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Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

I am hoping to get some feedback on my plans for a new venture. It will be a Website that allows successful hunters to upload a snapshot of their trophy bucks. I will digitally copy the antlers and place them on photographs of deer in different settings to create a unique composite image of their buck in the wild. The end product would be a museum quality canvas print that is framed and ready to be hung.

Below, I have placed a sample snapshot, the composite image I made, and a detail of the image.

Would you be interested in this service?

If you are interested, what would you expect to pay for 20x25 inch framed print?

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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

cool concept. I am not sure of the price of the materials and such to judge the canvas price. I normally keep 8x10 pictures of my harvests though or use a trail cam photo. That alone runs me about 8 bucks a piece with a cheap frame.

Would you be looking into smaller 8x10 prints as well. I know you couldn't make as much of a profit but might get more orders. I could see myself spending 15-20 bucks for the 8x 10 print alone with your work. so maybe 30 in a cheaper frame and a little more with a high quality frame. Some of the new antler mounts for sale have 4x6 or 5x7 frames attached as well just an idea. I wouldn't have enough room for the larger print. But if i had a mancave i would definetly look at the canvas option. Just my .02

Great work!!

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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

Thanks for the response. Actually, I was thinking that the composite image would be an alternative to mounting. For about half the price of a good mount, you would get a fine art print that depicts the majesty of your buck. An inscription on the print would document your success as a legacy to your hunt.
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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

I think it's a cool idea. I'd probably be interested in it; I certainly can't say for sure I wouldn't be.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Cons:</span>
• It looks like the photo you put the antlers in is a photo that has the antlers in the same perspective as the snapshot. That's probably the only way you can do it, because I can't see how you'd turn the antlers or reposition them in any way. But it does mean you need lots of photos of live deer.
• The live deer in this example doesn't look like the deer in the snapshot. For one thing, it's a big bodied deer. For another, the buck in the snapshot has an interesting dark stripe on its nose and some other color features which aren’t in the picture of the live deer. So, in this case it doesn't look anything like the same deer. But that may not be a problem in most cases -- differences in most deer are much more subtle.
• This is just a guess, but this example makes me wonder if all photos of live deer will be against a foggy background, or if you made the background look that way, in order to make superimposing the antlers easier.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Pros: </span>
• One thing I like is that you are showing the deer as it looked when it was alive. I think lots of people will see the value in that.
• This should be much less expensive than a mount. You asked about the price – I’d say it needs to be less than $100. If it could be $50, I think you’d be very busy.
• You are wise to be thinking about this now, because if you could drum up some business ahead of the coming season, you’d probably do great as Christmas comes.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Extra thoughts -- neither Pro nor Con (and free!): </span>
• It would be great if you had enough pictures of deer that people could choose from up to a dozen or so. Some might want the deer in hemlocks. Others might want it in a field. Others might want it shown from above, like it was taken from a treestand. Others might want a stream in the picture. Others might want more than one deer in the picture. I think it would be hard to offer all those choices, but I think you’d serve customers well if you did.
• Do you need a snapshot like you have in your example? Why can't you take a snapshot of the antlers, from different angles, in order to match it to deer in different positions?
• Maybe you already have this in mind, but if you can add antlers to a deer, why can’t you add deer to a scene? That way you’d be able to create lots more variety in the scenes. The hunter could choose the deer and the scene it is placed in.
• You didn’t say whether your plan is to do giclée prints, or photographic prints, I think they’d look better as giclée prints.
• I don’t know what you mean by “museum quality” prints. That term is tossed around a lot.

I love it when guys come up with new ideas on how to add to our sport and make an income from what they love. All the best to you.


"When you put a buck on your wall, it links you to those guys who painted the walls of caves." --Me.
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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

neat concept. Good luck with it.

And good feed back EdH.

2F for a while...
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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

KINGS OUTDOOR WORLD does kinda the same thing with their calenders.They recreate record harvested mulie,whitetail, and elk to look alive. You'd never know they are somewhere on some ones wall on display...still a great idea good luck

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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

I like the idea. I actually have a few on the computer at work involving record book bucks and their translation into a wooded area, fields, etc. It's something hard to reproduce, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

I like the idea, and as Everyday Hunter said, $50 would seem like a fair price. I also think it would be a good idea of having a variety of different live deer photos to work with.

Phil S
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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

Everyday Hunter

Thanks for the extensive reply. You covered a lot.

Yes I have a lot of pictures of bucks. I hope to be able to match them to the snapshots submitted.

No, I will not match the actual deer. Just the antlers. It takes a lot of work to do that. I have to outline the antlers, paste them onto an image of a buck at the same angle, size and blend the antlers, and match the color. To most, the antlers are the distinguishing feature so I hope this is enough.

Yes, I do have various backgrounds. I have about ten backgrounds of woods, fields, fog, snow, etc. I figured that would help personalize the image.

I am only asking for one snapshot. I leave it up to you to pick the image that you like. It should show all the points.

Giclée is part of a process that uses a drum scanner to reproduce an original painting. My work is all digital. I will use permanent inks and acid free canvas for the prints.

I am afraid price might be an issue. If you look at wildlife prints at any store, like Cabelas, you will see that they are over $100 depending on the size. And that is for reproductions. My work will be custom. No one will have a print like yours. I can't see using cheaper materials for this so that dictates part of the price. The only variable is my time. I will have to see what value the market puts on that.

I intend to advertise in on I will have to wait and see what happens.
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Re: Trophy Buck Photo-Illustration

Jack Paluh has been offering that for years.
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