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Have you ever been successful after consecutive days in the same stand?

Just like the book says, I tend to see more deer when I hunt a stand for the first time, or when I leave several days in between sits. This is generally easy for me to do since my busy schedule rarely allows me to hunt several days in a row. This year my fortune has changed and it looks like I'm going to get 2-3 days in a row to hunt over the next week. I only have one good stand out this year, but it is promising. So should I hunt the stand every chance I get, or am I better of picking the best day of the 3 so as not to over-do it.

Have you ever been successful after hunting the same stand for consecutive days?
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I have seen Bucks several times through the years while hunting the same stand 2 or even 3 evenings in a row. Especially during the rut. they tend to get a little more stupid when there chasing the ladies. Last season in early October I shot a 8pt out of the same stand that he was there the day before and I couldn`t get a good shot at. If it were me I would hunt that stand 3 days in a row if I knew it was a good funnel and the trail was well traveled.... Good Luck.....

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I killed my buck and my buddy killed his buck the next day from the same stand.
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Yes..However I would guess it depends on the spot and time. If it’s a great funnel or ridge between bedding and the wind is right and it’s rut I’d say go for it. Just practice the usual enter and exit as best as possible. But if it’s early season and your trying to pattern a buck or hunt your great rut spots early I think then it could hurt. For example me and my uncle have shot a buck within a week timespan out of the same tree and when I checked my camera their is still more buck movement going on in the funnel spot we hunt during the rut. So I’d say go for it if you believe the set up is good for it.
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My first sit is usually my best hunt. You can definitely overhunt a stand.
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If they don’t sense your presence you should be fine. Be careful on entry and exit. If there are deer around you at dark, wait a while to exit. If I have a good stand location I may sit 30 min to an hour after it is good and dark and move out of the woods very slowly and without any light. My entry’s are the same way. No light, way before daylight.. 4 years ago I had a good 8 point at 50 yards and it got dark on me. The next morning I killed him right after daylight. I may as well just slept in the tree that night cause i stayed late knowing the deer where there, and I was back in there 2 hours before daylight. That was using a climbing stand as well. If it is a good stand, be in it when your have the availability..
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I hunted a spot on public land for many years and sat many days in a row during the last week of Archery and harvested deer on different days of that week.It was a transition and obviously a travel route for bucks wondering the SGL looking for doe.I usually saw more buck than doe or never any doe there.It was a buck spot,but I had to just sit and wait till one would show up.Sometime it was a short wait other times it was a bust.I never even thought I over hunted it since the bucks may have never really traveled there before or only came thru on occasion.
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The three biggest bucks I shot up in Pa I sat in th same stand for weeks on end the biggest scored 155". I am hunting that same stand for the next 8 days because there is a giant in there. I saw this deer once before the season and once at 53 yards in season he was just too far.I may skip a day here and there but then I think to myself I know this area has the quality of deer I am looking for why go somewhere else during the rut. Do I think I am overhunting it I do but in the past it has payed off. When I hunted Ohio I had a place I knew if I sat there long enough a big one would come by. Hunted that tree for 7 days straight for 6 years the first week of November ended up shooting 4 deer up to 162" unfortunately lost that spot. I do think you can overhunt a spot but if you know the quality of deer are in that spot in the rut anything can happen. Why go somewhere where there may not be what you are looking for JMO.
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Back in the early 80's I only had one stand and it was placed at the same location year after year for 6 years a Baker none the less. I hunted only from this stand for six years many days and my vacation during the archery season which as shorter then. I took 6) 8's pointers and passed on many smaller and other 8's. There was no 4 point one side rule then. I was lucky enough to take the biggest buck I saw there each year.

However, this was a unique location as it is about 1/2 mile back in the woods from the closest road, no one was hunting there except me, I could walk the last 200 yards to the stand by wading in very shallow water and then shimmy up my tree next to the stream as I would leave my climber in place, there were two large fruitful apple trees 20 yards on both sides of my stand and the place was riddled with scrapes and rubs in that immediate area and there were no less then 5 trails leading in and out of the hot spot. Many deer visited the site almost every day i hunted.

The buck I took in OH last year I hunted the stand 3 days in a row. Same goes for an IN buck a couple of years ago. However, in an average year here in PA I hunt up to 12 stand locations over the archery season and seldom hunt the same one more than 3 times in a season and seldom hunt the one over two days in a row.

During the rub bucks can be anyplace. If I am not seeing any deer I move.

Hunted a location this evening I have not hunted yet this year...one doe walked under my stand. Check my T cam and pulled it, but first check my photos and if I had hunted it on 10/23 the nice 12 point in my area walked right past my stand at 2:30 in the afternoon while I was hunting 1/2 mile away.

It is sometimes a guessing game.... Good Luck.

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Hunted my best stand 16 straight evenings after work, and killed my best buck. 170" 14 pt

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