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As for stumps. Do you have time before the stumps need to be removed? If so, for smaller cherry, maple or poplar, I cut them off about a yard high and let nature rot out the roots. In two or three years, you can use what it standing to lever them over and the roots just break off. If you are talking now type removal, get an excavator in to take down the trees and the stumps will come along. When I built a house two years ago, the excavator was able to pull the trees stumps and all in less time than it would have taken me to fire up the chain saw. (he was the same guy who a month later dug the foundation. ) There were two black walnut trees about 20 inches in diameter and he took them out roots and all in just a few seconds each. He used a large bulldozer and when he pushed on the trees, lowered the bucket enough to scrape out the stumps with the trunks. It was incredible and well worth it. Even he said trying to dig stumps is more difficult than just getting the whole thing at one shot. I purchased a used 4wd John Deere backhoe about 12 years ago. One of the best investments I made for here on the farm. I can plow my third mile long driveway with ease. I can dig trenches for water and electrical lines, load a half cord of wood in the bucket. etc. Even with my back hoe removing stumps is not easy.

If you can, put your utilities under ground. I dug the trench for the Cable, electric and phone, all 648 feet from the nearest pole. I had to pay for the electric company to run their wire, but the cable and phone companies ran their stuff for free.

We have a small ash tree to the side about 30 feet from the house. The excavator made a big deal out of making sure that tree stayed.
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