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May 27th Memorial day

Any one make it out today?
Hunted with my brother this morning. Heard quite a bit of gobbling and he killed a really good bird at 625. Another great late season hunt. Been hearing alot of birds the past 4 days.
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All quiet where we were. Been quiet for the last week. Three guys out in different areas. Good season. Did not have the normal hot action the last week like most years but heard more the second and third weeks than normal

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This was my first day out,heard 5 but nothing interested in my calls. Jumped a hen with at least 10 little ones with her. After 7 heard nothing,hunted till 11 walked 6 miles.
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A hen came in to calling and did an arc around the decoy and left.Heard 5 gobbles far off. Great morning for hunting.Did see 2 bucks with the velvet stumps and knobs well above the ears. Hope to see them in archery.
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I've hunted an area with a lot of pressure the last three days (Friday, Saturday and today) because it is the only place I am hearing birds or even finding any significant sign of turkeys. I have heard gobblers and called hen in every day. The gobblers just don't come in and instead stand out there gobbling until the hens come to them.

Pressured birds with big food lots to strut in are tough to kill. I think I'll head for the big woods again tomorrow. At least if I hear one there is a chance of calling it in.

Dick Bodenhorn
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We heard 4 birds off the roost. 2 were together and 2 single birds.
We had one of the lone birds working good and coming hard until two bucks showed up and started the snort/stomp routine. One of the bucks ran right at the bird, snorting the whole way........Game over there.

Circled around on the double gobble and got ourselves in perfect position. Made a call and they hammered back.....Coming strong......then two more bucks showed up and did the old snort/stomp routine and they both ran right at the birds. Game over there.

Made a big loop back to the other lone bird and had him gobble one time at about 50 yards out of nowhere. Had a hen yelp back at me that was with the gobbler. We gave him about 45 minutes and nothing showed.

Caught a huge black rat snake on the way out. 60" +

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Made it up to pa for the weekend and got some hunting in. On Saturday morning, I hit a couple of my old hotspots in 2D and only heard one bird gobble twice very early. No sign, no tracks, nothing. It was the first time I had hunted these areas in about 5 years. Covered roughly 7 miles...ůvery disappointing.

Fast forward to today and it was a different story. I hunted a spot in 2B that I had not hunted in many years and was covered in birds. I was on the move around 630 when I thought I heard a gobble. As I got closer, I confirmed two gobbles from 2 separate birds. game on. I set up and started calling and they gobbled at everything I threw at them. I could soon tell I was dealing with a group of jakes and then a lone second gobbler . They were about 100 yards apart. Well they proceeded to gobble non stop and I realized they weren't really moving. Meanwhile, a lone hen came from behind me and went right in between the birds. So I moved up about 50 yards and re set up.

By now it's about 730 and all at once I see birds dropping out of the trees in the direction I had been hearing them. Still on the roost! Well 5 birds hit the ground and immediately start strutting and I see all Jake fans except for one full fan. I had them at about 50-55 yards, definitely my maximum range, but they were so tight together and I could not pick out the full fan in the group. Everything was so green and thick I was having a hard time keeping track of them in the woods.

Then the hen starts pulling them away and they start following her further away, so I start calling again aggressively to pull them back. The bird that was alone I had been hearing earlier gobbled again within 40 yards, but I just couldn't see him. All of a sudden he pitches out of the tree and lands 50 yards from me on a gas line. I swing the gun to try and get a beads on him but he starts walking away toward the hen and the other birds. He quickly disappeared and was well out of range. Talk about frustrating.

I had no idea those birds were all still in the trees. They were over a steep hillside and with the foliage I could not tell. very disappointed not to pull the trigger but my gosh it was an exciting hunt, and a great way to end my season. Time to put everting away.

Keep at it boys. It was a good morning.
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Have not been out since last Tuesday. The Saturday before was happening! Hunted Monday and Tuesday and not a sound. Gonna hunt Wednesday morning if i get lucky that will be it. If they are talking and i don't get one I'll probably hunt thursday and Friday. If i don't hear anything Wednesday, i will pack it up for the year!
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Didnt even hear a tree yelp this morning.Left at 11:30. 4 days left crunch time.
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Went out Saturday morn. Herd 5 different birds on roost. All done by 6:30, no calls or gobbles, by 9 we decided to call it a day. Hope we have better luck next year.....
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