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What Category Do You Fall In

Are you mister calm cool and collected or are you the overly anxious type ? Donít think there is a right or wrong answer here but we all fall somewhere in the spectrum of which I am about to describe. Also think success can be had at any level of the spectrum. There are hunters who scout and know where the deer are. They know when the conditions are right and also know when itís best to stay out of the woods. They have years of experience and knowledge and to the naked eye not even seem very enthusiastic about hunting. If the conditions arenít right they are quite content to stay home sipping coffee looking out the window. Perhaps running some errands or getting some chores done around the house. They are totally unaffected by not being in a tree and know eventually the conditions will be in their favor and thatís when they will hunt. Then you have the other type of hunter who feels like maximizing their tree time is their ticket to success. Doesnít matter if itís unseasonably warm or if itís too windy. They donít care if itís pouring rain or there is a full moon. They will hunt mornings and evenings all throughout the season and start doing all day sits during the last week of October. They beat themselves up and run themselves ragged hunting far from the road. Dragging themselves out of bed day after day questioning there sanity.

I personally fall in the second category but wish I was more of the calm cool and collected type. For whatever itís just not in my DNA. I pretty much want to be hunting any time I have the opportunity providing it doesnít effect my home life.

So what category do you fall into ? Do you hunt like a wise veteran or are you a little crazy like me ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I'm on the crazy side. I wish I had time to scout more so I could be more informed on where the deer are at in the woods. But I'm a meat hunter. Once the freezer is full I could care less about being out everyday and then I rarely go out unless someone needs help or needs an extra guy pushing. I'm an everyday I can kind of guy until 3-4 deer are in the freezer. Every year I want to get my deer early so I can move onto hunting species that I neglect every year until I get a deer. I long for days of squirrel hunting and just taking my shotgun for walk, but if I don't have enough meat in the freezer I would rather hunt deer till then. Sometimes the guys that are calm cool and collected miss on the crazy things that happen on days when you see no deer.

So basically I need a high paying 10 hour a week job so I can be out at all times... It's really quite simple...
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In between. Early and late season I can take it or leave it. I guess I am pretty chill about it. I don't get enthusiastic about patterning deer, it's just not the way I prefer to hunt. I live for the rut, when anything can happen at any time. I focus my scouting on nailing down that timeframe. I view the first couple weeks as just gathering intel for the rut.

Rifle season I am chill AF as the kids say. To me that season is all about family, all about the kids, that's like communal hunting season for me. Rifle I am perfectly content to be camp chef and deer dragger. I haven't shot a deer with a rifle in several years but I eagerly look forward to it every year just for the tradition of it and I think this year the tradition is going to be even better with another hunting day.

From now through rifle season I would hunt every day if I could, but I can't. I've learned to pick my days and luckily I have a job where to some degree I can do that. But I die a little inside every day I have to work in November.
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I hunt like a wise veteran. Not because I am a wise veteran (certainly not), but because the rest of my life doesn't allow me the time to hunt like the crazy guys. My work days are 12 hours, so hunting on a work day is out because it's dark when I go in and almost dark when I get out. I work every other weekend and the off weekends, I have to consider my wife because those are the only days we are off at the same time. I usually sneak out on a weekday morning once or twice a week.
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I'm probably in the middle at this point in my life. Luckily I have a job and family that takes up most of my time or I'd be that anxious type for sure. Anytime I have the opportunity I will be in the woods during archery. In rifle, I'm pretty calm, just getting to camp to hang out with people I don't get to see enough.
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I am not in love with deer hunting like some are. I would much rather hunt turkeys or bears than deer. But I tend toward the second type here just because I love to sit in the woods and watch. I've hunted the same spots for years so I pretty much know them. I'll shoot the first legal buck I see, which is in a 3-up area so it tends to be at least an 8 point, and I am happy with that so I can focus on my preferred species to hunt. This year, the first legal buck I had a chance at happened to be a 10 point that field dressed at 192 pounds....Now on to my turkey and bear scouting....
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Young bull...old bull? I'm an old bull. The majority of my time spent in the deer woods is during January, February, March and April. I average about 5 hunts a year with a bow in my hand.
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This is me 100%

***They donít care if itís pouring rain or there is a full moon. They will hunt mornings and evenings all throughout the season and start doing all day sits during the last week of October. They beat themselves up and run themselves ragged hunting far from the road. Dragging themselves out of bed day after day questioning there sanity.***

I like it this way. I much prefer being out in the woods hunting than doing anything else really. Kudu mentions being in love with hunting, I AM. I LOVE HUNTING DEER AND ILL SCREAM IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!

But in all seriousness, we get a limited amount of time to hunt (unless your one of the 10% that hunt on Sundays HAHAHAHAHA) and i take advantage of the short season!

My family knows whats up and they also know that the other 10 months of the year I am at the beckon call all day every day. Hunting season is where I gain some traction and regain my sanity. It's really soul filling for me, regardless of whether or not I see a deer. When I get to the rut, it's even worse because you know that even if you don't set up properly you could still see deer. I don't have a lot of hobbies outside of hunting, so that's really it for me. I pour all of my effort into doing this and I like the way I do it. Crazy? Sure, sing me up, I'm certifiable when it comes to hunting deer.

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I am both. I have certain stands and areas that I will not go into until the time is right. When the time is right it is game on. When the time is not right, I hunt other areas relying on just plain old time in the stand paying off. I have killed deer both ways.

I enjoy hunting too much to sit at home waiting for the optimum time or place. In my mind, if that is what one chooses to do, they are missing much of what the hunt is all about and are too focused on just killing something and not enjoying the sport. But, if that is what they want to do, who am I to be critical of them.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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I have a touch of both:

Having small children (7 and under) and a job that has a "busy season" from October through December (end of Fiscal Year rush, prep for the next FY) leaves me without the ability to spend as much time in the woods as I'd like... so my hunts are scheduled basically as soon as the PGC posts the dates.
My workaround for this has been several weekend "prep trips" throughout the year. Building/maintaining multiple blinds/stands, working food plots, lane clearing, working cameras, hinge-cuts to create funnels, creating cover, etc.
This makes for increased chances of success, even if conditions are sub-optimal when scheduled hunts come around. I know where the deer will (should) be for given conditions, and can adapt by selecting the best predetermined spot on the property for the given conditions.
I still get anxious the few weeks leading up to the hunts, but that's more excitement/anticipation than worry. Once I park my butt in the blind, a calm settles over me.
I've filled tags in rain, snow, wind, full moon, no moon, unseasonable heat, extreme cold... basically every condition, except for a true blizzard.... That was a long sit, and a longer ride out... Still, a good time.
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