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power belts?

Who shoots power belts?

Aerotip or HPs? What grain? What powder charge? What is your performance on deer? Exit wounds? Trauma? Penetration? Distance ran? Etc etc....

I'm considering trying them in the TC Hawken...why? I'm on the fence...I have no problem piling up deer with the hawken...round balls and ball-ets...shooting ball-ets now because I wasn't happy with round balls not exiting...

The ball-ets are exiting but they just plow through...I've killed 5 deer with them now..4 being perfect chest shots..they have all made it a little farther than I'd like to see...and blood was OK at best...nothing spectacular...without snow it'd been slow tracking on all of them....

Thinking maybe a power belt (or anything other than a sabot that you guys recommend) may please me more...more shock and trauma due to expansion and such?

I've read very mixed reviews about power belts.from great reviews to them exploding like mini grenades....

Looking for some real life feedback...

I can stick with what I know and keep piling up deer...but if I can see better performance that's a no brainer in my book..
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Re: power belts?

My experience is fairly limited but I'll share my one and only flintlock kill with a Powerbelt.
I'm shooting the 295 gr hollow point pushed by 100 grains of Pyrodex out of a TC Firestorm. No accuarcy complaints at all, it groups well for me.
I shot a doe Dec 26th, 50 yds, bullet hit her just forward of the shoulder and a tad above midline. She dropped in her tracks. Upon processing, the bullet hit the bottom of the spine and deflected down and back, lodging in the opposite side shoulder. I will add the doe was ever so slightly quartering to me when I shot.
The bullet did not exit and was mainly whole and had a mushroom shape, it did fragment a little. I suspect hitting the opposite side shoulder stopped the exit.

My friend shot a doe 2 days later. Same gun, same load, double lung, 55 yds. That doe also dropped in her tracks and the bullet exited, and the exit hole was rather large.
Not sure what shape the bullet was in, we never found it of course.

Hope my experience helps, limited as it may be.
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Re: power belts?

I love the Powerbelts. I'm with you on the sabots. Never liked the idea of reducing the caliber of the bullet.

Depends on how many grains of powder you use, as to results. But I use the 295gr Aerotips and HPs with 100grs of powder. Have had great results on every deer I've shot with them. I'd post the pics of the doe I shot opening day but since it was a close range head shot it's a little graphic, lol.

My Hawkens groups them as well as my inline. So you should have just as good of results with yours. I used to use Buffalo bullets but once I tried these I was a believer.

I've shot several deer with them, all within 100 yds and they have all been good pass through shots. The farthest I've had one run is about 60 yds, but most never get close to going that far.

My step dad and brother use the Platnums and love them also. But they hunt mostly big fields with longer shots. I can't justify the price difference for the woody areas and the closer ranges that I hunt.

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Re: power belts?

I've killed half a dozen deer and a pa bear with a power belt 295 gr. HP. All out of an inline with 100gr of 777. Only 1 or 2 passed through on deer and their was no exit on the bear even though it waa shot perfectly through the slats.

Bullets seem to expand OK and the deer usually died quickly.

When I went smokeless, it required specialized sabots and I never shot a power belt again.

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Re: power belts?

I shoot the 245 grain Aerotips out of my 1/48 Firestorm. 100 grains 2F pushing it. Most accruate load I have found in my flintlock. It will cloverleaf at 50 yards.

Shot this years flinter deer with this load. Slightly quartering to, PB entered front shoulder and exited mid ribs on other side. Deer ran about 40-50 yards. No complaints here.

PB slides down the barrel easily, even after a shot, and stays put on top of the powder.

I support all hunters, regardless of weapon or technique!
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Re: power belts?

I shoot the 295 gr hollow point power belt with 150 gr worth of Pyrodex pellets out of my inline. I shoot the same out of my flintlock, wth only 100 gr of Pyrodex. I have probably shot around seven or eight deer with my inline and none have even taken a single step. Some of those were not the most well placed shot on my part either (not that I was taking questionable shots, just a matter of execution).
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Re: power belts?

I can stick with what I know and keep piling up deer...
Partner, it's hard to argue with "Piling up Deer". What's the old adage ? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2A-Wash. Co.
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Re: power belts?

I use the 245 Aerotips in my inline(CVA wolf) with 150gr(3 pellets of tripple 7) and 100gr(2 pellets) in the optma pistol.
In the Flinter 45cal I use 90gr FFF and BP. I make my own round balls and use really soft lead. The exit hole is about quarter size.
Most drop on the spot with both guns, if the do run it is only about 20yd's
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Re: power belts?

The power belts were ok but I went to the Hornady 250gr orange tip with a sabot. So far I have not had a deer go 5 steps DRT most of the time.
My son in law bought a box of 458 diameter box of the same type bullet used for reloading, but they will not work in his lever 45-70. Was wondering if I could use them and just purchase the sabots.
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Re: power belts?

Thanx guys!! Keep it coming! Good stuff!

Fleroo....you're absolutely right on..I'm really on the fence and not sure I wanna switch...that'd be the day I hit a front shoulder and the "new" bullet I was testing isn't worth the metal its made from and I don't recover the deer...when I know my ball-et would have pushed right through...but at the same time if there is something better out there...I'm not opposed to trying...I am no traditionalist..other than keeping it a rock lock...I'm not ashamed to stuff a "fancy" bullet down the barrel of it performs better..
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