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Deer hit and Walkie-Talkies!OH MY!

Some times it doesn't pay to listen to others! Here is an example: SATURDAY.
We went to our area we have doe tags for and each person,3 of us,go to our chosen spot. My son is a wonders around and dogs for us. My son-in law we drop off 1/4 of the way up the ridge. I go to the top and and just walk and watch the old feed plot that is about like an old power line.
It was so windy and i was cold so after a 2 hours of my eyes drying out i went to set in my car. As cold as it gets the Amish,if you are familiar with them,always wear black clothes and a straw hat ?
I am setting in my Blazer and see an Orange outfit coming down the mowed lane on the ridge! It is coming fast! It gets to where i am in the parking lot and runs in a circle and heads back out onto the ridge. The guy was like in a half full running mode?It was an Amish fellow dressed in their black style cloths with and orange vest and and an orange beannie cap pulled onto his straw hat !!!!
I got out of my car to take a look around and i hear a shot towards where my son-in law is posted. I turn my radio on to see if his was on. I ask him" Did you shoot?" He answers "YES". Did you get one? He says i hit in the shoulder at 50 or so yards broad side! It went into the thicket and i can't see where it went! This spot is all very thick black berry bushes and is all up hill! "I am looking but can't find it."
Then a guy comes on the radio and says "IT RAN UP TO THE TOP TO THE TURNIP FIELD AND FELL OVER> IT IS LAYING HERE!"My son-in law starts up the hill,into the huge brier patch. A half and hour later my son comes and gets the info and heads out thru towards the place the guys say it is laying. In the mean time the other but can't get thru the briers and turned around to go back down and come up the road?
My son walks out the feed plot for a mile and can't find the deer. The others guys come on the radio and say"Come on till you see us we are by the deer." The boy says to them "I can't see you guys and i ran out of turnip patch to go thru . "
" JUST WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" My boy says!
I hear my son answer them " HOLY POOP<YOU GUYS ARE 4 and 1/2 MILES AWAY FROM US!"
2 hours later the 2 boys are back to where it was shot at and find it in the briers about 50 yards from where he shot it.
The Son-in law,who is a fairly new hunter,is a torn up from the briers and bloody,but he learned a lesson he won't forget?
Always go to where you last seen what you shot at.
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I can't STAND listening to half the idiots that buy a walkie talkie for hunting. I've heard evey thing from a wife telling her husband a deer was coming right at him and then chewing him out for not responding back, to another guys retirement and what movie they watched last night. I swear that these morons spend a total of 3 days in the woods each year hunting and can't even shut their trap for those days. We had a group one year babbling for half an hour while setting up a drive. It was getting to the point the entire area knew their whole life stories. Well, the drivers kept asking if the standers were ready every 5 seconds. About 30 seconds of this and I said "yep, we're ready Bill, head on out". We immediately heard the drivers start yelling. Unfortunately the standers probably weren't gonna be ready for another 20 minutes lol.

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I only carry a walkie-talkie anymore for the entertainment they bring during the off hours around mid day. Set the puppy on scan, hone in on the most gullible group i can find, and see how far I can get them to hike. Sounds like someone was having a good time with WillyP's son.
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That's pretty impressive if your walkie talkie is getting 4.5 miles of range. Our 2-ways struggle with 1 mile.

We only turn ours on if we hear a shot. To check and see if anyone of our guys needs a hand. We usually turn them on for about 5-10 minutes after a shot, then turn them off. We also turn them on qt quitting time and leave them on until the last man is back to the cabin.

I would never leave mine on throughout the day. Too much risk of noise at the wrong time. Although I'm rethinking that as we have a couple of guys in camp that are in their 80s.
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WOL,we were on top of a ridge and the other guys were also . Mine are rated for 16 miles.
We have them ,as you said to see if or who shot and if they need help.[Not on all the time.] Also me being 70 so they know where i am and how i am doing. Cell phone don't work there.

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If you want to have fun,get on a common frequency and say,"Dad,I just got one."Then just shut up.
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I carry a two-way radio and find it amusing to listen to some of the conversations. Beats the boredom of not seeing any deer.

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Originally Posted by dce View Post
If you want to have fun,get on a common frequency and say,"Dad,I just got one."Then just shut up.

Your evil!
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My question is - what is your call sign?

The FRS radios are only one half of one watt.

The 16 mile versions are GMRS and requires a license.

Where I hunt at, on top of an 1800' ridge, I can easily hear 5 miles in most directions.
Lately all the chatter is nothing but Amish, they have taken over the local community and decided that they were going to use GMRS frequencies for their own personal communications - like a telephone.

Had the Game Warden heard what I heard between two women talking about how their husbands shot deer and they tagged them for their husbands, I don't know how it would have turned out. Except you don't really know who the people are that are talking unless you drive around with a directional antenna and find them.

After the antics of last years first week deer rifle season, most of the land I once hunted is all now posted. The Amish has pretty much cleaned out the Game Lands. There was 100 of them in the woods the first day last year. This year I only saw one horse and buggy in the game lands. They cleaned it out and moved on to another game lands somewhere else.

If you have good radios and you learn how to use the privacy codes, you can pretty much squelch out all the other traffic other then your own group.
The idiots with the Rodger Beep and DCS tones are the ones that drives me nuts!

Like others has said, they can't shut up long enough to see a deer, and they think that they are Howard Cosell and that they have to do a play by play of every event in the woods..
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We stopped using Walkie-Talkies a long time ago. Much easier to just send a text message via the trusty cell phone. Range is unlimited, plus all communication between your party is private.
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