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What's your craziest kill story?

While waiting to hear Injunjr's story this morning, I was reflecting back to a buck I killed in the late 80's.

On the 2nd Monday of Buck Season in 1987, I was hunting behind my house after school with my Dad's shotgun. The property was about 60 acres of hedgerows and cut corn. I posted at a back corner near a swamp area that was private property. Just as I sat down, I came eye to eye with a buck that was about 35 yards facing me. I raised the gun and put the bead on the front chest and fired. The buck stumbled and ran onto the next farm out of sight. Since I didn't have permission on the adjacent farm, I walked over to knock on the door. As I got up to the house, I could hear all kinds of commotion coming out of the barn. I figured the farmer was in there working on a tractor and I'd go over and ask if i could track it! As I approached, what I thought was the farmer was my buck thrashing around. As a kid, I didn't know what to do, but thankfully that deer died within a minute or two. I somewhat panicked, grabbed it by the antlers and dragged it as fast I could out of that barn. I still remember that like it was yesterday. A crazy good memory!
Let's hear others!!!
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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

Now that's funny!! Did you have to change your shorts afterward?

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

First Friday of buck season 2001 I managed to convince my dad to take off work and go hunting with me. This was something he rarely did as hunting just isn't his thing anymore. He agreed and I made it my goal to get him a deer that day. There was snow on the ground so we walked from hollow to hollow looking for tracks. We finally decided to do a 1to1 push of a thick pine hollow, even though we saw no tracks going in or out. I waited until dad was 150yds below and started my way to the rim of the bowl in front of me. I hadn't taken 5 steps when I spotted a doe stand up out of a bed. I froze and just then made out the figure of another deer walking toward her...i raised, saw 4pts on one side and squeezed off the 20yd shot. She froze...he kept walking......so I shot again.......and again......and finally I was out of shells (had only grabbed 3 that morning, didn't plan to shoot). I watched heartbroken as the doe bounded up the other side out of dad's view with the buck in full pursuit, still unphased by the shots!!
That was when I looked down and realized the white snow was no longer white, it looked like a murder scene. I looked back up in time to see the buck stop......look back and fall backward down into the bowl! Dad came up and said "more than one shot......not good I'm guessing?". I pointed down and after a long bit of celebrating, we went down and tagged my 7pt. It was the first and only deer i've shot while hunting with him. He is completely out of the sport now, but he and I will always remember and cherish that hunt as one of the oddest days in the woods together.
How a buck could take 3 150grain .270 shots from point blank range in the boiler room and continue his pursuit is beyond me, but I guess the desire to reproduce in the wild can make anything happen?

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

First week of November 2001, I believe? I had a great stand location at the head of several steep draws with a thick bedding area above. Just after daylight I heard all kinds of commotion from the thicket followed by the unmistakeable sound of a buck grunting.

I mean grunting like there was no tommorrow. He must have grunted over 100 times before I finally laid eyes on him at about 70 yards, coming right at me on the trail of a young doe. I had dabbed some doe in estrus on a branch at 20 yards and the doe passed right by it without even acknowledging it. The buck however stopped dead in his tracks and presented a slam dunk 20 yarder, perfectly broadside.

I placed the pin just behind the shoulder and prompty touched the release trigger. Imagine my dismay when my arrow flew a foot over his back and stuck an inch into a large Oak

The bucked whirled took off and stopped about 50 yards out and just stood there trying to figure out what just happened. Then as if on a string, he stiff legged it right back to that branch.

Well, I didn't make the same mistake twice and that buck now resides in my living room

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

Heres my most bizarre so far. In a treestand in buck season about a half hour before daylight, I was sending out some grunt sequences. I am a true beleiver in deer "calling", and before long I got an answer out of the darkness. I was sure it was downhill from me, but after years of running chainsaws, my ears lie to me now and then. I oriented myself looking downhill, and I am right handed. Just after daybreak the buck grunts directly behind my tree. As I turn my head I see big horns staring right at me, and he is in high gear in a second. I have one chance, a quick turn and over my right shoulder shot, which I took. The buck piled up like he was pole-axed, but something did not seem right. As I stared down from the treestand, I got the impression he was not dead. After about a minute I said nonsense, put my rifle on the pull line and lowered it to the ground. When my boots hit the first step, he was up and off to the races! I hit the ground in time to get off one shot, gun still tied to the rope! I found good blood right away, the kind that looks like someone carrying a bucket of red paint through the woods. As I took the trail, it led straight down to a broad bench and as I stood there thinking he must be right here, up and away he goes again! Two more shots, no deer! Well, I have one more bench to go down, then he is off my property, so I had to tighten up and get serious. With my best tracking skills ( following the red paint) I crept over to the last drop, and there he is, on the ground with his entire neck and head leaning up a hemlock tree, like he was trying to climb it, and still very much alive! One finisher took care of that, then I solved my mystery. My first "pop" shot had removed his lower jaw. All but one of my other shots had connected in the South end of the Northbound buck! He had propped himself up on that tree out of desperation I guess, but it was the most eerie thing I ever saw a deer do. Needless to say, I had about 75lbs. of burger, and a great story !

