stay out of that ditch and brush patch..and noone was parked at the normal parking spot when i came through so figured it was "safe" i was just late apparently...
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Re: thanx thief!!

Really [censored] when you have people like that. I personally dont trap, but knew some people back in Wisconsin that did and they worked their butts off for what they got. To have some friggin low life come along and take it is totally wrong. Hopefully what goes around comes around and some day they may shoot a great buck only to track it and find that someone else finished the job, tagged it and has it gutted and dragged out. Oh well.. enough of my rant... sorry again man....


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Re: thanx thief!!

Keep your ears open. He'll be bragging about it soon enough
and maybe he's even getting it mounted.
Ask some local taxidermist if they got any coyotes in that Saturday or Sunday. It could really narrow down your search for the idiot.

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Re: thanx thief!!

Chances are he'll be back. Keep an eye out
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Re: thanx thief!!

I feel for you man I've had some footholds stolen. I hope you find out who it was
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Re: thanx thief!!

Check the other forums also. Deer hunting, Predator hunting.

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Re: thanx thief!!

ed, ive been watching since saturday..i HOPED it wasnt a fellow trapper!

17, i let my buddy know almost immediately..his dad is a taxi..

i got "ears" around town..let a high school kid know to keep his ears open and let a couple close buddies that usually stop by the local watering holes know to keep their ears open...and got them watching facebook too...

wont be surprised to see it pop up...but kinda surprised it hasnt yet..

schr8er2000 thats what is REALLY frustrating..this is my 2nd year of trapping..the time and money invested upto this point is mind boggling...more so time than money...but i still got a fair bit of money tied up..takes me 2-3hrs a day just to check my line..not to mention how long it takes to put in 30 sets..or remake 30 sets after the crazy heavy rains weve been having..that would made my 3rd cable restraint catch...woulda made my 2nd yote this year..

maybe it gave the theif fleas or rabies when he carried it out!!! takes some "stones" to even carry a stolen yote out through the open fields for 300yds like he it took him a good half hour or so from the time he shot it to the time he got to his truck...thats a lot of time to get caught...
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Re: thanx thief!!

i hope you catch them ...i know the feeling i have had 11 traps stolen on my line...if you catch them get a hold of your local wco ...if they are hunters doing it it is a automatic license revocation for a year plus fine
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Re: thanx thief!!

It really gets me that people can't leave what isn't there's alone. I don't have a lot of confidence in the PGC as I had witnesses to someone running over my traps and I turned them in. Haven't heard squat from the game commission, wanted all 4 traps that were destroyed and my time to be reimbursed, wasn't I fooled.
Hope you catch the SOB that took you stuff.

Good Luck
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Re: thanx thief!!

wow Mauser that stinks man! Hope you can find the cuplrit(s)that did that! I was wondering where your pics have been lately and now I know why!

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