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Re: No closed season for muskies

I think most musky guys release everything regardless of size. However, many people this time of year targeting other species at dams, spillways, creek mouths and other migration stops are more likely to contact muskies at these spots than at other times of the year. I suspect the catch and release mentality is much lower among those who do not fish for muskies regularly. Some of these people may even "hate" muskies and relish the chance to take one out of the system for fear the muskies are responsible for taking too many of their preffered species. Personally, I would recommend they consider what affect they and their fellow anglers are having targeting thier favorite species for harvest when they are congregated for spawning. Ever see some of the big fat breeder walleyes taken this time of year. Just sayin (lol).

The 40 inch musky minimum probably is the reason they allow harvest all year. Consider it a trade=off I guess? However, IMO the 40 inch min is not even close to equal compensation for the removal of 40+ inch breeding females during the spawn. These are fish that are much less suseptible to harvest at other times of the year to the average person. While I'm sure there are some non-musky guys who appreciate catching a big musky and release them, even those people are probably going to be tempted to keep a big mature female, since it may be the biggest fish they have ever caught and they figure they may not catch another.

There is always a season!
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