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No Excuses

Well my archery season is essentially over unless I am able to squeeze a few days in during the late season. A years worth of scouting and three weeks of vacation is in the rear view mirror and I wasn’t able to put my hands on a set of antlers. It was a tough season for me with a lot of ups and downs and now I am back to the grind. Being that many of my coworkers know why I was off I am continually having go through the painful ordeal of telling them that I didn’t have any luck. One coworker mentioned that she saw a deer get hit by a car and instantly thought of me thinking that I would of wanted it since I didn’t get anything. Have another “friend” who was successful sending group texts about how glad he is that he is done and doesn’t have to hunt in this cold weather. Yesterday he sent a picture of deer steak and eggs in the morning. May seem harmless to the naked eye but there is definitely a underlying superiority tone to it. The rest of those involved in the group text agreed. Anyhow I know some of you will say who cares what others think. To a degree I will agree with that. At the same time it’s not easy to admit defeat. Especially when it comes to something you’re so passionate about. I could soften the blow by giving excuses to all those asking me if I “got one” or use them in a response to my “arrogant” friend but I won’t. To me there are no excuses no excuses in hunting. Sure my kids were sick causing me to miss several days but that doesn’t mean I would of got one if I was able to go. Had my drop away fail on a buck at 10 yards but that doesn’t mean I would of hit it good if it didn’t. I also could of chosen better equipment with a less likelihood of failure. I could go the macho route and let everyone know I passed several legal bucks holding out for something bigger but the end result is I still came away empty handed and wasn’t able to get in kill range of a bigger buck.
Fact of the matter is I just wasn’t good enough this year to get it done. Traditional hot spots were void of sign and I hunted them anyhow in hopes something would materialize that in all likelihood was not there. I also pushed myself too hard in the beginning of the season getting into hard to reach places without much success in regards to deer sightings. This resulted in frustration and sloppy hunting. Also over hunted locations educating deer in the area but had the misguided approach that if I hunted it enough something would eventually come through. At times I also found myself getting bored and frustrated while on stand and as a result I was not paying attention like I should be or moving too much. Lastly there were a few occasions when I hunted the morning with plans to move to a new location in the afternoon only to find myself roaming the woods endlessly looking for the perfect set up that never came about. Actually bagged a few evening hunts over frustration and exhaustion. With all that being said I still actually did have a lot of fun but there were definitely some low points to my season. There were times I was on point and hunted well and there were other times I was hunting like a greenhorn. When the dust finally settles and I have time to reflect on this season hopefully I can figure out all my flaws and rectify them. Also it’s not over yet because for the first time in 15 years I have a full week off for rifle season. Maybe I am destined to shoot a big one then or maybe I won’t. I just hope I hunt a little more efficiently than I did in archery season and no matter the outcome there will be no excuses.
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I'm with you steel. It was a rough season. You're a better man than I am with the group text. The "why didn't you get one?" questions get old really fast. You're not alone. I was grinding this year. Our daughter was born last September. Our son isn't quite 2. Time wasn't my friend this year, but I still thought I had a pretty good plan going into the season and I guess in a sense I did. I saw more bucks, and nice bucks at that, the first two Saturdays than I can remember seeing but nothing close, or setting up playing the wind and doing it right, only to have them go against the book and come out where they shouldn't have. I was grinding, rushing, pushed for time, basically just not having fun. Then the next three sits not seeing a deer when I know they should have been moving and finding does. Rubs popping up, scrapes everywhere, cameras saying they were there but not when I was. I had finally had enough. Yesterday my Mother in Law took my son for the day and my wife prodded me to go enjoy the afternoon in the woods. In my mind I thought there was no way I could enjoy it but she wouldn't understand the reasoning. So I grudgingly went through the process of dragging myself out of the house after work and hit the woods. As I was getting my things together at the spot I planned to sit and I realized "hey idiot. You get to hunt. You get to spend time in the woods. Enjoy it" I don't like being away from my kids and almost feel guilty doing so, but my spirits lifted for a bit and I thought i'm going to give it a shot and just enjoy it today. 20 minutes later it happened and I arrowed one. My sons face made it all worthwhile when I dropped the tailgate on the truck. You're not alone buddy. Keep grinding, keep pushing, because when that buck comes out in front of you in Rifle season and the gunshot cracks the silence, you will forget about the questions and the juice will be worth the squeeze. Its why we hunt brother. Keep your head up and know that the hard work you're putting in will pay off. Maybe not today, tomorrow, this season, or next. But it will pay off.
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A tough year makes the drive for success even greater. We have all had them. We hope to never have them but with the fickle sport we enjoy called hunting, it is part of the equation. Keep your head high. Realize success is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Sometimes, the cake is better anyways when it is all said and done.

It isn't over just yet. But, you certainly did all you could to make it happen.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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sorry for your season , look on the bright side you still have rifle season and the late season to hunt yet . good luck
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I know this is kind of cliche, but I find myself thinking about this whenever I run into situations like yours, or something didnt turn out the way I wanted it to.

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Dang, 4 weeks of hunting vacation
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Man you hunted HARD and legally. Nothing to be ashamed of there or feel the need to make excuses for. Nothing!!
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The Man
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Originally Posted by charman03 View Post
Dang, 4 weeks of hunting vacation
The wife wasn’t very happy about that. Probably will be back down to 3 weeks next season.

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Keep your head up steelhead125. It's obvious to everyone on this site that you are passionate about archery.
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I carry a gun because I'm to young to die and to old to take a ass whipping.
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