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i've been hunting spring gobblers for a few years now, as hard as i can. mostly a weekend warrior and maybe a day off here and there through the week. ive come close a few times but something always seemed to happen. well this year was finally my year.

i have always had decent farms with good numbers of gobblers but could never seal the deal... ive asked a few guys in past to come with me or let me tag along with them gunless just to see what im doing wrong. no one ever wanted to so if it was gonna happen i am gonna have to do it myself.

i got laid off a week before the season opened. i spent the entire week leading up to the opener out scouting. every morning up and out the door well before dawn then afternoons knocking on doors and checking farms i already had permission on. friday finally came and i narrowed my selection down and set out to pick a few spots out. i wasnt sure what pressure would be like, all i knew was how many cars id see going by through the week. as usual i was taking my dad along. granted we have never bagged a bird in the past we always have fun and we both look forward to the time spent together as we dont get to hunt together much anymore. that night i realized i could still buy a bonus tag. i thought my time was up and i couldnt get one so after checking the regs i jumped in the truck and ran to dicks and picked one up...thankfully becausssseeee...

saturday morning came with little sleep, we headed out the door early and got to the farm, suprised to see we were the only ones there. we got to the spot and got setup. i proceeded to tell the old man how many different birds i heard throughout the week of scouting and we were both very anxious for those first gobbles. the time came and the time passed. kinda let down to hear 2 maybe 3 different birds...i didnt know what to expect. it was a slow morning and the boredom was broken by a pair of hens. they played in the decoys for a few minutes then fed off. a little while later while i wasnt paying much attention my dad starts hitting me and saying theres birds coming. we both hurry up and get ready. now the whole night before and the morning of i kept telling him that no matter what comes in he is to shoot first. unless its a pair we can double on no matter what he is to shoot as i can hunt everyday. weeeellllll when the time came and we had 3 jakes in the decoys he didnt wanna hold up his end of the deal. i basically begged him and he told me no haha. i then told him if youre not going to shoot i am. so i drew my bead and boom down went my bird... followed by me yelling come on dad we can double!!! as the remainig jakes took curiousity to the dead bird i let out a few clucks and old man and i doubled on both our first turkeys ever.

now these jakes may not be trophy birds to most but ill tell you what. to see my old man smile and to do it side by side together thats something ill never forget and thats something no long beard or spur could ever give us.

our saturday birds

now jump to monday morning... headed out in the rain to the same farm. heard some gobbles but nothing close. saw a few birds including 2 jakes and a long beard but nothing wanted to play. i still had fun and it was humbling after the high i was riding from saturday. i decided i was gonna give the farm a break on tuesday and hit up a new spot.

tuesday morning:
i scouted this farm several tmes and knew there were several good gobblers here. i wasnt sure of the location of roost or where they were hanging out. i could just hear them. so as i headed out at o'dark thirty into the fog i came to the field i wanted to hunt, close to the location of where i had been hearing em on the roost. everything else on the farm has grown up over night with all the rain and the grass is getting high already i was very pleased to find a tilled filled and i hurried up picked a spot set my dekes and took position for my around hour wait.

around 5:18 earlier than ive heard any gobbles this year one sounded off to my right. i was kinda nervous as it was close but so early. i thought maybe someone was trying to locate one or they were getting busted off the roost. a while later it finally sounded off again, then boom another off to my left even closer. i left him gobble a few times before i gave him some sweet love songs. gotta give credit. ive never been much of a caller. i felt just proficient enough... but after reading everyones reports on here about tree yelps and purrs and fly downs and everything i started watching youtube videos last night hahaha thank god i did....

so i gave the guy some purrs and tree yelps on the slate. he seemed to like it and so did the one to my right i did this a few times and as it drew closer to them coming off the roost i popped in the mouth call and turned it up a bit. he fired back and i just let him go. he gobbled a few times and sounded like he may have been on the ground but not sure. the one on my right still firing off and in the tree. i just shut up and let it go. as i was dreaming of turkeys in the decoys i caught movement off to my left. i didnt move but more of a flinched as it startled me. THERE HE WAS!! a big ole beach ball rolling around in the field.i couldnt place a beard for a few seconds then there it was! LONG BEARD!! he was off on my hard left and in half strut. he seemed a little on alert so i wasnt sure if he was gonna commit all the way. he would go half strut then out. he was quartered to my 1oclock and finally went full strut and turned away from me so i made my move and clicked the saftey and swung left. he caught a little movement or sound and came out of strut but didnt offer a good shot ... i sat and waited, heart in my throat.. finally he went baack into full strut and i let out a few yelps and BOOM DIRT NAP!!! I jumped up and ran over as he was doing the dirt nap shuffle. i had to stand on his head a minute and finally he gave up. i couldnt have been more excited...what a way to do it. my first long beard and i called him off the roost. just days after i shot my first gobbler.

he measured up: beard 10" and spurs 1"

its been a great season and its sad to see my 2012-2013 season come to an end. ill be looking to take some people out but it just wont be the same.

i wanna give a huge thank you to trout2003 and bowmaster5687, they patiently answered every question i couldve threw at them and sat through every story, photo, situation and excitement and despair haha. thanks guys!!

oh and zak... i did it all without the cabelas turkey lounger

a few more artsy photos from scouting..

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Congrats, and great pics!

******Have a good one!******
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Great job that's awesome you and your dad doubled on both of yinz guys first birds and congrats on the longbeard.
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Way to freakn go bro!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Just awesome!!!!
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Congrats on a fantastic success story. You're gonna be a full blown addict now!
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congrats and great pics

Those who say money cant buy happiness, have never paid an adoption fee.
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Nice Pat!

Two things of note.

1. How about me, the worlds worst Turkey hunter, giving advice on killing turkeys lol.....that's rich!

2. You may have done it without the lounger but you were probably uncomfortable in the process haha.

Congrats on the season. Hard work and time spent usually equals dead birds. You did both and the end result was predictable.
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Good job Man!
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Good for you guys. Congratulations. I enjoyed the read.
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Congrats to you both

My name is Moss and i'm a turkey huntin' addict

I'm itchin' to see a red fox twitchin!
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