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Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

So we just started getting the Sportmans Channel and I was watching yesterday and there was a deer hunt using a doe decoy. The bucks came right across the large field once it was spotted and one trucked the decoy. When I saw that I gave some thought as to whether my hunting spots could be more successful with the use of a decoy. I have one spot that sits at the end of a 250 yd pipeline clearing. The other end of the pipeline is close to a core deer bedding area(an area I don't have permission to access) and I have a heck of a time getting the bucks to leave that core area. So last night's show got me thinking about putting out a decoy at my end and start doing some calling. The decoy would be within eyesight of the deer traveling at the other end.

I have never used a decoy before. Any tips or experiences with using one? Male or female? Scented up, etc?
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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

The first year I bought my archery deer target (buck with removable antlers) I took it out and used it as a decoy. I would carry it in and spray it down with scent free stuff to get my scent off of it. It worked every night bringing out does to feed near it. After a few nights a 6 point came out and walked up stiff legged and nocked him over, it was fun to watch. I got away from using it because I was trying to lighten my load but I may try one of those picture decoys or something a little lighter in the near future.

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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

I'm no expert but i've been using a decoy for a few years. The first time I set it up as a doe, it seemed to spook the older does, some younger does came cautiously close and a small four point with a broken rack came in and circled the decoy with his ears back, I thought he was going to attack it, but instead he made a little scrape and left.

Another time I set it up as a buck, the rut had started so I put out some doe esterous scent and domanant buck urine. I watched a young buck approach the setup, as soon as he hit the scent he turned and bolted, I don't think he ever saw the decoy.

Last year I set it up as a doe on the first Saturday in Nov. no scents this time, when it was light enough I tried the long can doe bleat, about 15min later hit the can again, a short time after I saw legs standing about 15yds in front of and to the left of my decoy. I couldn't tell what it was at first some branches were in the way, when he turned and started walking towards me I seen he was a nice buck. He did just what they do on tv, walked behind the decoy to scent check it, which gave me a 15yd broadside shot. My shot was less than perfect but all's well that ends well.

I usually set up the decoy about 30yds in front of and facing away from my stand. I don't use it anymore until I start to see scrapes. Good luck if you decide to try one.

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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

I hauled my old foam deer target out a few times during the desperation of The October Lull. Once it got shot to pieces I took it without legs and would put it "bedded down". I always was after a decent buck so I'd spritz Sheila down with a good dose of estrous.

Doe always reacted to it but always got real upset. Some kind of comfort zone they would not want to enter when it would not move in reaction to them. They'd stop, look, head bob at it, and when it didn't respond they just did not like that.

A "bobble head" may have worked spectacularly.

Never had a racked buck see it. Little spikes and buttons came right up to it in utter fascination.

A guy at work kept having his target knocked down at night. Put a camera on it in video mode and a pretty nice 8-point attacked it and flattened it.

Couple times walking in or out I've been caught in an open field with a good buck. I go down on all fours, ditched the quiver, put an arrow in the teeth and crawled right at the buck. They start coming right at me to check me out. Got inside 50 yards both times, and once I think he would have come all the way in but some real doe showed up and he went chasing after them instead.

I have an old, skanky 3x3 mule deer mount left to us by my wife's late uncle. One of these days in the prime of the rut I'm going to haul "Bucky" up and hang him on a tree directly under me. A mature buck hears the rattle antlers, get a lot of stink in the air, and if he sees that other "big whitetail" in his territory, I bet he comes charging in like a blitzing linebacker.

So not a whole lot of experience, but for me the doe seem to spazz but the bucks seem curious, especially if it's closer to the rut.

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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

The last two years I used a doe montana decoy and have had plenty of average and small buck come in and walk all around it. Last year I filmed two small buck fight over it and then the winner mounted the thin decoy. I also filmed my nephew shooting his fisrt buck off the same decoy this past season. I'm not sure how a big buck is going to react to it, but I sure do enjoy watching all the other buck come in and fall in love. Montana decoy sent me two free decoy for the footage I got them last season. I hope to set the buck up around a doe and see what happens. I have put silver top scent on it's back end and it seems to keep them around sniffing giving me plenty of chances to get a nice shot off. If you want to see the videos click on the link below and they are in my video collection. I've enjoyed using them, best of luck on your decision.
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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

I used my glen del buck as a doe and shot a little buck off of it. I had it 15 yards in front of me quartering away. I rattled and grunted him in. He came in with hair standing on end and ears back. Sad thing was he was smaller than the decoy. I missed him on the first shot (buck fever) and he jumped but focused on the decoy. Very fun and very aggressive approach to hunting that can give a lot of thrills.

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Re: Deer hunting with a decoy? Experience? Tips?

I found a buck prefer to approach a buck decoy head on and a doe decoy from the back so set your decoys a accordingly

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