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Lost in the big woods ?

Current posts on red flag tape and 2 way radio conversations, got me to chuckle internally and thought I would post this

I have to admit over the years, I have been lost. I can see why the experts tell you not to panic, because it sets in pretty dang quick, and ya start walking faster and in bigger circles making matters worse. (first embarrassment, than fear of getting back very late, than fear of having to walk many miles to hit any road or worse yet, spend the night) I will admit, I donít have the internal GPS that some of you fine people do, and love the fact that I now know the woods I now hunt for many years, without fear of going the wrong direction, but what a few hours of roaming after a dayís hunt, can do to the heart. I can honestly tell you I know of two individuals that knew I was wandering aimlessly years ago, and were more than happy to point me in the correct direction. (which, I had no clue and what a welcomed sight to see humans) I seem to get turned around so darn quick at times, it makes me laugh. I never got lost or disoriented for more than a few hours, but the few hours can seem like a loooonnnnggg time until you see familiar surroundings. My brother, I swear can be blind folded, spun around a dozen times in a area he never set foot in before, and walk a straight line to the truck one mile away, so possibly I got the bad genes on navigation. OK, So now I hunt Potter County, (with my GPS)

Was wondering if anyone else had those dark days of wandering (or, would admit it)

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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

even thought i used to hunt a huge expanse of woods behind brookville it was almost impossible to get lost there. parked at the bridge and went down stream. about 3/4 mile then went into woods. if lost follow a small run to the main creek then walk upstream. this tactic can be used almost anywhere in pa. its usually not far to a bridge

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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Its funny even though I hunt in 2g which has some big country the 2 times I have gotten really turned around I was in other states, once in Virginia and once in Maine. I can tell you from experience if there is one place you do not want to get lost at its in the Allagash wilderness of Maine which has some of the most undeveloped area left in the US. I even had a GPS and because I made a wrong waypoint it turned into one of the most scary things I've ever experienced, there nothing like walking through the black forest into a beaver bog not knowing where your at. It will definately put hair on your chest.
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

I have been turned around a few times. A couple years ago, I got lost 2 different times in one season. Ended up doing like 6 miles trying to find the main road in WV. Then was hunting late season in PA and kept seeing deer and chasing them in swamps. Before I realized it I was in a lot deeper in the woods. I tried to start following my tracks back out but kept getting lead in circles from zig zagging chasing deer. After that season bought a GPS.

Still managed to get lost a with not trusting it this year. Kept thinking the map was lying to me. I just walked further than I thought and missed coming out in a field where we were meeting up.

I can say of these times and the other few times I have been lost I truly was never scared of making it. But if I have someone with me, I like to mess with them telling them we better start making a camp to stay the night and it might only be 8-9am and be less than a mile from the trucks or camp.
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Was on top of tussey mtn on the last day of archery a few years ago. Even got out of the tree a half hour early to find my way out. Somehow I got turned around and came back to a rockslide I knew pretty well. I didn't want to except that I was turned around and started to panic. I looked one way and saw the low gleam of the sun so I thought I was good until I turned around and saw the same gleam in the opposite direction ! Thinking about it for a bit I realized one was the sun over the horizon and the other was the brightness from the lights of state college. After dripping sweat and excessive thirst, I sat down to gather myself. Only then I remembered I had my gps in my pack with an active track from the vehicle. It was still weird following it thinking I was going the wrong way, despite knowing the rock slide I came back to was one I knew well. Your mind can play tricks on you.

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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Any of you guys that have been lost in the woods a professional goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers by chance?

Hunting: 10% skill and 90% location.
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Never been lost, but once I was a tad confused for three days.

Actually, I did get lost while hunting in Potter County when I was 12 years old. I got turned around on top of the mountain above Windfall Hollow. I walked down the wrong side and ran into a guy who got me going in the right direction. I do remember the panic setting in, and that was 58 years ago.

In Pennsylvania, I suspect that if you walk downhill and find a stream and then follow it downstream, you will eventually find a road. There are very few places in Pa where that wouldn't work out, but there are a few where the walk downstream might be a few miles.
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Years ago, my cousin and I were in the Adirondacks for a five day muzzleloader hunt. We didnít know the area Ė never been there. We just bought some topo maps and drove up there. We went down a dead-end road and set up our camp, which was nothing more than a mattress on a pick-up truck bed with a topper and had a plastic tarp stretched out the back. Very primitive to say the least, but when youíre young, itís much easier.

There was a high mountain peak across the way, which I used to keep my bearings. One morning, there was fog covering the peak. As the day progressed, the fog set into the whole area. Since visibility was now close to zero, I decided to head back to camp. With the fog, all I could do was travel by compass, which I checked about every 10 minutes.

All of a sudden, my one compass check indicated I was walking in exactly the opposite direction Ė a complete 180ْ turn around. Thinking I couldnít possibly be turned around that much within 10 minutes, there is only one other possible explanation Ė my compass is WRONG. I kept walking for a few more minutes, and then the panic set in. I found myself sweating and walking faster and faster. I finally realized what I was doing and forced myself to sit on a log and smoke a cigarette to calm down.

After finishing my cig, I decided that Iíve got to believe my compass. I set-off again and after what seemed like an eternity, I came out on the road about 2oo yards from our camp. Needless to say, it was then time to pop a cold one.

Iíve gotten confused in the big woods of PA but never worried about it too much. In PA, a road or trail is never too far distant. But if going in the wrong direction in the Adirondacks, a road or trail can be miles and miles and miles away.
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

Originally Posted by Danesdad
Any of you guys that have been lost in the woods a professional goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers by chance?
Don't go Flyers bashing
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Re: Lost in the big woods ?

i been lost a few times. i find that running through the woods crying while shedding clothes is a good tactic. and gps's and emergency kits are for sissies. real men spend the night in the woods curled up in a fetal position and don't respond to rescuers.

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