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So....back on the thoughts of my next flintlock...and projectiles...

With my 50 cal TC hawken I am stuck with my Ball-ets or round balls..that's absolutely fine...I've been piling up deer...

But I've been wanting a 2nd rocklock...Its a simple gun...but a broke spring can take you out of the season in a second...and it can happen that quick can many other things...I fell and broke my sling and my gun bashed off the creek bed and could have been trashed from that(luckily it was fine..).

I want the ultimate deer killing flintlock...

I love custom flinters...I was going to go that route...

But I'm just not a fan of the lead balls and Conicals...I just have an issue with blood trails...I've recovered well hit deer that I am 99% sure I wouldn't have found without snow...I hate that thought..even the best blood trails typically aren't that good...followable at best...

I am now thinking about a 1:28" twist to goto a sabot...

Traditional? Not be any means...

But I'm a deer hunter...I love hunting with the flintlock...more damage... Better blood trail... Better for me...

I'm curious though....

If you shoot a 50cal sabot at flintlock BP velocities (100gr or less) what bullet do you shoot? And what are blood trails like? Meat/organ damage? Etc etc...fill me in...I've never fired one...maybe I expect rifle like damage and in reality that isn't to be expected....that's what I wanna know...

I can buy a accursporter or build a TC clone or buy and old TC and put a barrel in it etc...if I can get the damage and blood on the ground from a sabot I will go that route...

I want a deer killing setup...I know the ole round ball is just fine...but if I was alive a few hundred years ago and someone offered me a better bullet and fiberoptic sights and a ramrod that won't break...well...I'd take it in a heartbeat!

At the end of the day the charge was still ignited by flint n steel...that's a feat of its own...
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Re: projectiles

You just want to shoot a critter at 100 yards with a flinter!

What about a Lyman Great Plains Hunter? It's a GPR with a 1:28 barrel.

Maybe get it with both the 1:28 and 1:60(66?)!

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Re: projectiles

I have NO desire to shoot em at 100yds..I am 27 and I don't know how guys do it with iron farthest kill was around the 75yd mark...I walked to where I thought she was and didn't see deer tracks...the terrain and snow threw me off...killed her...

I didn't realize Lyman made a fast there's another possible option...the other requirement is double triggers...I can shoot doubles...single...forget it!

And I really want a top of the line lock...which is why I may build a TC clone...put in a L&R twist barrel..nice stock..fiber optic sight and possibly a peep..good ramrod and my gun is built...or..find a clean double trigger accusporter..which is essentially what I'd be building in the end...

I have options and different ways to go about getting there..

Just not sure on the "killing factor" of sabots vs what I'm shooting now...

I could also go to a big bore flinter and hit em with bowling ball sized hunks of lead...that's option 2 if my research tells me that sabots won't do any better than what I'm shooting now...

My TC and Ball-ets are deadly....I'm just worried there's gunna be a time I hit one and don't know it...I've came close a couple times now...

That 75yd or so shot...there was snow...there was tracks...if my buddy wasn't 10yds away from her when she ran by I wouldn't have thought I hit her...I literally had a couple hairs at the POI...that was IT...she ran UP hill 50yds and passed my buddy...he said I drilled her and he saw the hair on her chest from my hit..I said no way...but we'll follow it...another 75yds or so she laid dead...both lungs taken out...ball-et passed through the chest...not a drop of blood was found till I opened her up...

Ive shot many deer...I know that happens even with arrows and bullets....but I've had it happen many more times with balls and Ball-ets...which is why I wanna go bigger...or to a sabot if they are better...
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Re: projectiles

Build it without a patent breech if your gonna go from scratch.

Anybody can shoot deer on the farm ground....You earn it in the mountains.......
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Re: projectiles

I've shot close to 20 deer with my 62 cal. using PRB. blood trails with it aren't that great either. I have had complete pass throughs on all but 2, and they were shot length ways and the ball stopped at the rear leg bone. I guess what i'am trying to say is, not sure that the "big bore" route would be what you are looking for.
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Re: projectiles

I like the Maxi hunters in my .54.............
I used to shoot 250gr Shockwaves in my .50 cal RMC BUT have not shot any of my 50's since I bought my .54!!!



3D in PA
7R in NY
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Re: projectiles

Cabelas hawkin has a 1/28 twist. I shoot 245 or 300 power belts. I think you will like that set up.
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Re: projectiles

I've killed deer with 260gr Speer bullets from my TC Renegade using sabots. Don't expect anything you don't already get from the ball-ets, really. The sabots are ok, maxiballs, I think, would be better.

I'd suggest (and I DID!) go to bigger bore. Think 58 cal, or bigger.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are many makers who do jaeger-styled rifles, but that sounds like it'd be right up your alley. If you're ok with the idea of a long rifle, man, dive into it. I did, and I am pretty happy with the results!

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Re: projectiles

accursporter, 100grs fffg 250 gr Hornday xpt, mine will shoot just as good as a inline @100 yrds off a bench and is deadly on whitetails, but you must practice shooting it to be good. IT is the 1:28 twist gm barrel
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Re: projectiles

Was just at Dixons today. He had a couple of jaegers hanging from the ceiling and for sale.
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