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In-line Accuracy?

I have been reading posts on in-line accuracy lately and have to ask what are most folkís goals.

For me keeping my bullets in a 2-3 inch diameter at 100 yds is enough for hunting whitetails. Now if youíre into competition shooting then I can see the reason for seeking tighter groups.

Lotís of newbieís read our post here and I hope that they donít feel that they need to accomplish something that their equipment cannot delivery. I know that I have read accuracy claims here that many centerfire rifles do not achieve; LOL.

With the cost of components; bullets, powder & primers, I would hate to see the newbieís waste their time & money trying to achieve results that are not needed or in some cases not achievable either.

Your thoughts? FT
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

I'll take a 2-3" diameter spread at 100 yds anyday..
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

2 to 3 inch groups at 100 yds is what my Bone Collector shoots with two pills of Triple Seven and a 245 gr Powerbelt. Doc in Pa
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

Depending on who you talk to, a deers vital area is somewhere between 9 and 12 inches depending on the size of the deer. So I would think a 3 to 4 inch group is good.
I just sighted both my RMC muzzle loaders off the bench last week, a percussion and a flint that carry Williams peep sights. Both shot 3 inch groups which is better than I can hold standing on my one God given leg and one doctor given knee. In other words, the guns are capable of producing better groups than I can shoot under field conditions. If I miss or make a poor shot, I know who to blame.
I know this is a in-line question but no one will convince me that they shoot better than a good percussion, or a lot of flints.

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Re: In-line Accuracy?

Good Post, I see guys who fuss on a bench trying to get 1" groups at 100yds, then try to shoot off hand and can't hit a 9" paper plate at 50 yds!!!!

It is important to sight in your rifle so you are sure the sights/scope, whatever trips your trigger for sights, are on but it is also very important to know your limits as an off hand shooter.

If a guy can shoot a 3" group at a distance and stance that he is comfortable with is what is important. If he can kneel and get that group at 50yds he will make meat if he limits his shot to 50 yds kneeling. If he needs cross sticks to get that group at 100 yds that is fine.

We can all tell stories about the guy who sits on top a strip mine and shoots 300+ yds, very few folks can even hit a deer standing at that range let alone make a killing shot.

Remember it is the shooters responsibility to make a quick clean kill.

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Re: In-line Accuracy?

Originally Posted by Freytown
Lotís of newbieís read our post here and I hope that they donít feel that they need to accomplish something that their equipment cannot delivery.
It's not the equipment that wont/cannot deliver It's the shooter that fails

That's as bad as claiming the gun killed someone, it's all about the shooter Freytown. Don't ever blame the weapon.

Big Redneck - I just made over a 400+ shot on a red tag farm hunting with jayd4wg and he witnessed the shot then asked where I placed my bullet? I told him and when we walked out to the deer, I hit windage dead on,but projectile hit about 3-4in high from where I told him. But your right, most cant even see the deer let alone hit it at great distances.

Shot wasnt made with the ML 7mm remmag
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

There is a huge difference betweeen hunting accuracy and fine target accuracy. Muzzleloaders in particular are subject not just to the minor differences fom gun to gun, but accuracy is largely variable depending on load and bullet and individual loading practices, cleaning between shots etc. The best equipment in the world won't perform with inconsistent loading practices. Add the variable of each shooters individual eyes and sight picture and the shot spread can widen exponentially. A person who flinches and jerks the trigger is doomed regardless of all else.

Now, truth is nearly every gun on the market is capable of 5 to 6 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yds. IF the shooter does his part and loads are both proper and consistent. One of the challenges of muzzleloading happens also to be the frustration for beginners is getting that combination of gun, sights, load and follow through to produce acceptable accuracy for the intended task.

Some guns are better than others, some sights are better and some shooters are better. Given the cosmos of all these factors, it is pretty easy to screw things up without realizing it. And also pretty easy to get it together, at least for hunting accuraccy.

If we were interested just in mechanical accuracy, we could just use a machine rest to shoot lasers at a pin point.

Absent a screw up or defect in manufacturing nearly any muzzleloader on the market can produce acceptable accuracy for the deer woods.

There are quality differences. Hey a cheap CVA Bobcat rifle that sold at wally world for $100 bucks, is a great bare bones deer hunting rifle. There are more expensive and other styles of guns that may or may not send the projectile down range any better. Fit, finish, etc isn't necessarily a prerequisite to accuracy. A $100 dollar spanish made side lock percussion gun can adequately kill a deer. That deer doesn't get any deader because you use a $700 gun. Think of it like a ride from point "a" to point "b" You can get there on a moped, a motorcycle, a chevy or a rolls royce. If you are only going a half mile on a warm sunny day, which doesn't really matter much. 20 miles in the cold rain, it does.

The gun andd load combo should match the game and range. Eastern woodland whitetail, a patched round ball is fine, Western Elk at 400 yds, requires a different approach, faster twist and preferrably a longer bullet than the average 230 grain whoop de doo prepackaged $3.00 a piece bullets offered at most area stores. Just as you probably wouldn't hunt western elk with a 44-40.

There's alot of hype about "magnum" muzzleloaders. Unless you have a trip to Africa planned, or are going for Kodiak Bear, you don't need it.

Folks seem to fall into that more is better trap. More powder, more expensive guns, more expensive bullets. Not for whitetail.

In lines serve a definite purpose. They offer increase power over a longer range than the typical side lock round ball gun. IMO, though, even those short 50 cal in-line bullets suffer from range limitations and offer only a a couple dozen yards worth of better perfomance than a round ball. For really long range, like over 300 yards, it takes a more specialized approach.
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

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Re: In-line Accuracy?

Zimmer, longer range, over 300 yds, with an inline! Now that is some shooter!
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Re: In-line Accuracy?

Guns are made more accurate than shooters. In order to truely zero any firearm it should be put in a vise and diled in. After you have it cutting holes in a vise (wich all guns should do) then take it out of the vise and shoot it in hunting positions. You should be impacting the same point. Your shot groups will grow larger simply because your heart is beating and you are breathing. After all of that is done then you will know your limitations with that firearm. If you only get it out of the cabinet once a year to make sure it is on and then go hunting you will be more limited than the guy who practices all year long. Personally I shoot as much as my budget will allow. More practice now equals more sucsess later on.
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