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A few photos of chestnuts and persimmons

My chestnut orchard plot, chinese chestnut or hybrids. Mostly direct seeded last year or 2 years ago but a few started indoors 2 years ago. 48" or 54" BlueX tubes and 3ft wide lumite ground cloth. Some got an additional 18" plastic mesh tube for some extra protection above the BlueX tube. The trees are on 6-8ft spacing in row and 10 to 20ft spacing between rows. A few hazelnuts mixed in. A number of trees have made it up above deer reach. Need to add more plastic mesh tubes. Would love to have most above deer browse by fall of next year. With enough protection from squirrels and mice, direct seeding worked great. As these get old enough to produce, I'll start removing some and hopefully find a few later ripening ones. I have also thought about getting one or 2 grafted trees of the variety AU Buck IV. It is supposed to be very late ripening, possibly dropping into November. But I'm reluctant to buy expensive grafted trees that might just die. I am generally happier trying a bunch of cheap seedlings.

Persimmons are also being propagated. Some are ones planted many years ago on our farm that have been spreading mostly by suckering and a few transplanted around the barn and pasture. I have also bought 50 some from the Missouri MDC that I have planted into an open old orchard that is now a mix of black walnut and other undesirables. I started grafting the existing trees last year to evaluate the varieties and get scionwood for future grafting. The MDC trees will get grafted over the next few years. I have grafted Prok, Yates, Meader, Miller, Wonderful, Dollywood, and 100-46. I'll get scionwood of few more varieties next year. I am also planting paw paw into that orchard too and will graft most of those to named varieties.

Last photo is a serviceberry that flowered for me in my backyard this year. Maybe 3rd leaf..
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