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How do you squirrel hunt

Just wondering what is everyones favorite method.

I would have to say mine is to sit at the top of a hollow with the 17hmr and try to snipe them out past 70 or 80 yards. I am not saying i wont wack one right above me but i like the challange of only taking head shots at these distances.

This backfired for me one time near tussey mountain when my cousin and i went out. We were sitting about 80 yards apart and i had put down 3 fox squirrels when it got light in 3 minutes. They were above me in the tree i was sitting under. Talk about luck!! All were beast too. My cousin said he would never take me to that spot again.

I have every rimfire except the 22 mag so i do change it up and sit in the thicker stuff with my 22. I think my best squirrel gun in my 17mach 2. Doesn't blow them up as bad if you don't get the perfect head shot and has a lot of nock down power.

I am not really into shot gun hunting for squirrels but i have in the past.

I never successfully wacked one with the bow yet but i cant seem to hold off my 12 dollar arrow when i see a bushy tail. LOL

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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

haven't been squirrel hunting in quite a few years, but I liked to shoot them with my grandpa's open sights .22 single shot. I would stack the bullets in my mouth so I could reload faster. Head shots were prefered but I would take a shoulder shot.
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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

In years when the mast is good I look for a good stand of White Oak trees and also for stands of Hickory trees. Squirrels love both White Oak acorns and Hickory nuts. Sneak in and have a seat, set still and hunt with your eyes. If the mast is not good I like to hunt the edges of cornfields next to the woods. My personal favorite is still hunting. I move VERY slow and quiet. I may only cover 50 yards in an hour! Good practice for Deer hunting

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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

WTT-you are correct. Still hunting is great way to hunt after a rain shower also. Squirrels fat on corn fry up real nice! Snacks, coffee, and a nap, what a squirrel hunt!
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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

Like Bowmike I have hunted squirrels with a shotgun but I don't prefer it that way. Fox squirrels can be a tough beast.
When I was a yout' and my mentor and I were hunting our 1st fox squirrel took multiple blasts from both 20 & 12 gauge guns. When we were cleaning it we found it riddled with shot.

Not much later that season I started using my Marlin 39a. That WAS my best squirrel rifle. With exception of the strange odd deja vu experience I have this rifle dropped 'em dead.

The experience was this, I was watching a huge nut tree that was about 65 yards from me. It wasn't very far from Conneaut Creek but even closer to where the creek runs when it is flooded. I was about 30 higher than the 1st section that led down into the area of this tree. I could hear them barking and chattering. I was watching a couple fox squirrels and just waiting. Finally one moved out onto a limb not far from the trunk. I shouldered the 39a slowly using the tree next to me to steady up. I could see it's eye in the Weaver 4x32 scope. I set the cross hairs center of head and squeezed. There was a crack from the Federal Lightning and I watched this fox squirrel drop, back first, some 50-60 feet and land with a thud near the base of the tree. Most of the falling I witnessed through my scope. So I carefully went down the bank and made my way over to the tree and started looking. I was surprised I had to look. I saw where it fell, how it fell, it wasn't wounded or nicked. Squirrels don't fall back 1st if they are not critically wounded or otherwise dead. If it was alive it would have attempted to grab something on the way down, it didn't.

Needless to say I never found it and here is where the deja vu takes place. Two seasons later I find myself in the same spot all over again and everything played out almost exactly the same. Same shot, squirrel falls the same way, go to find squirrel and it is no where to be found.

Other than that the 39a always took the squirrel it shot and it never missed.

The deja vu episode and a few others for my friend Mike switched us into 22mags but that is another story.

This is my 1st full season back in hunting and I plan to do squirrel as much as I can. To me squirrel hunting with a rifle is more exciting than any part of hunting that I have done.

This season I currently have 4 legal rifles for small game as well as a handful of revolvers. I am leaning toward my Henry Big Loop carbine as my 1st out rifle. I took it out for late squirrel this year and it carries well and is fairly light.

If you are really into squirrel hunting and if you haven't already please check out my squirrel grand slam thread. It's going to be fun.
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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

Sometimes I sit and wait them out or other times i'll still hunt. I like to run them up a tree then walk around the tree looking for them.

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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

I like to still hunt them with my 22. With the kids we sit, or after a rain still hunt them. One year way back when you only got one deer tag, I filled my tag the first day of archery. I did a lot of squirrel hunting that year. Head shots only killed 36 with 40 shells. Never forget that year.

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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

I like to take the curs, a .22, and a pair of binos to search the trees. It is all about the dog work for me.

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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

I mainly like to sit, and wait.
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Re: How do you squirrel hunt

I like to still hunt old logging roads for them the best.
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