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

Shot a doe with the 30-30 once that darn near got hung up in a tree. It was the 2nd day back in '07 and after the morning hunt, I stopped at the house for a bite to eat and then went back out to meet my hunting party to do some drives. I got there a little late as they had just started on about a 2 mile drive from the chopoffs into the Highfield (The family property) When I hit the RR Tracks, I saw 2 guys squatting down by the side of the tracks about 200 yards away....It was my Uncle and cousin. My Uncle called me on the little Motorola radio and told me where the meeting point was for the next drive.

I turned around, figuring to head back to the van and proceed to the meeting point, and wouldn't ya know it, a doe stepped out on the tracks within 30 yards of me. She stared at me...I had the rifle hanging by the sling from my shoulder. Well, she stepped off the tracks and passed behind a dirt bank...I unslung the rifle...She came out the other side and stopped again about 30 yards away. Crosshairs on...Boom.

It just so happened that she was standing directly in front of a small maple that forked about 6 feet up. She apparently was just taking a step when I fired because the bullet went through the elbow
(I guess you'd call it) of the onside leg and took out the lungs and top of the heart.

On impact, she leaped straight in the air and came down in the Y of that tree. I honestly thought she was stuck. But she managed to kick and twist enough to fall out of the tree and died right at the base.

My uncle called me on the radio again and asked "did you get her?" I said "Yep....but you gotta come see this!"

That story is brought up every year by several people in the crew.

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

Best day I ever had in the woods was the last day of rifle season 2006, when I was still in the young and gun mode and would buy as many doe tags as I could. I had 5 doe tags while hunting a small farm in area 2B with my brother in law. There was about an hour of light left when I caught 2 doe walking across a hillside about 150 yards away from me. I pulled up and seen 2 doe together. I took a shot on the first doe and she dropped in her tracks. The second doe stood still so I moved over to her and took a shot and down she went.

There were 3 other doe about 25 yards off to the left and I didnt see them until after I shot the first two doe. The 3 other does took off running, not away from me, but directly towards me. While running towards me, I took 5 shots and connected on all 3 doe. Within a matter of 15 seconds I had gone from having 5 unfilled to tags to filling all 5 tags. By far the craziest kill story I have.

After it took us about 4 hours to get all five deer tagged, field dressed and to the truck I realized that maybe I should have let the other 3 walk. After that I had 5 deer that needed hung and skinned. Then I had to cut all 5 deer up. It was a lot of work, but I didn't think of that when I was behind the scope. I can say that now I am a one deer a day kinda guy!!
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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

missed a deer once thursday grunted at it. walked up the hill i watched it for 5 minutes then a doe walked up. pulled my bow back my stand creeked she turned around walked down then looked at me. missed her neck. she troted down the hill i grunted twice she ran back up. luunged her at 38yds. I dont even have a 30yd pin on my bow. I had used both my good arrows and broadheads. Killed her with a $3 broadhead and a arrow with a hole in the fletching. dumb luck? 100%

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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

Really two. I was on stand app. 50 yards from a Creek. Saw a Doe heading my way. Took the shot and thought I saw something White flying, Went and checked...nothing.My Brother showed up and we started doing the half circle tracking. He found a chunk of Bone laying beside the Creek. Well, we headed downstream and there She was, stuck in a downed Tree.The Bullet hit the Elbow and took out a chunk of it and kept on going through the vitals.
Second one was also a Doe I shot in the Head with my Flinter. It did a complete Somersault, landed on it`s Feet and did a half flip and kicked itself down over a steep Hill....which I had to drag it back up over.....
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Re: What's your craziest kill story?

In 2004 I was hunting close to home, I could see my house from my treestand, maybe 400 yards. I was about 30 yards off the side road, facing the other way watching a big thicket and a field of high weeds. From our home, out the back window, there is a good view of a lot of woodlots and hillsides which back then, usually were a sea of orange.

One of my daughters was scheduled to have some wisdom teeth out that morning. Mid morning I saw our van coming down the road, they knew I was there and beeped and slowed. Daughter leans out the window and yells, "Hey dad! Get ready! There's a bunch of guys getting ready to push out The Jones' Place! <Name changed to protect my hunting grounds> They're heading your way!" They were maybe a half mile from my location.

Gave her the thumbs up and yelled, "Good luck, luv you!"

Couple minutes later a seven point sneaks out of the thick stuff and trots right underneath me, most definitely pushed out of there by that group. Shot was actually harder with the .270 than it would have been with a bow.

She was miserable when she got home, but a little forced smile with me and "our" buck in the driveway! Give her an assist on that one!

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