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Re: HB 37 Abandonment of Mineral Rights - Property

More like they are making the owners or potential owners of mineral rights do the work to prove ownership. Right now, it is reversed. Gas companies, attorneys representing land owners of every stripe are doing the work. That cost money, and the owner of the mineral rights just gets informed with an offer to sell, sign a lease, or some other reason.

This is a personal responsibility issue. If someone has mineral rights, or think that great grandpa, gramps, and uncle had rights that transferred with a will, estate, or just a rumor in the family - check it out. You could have mineral rights.

Why should someone else have to do the work for a mineral right owner? ultimately, they will reap the bennie's that research? I see that as a general lack of responsibility - or welfare...

If there is a family history of having mineral rights, property changing hands in the past, I would be spending some time in the court house. title searches are easy, and can actually be fun. A ton of history in those documents!

If you find something, think you found something, then get legal advice.

Ultimately, a land owner or mineral right owner has the responsibility to know what is owned - or not. Failure to file the records at the court house should have a negative result. That is a basic civil responsibility.

In answer to a prior question, the law, if passed will be made very public. Newspapers, TV, radio, and I am sure in many places on the internet. Still doesn't mean some will take action to preserve or establish ownership.

Yet another personal responsibility item that only they can take care of.

Is your position a short term gain - or a long term loss? Separate the issues.
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