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MD Archery Buck

I've bowhunted for almost 35 years now and have taken quite a few deer w/the bow. Mostly does but a few nice buck as well. Last Friday (11/13) was my largest buck harvest to date and possibly the most exciting / intense bowhunt I've ever had...

I am a PA native, but now live near Frederick MD. I have permission to bowhunt a prime property 5 minutes from my house. My work schedule has messed up my bowhunting big time this year and it's been a struggle to get out at all. But since this is prime-time I made a point to get out last Friday to my honeyhole on this property.

Got in my stand @ 5am, in a sliver of woods adjoining a powerline ROW that’s about 200 yds across. It was REALLY windy. By 8am no deer seen at all.

But then I see way off in the distance antlers from a nice buck gleaming in the sun. About 150 yards away, on the edge of and heading into the stickerbush-nastiness in the ROW. No binocs, but after awhile I made out 2 other smaller buck as well. No response to my grunt call. With the wind blowing so hard I couldn't even be sure they could hear my grunt call.

The sun was hitting this nastiness and I figgered they were bedding down.

I could stay in my tree and mope.

Or.... why not go after them?

I've never had great success stalking but w/the wind masking pretty much all noise, and blowing from them to me... couldn't ask for a better setup!

Down w/the climber I go. Strip off some bulkier stuff, slim-line it so nothing rattles or squeaks- over top I have my ghillie suit.

Once I'm on the ground I
a) Don't know if the buck(s) are still in the field
b) If they are in the field I don't know exactly where.
c) know that if I walk along the woods line I'll get busted for sure.

So.... into the stickerbush/grass mix in the ROW I go. Vegetation is about waist high, a bit higher in places. I'm creeping along on hands and knees and at times peeking my head up to look for movement.

A little ways in I spot 2 6ptr, about 50 yd apart.

One was a decent 6 ptr- he was closest. Targeted him 1st. They were bedded down and all you could see now and then was a tine (amidst a billion blades of grass and stickerbush stems) when they lifted their head in the air, only once did I see more than a few square inches of deer. When they went “low”, they disappeared- that’s what this guy did (the 6ptr). When he went low it was disorienting trying to figure out where he really was.

I crept up and ended up almost stepping on him, he bounded away. I was ticked, how'd I mess that up? Easy, you can't see them!

But there’s more deer than this one, and they did not all bound away. And they’re all close, but I don’t know where….. so I keep creeping looking for a tine… Not 5 min later I’m crouched down scanning on my hands/knees and a spike comes waltzing along, so close I could have grabbed him. Walked right in front of / past me.

Then I see the another 6ptr, this ones bigger. Make a slow-mo beeline towards him (he’s about 80 yds away now, and I’m w/my bow). I get within 40 yds, of him, and POP! Up jumps this 8ptr- THIS was the big boy I saw when I was in my stand! When he popped up he was only @ 15 yds from me. I never saw him.

He takes 2 bounds and stops, he’s not sure what the heck I am (all ghillie’d up)- that’s all I needed. Let the arrow fly, he took 1 bound and piled up. Lung, top of heart.

Nice 8ptr, 17 inch spread.

Sorry the pics ain't the best, didn't have a photographer w/me!

This was one of my most exciting and probably one of the top 5 most memorable hunts I've had to date. It was awesome!

Here's the field of nastiness I crept through.... it looks like grass, it's mostly stickerbushes!

And here he is in my truck!


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Re: MD Archery Buck

I see a nice 8pt!

You really under estimated the ramifications of the boondoggle you have just perpetrated!
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Re: MD Archery Buck

Congrats, BH!!

Exciting and thrilling hunt, and great write up!!

Shoot straight

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Re: MD Archery Buck

Had me excited with the retelling of the adventure!

Great job and a sweet buck BH!

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Re: MD Archery Buck

Nice stalk and nice buck, congrats!
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Re: MD Archery Buck

Awesome buck, and awesome story. Good job.

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Re: MD Archery Buck

Congratulations to you on a fine buck. I enjoyed your story you had me on the edge of my chair. Im from Cumberland area and know you have good hunting there. You might share even though you just took a buck with a bow you can still take one with rifle and muzzy. I think your zone B where you can actually buy extra buck tags, am I correct?
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Re: MD Archery Buck

Congrats Bumblehick!

“did you get all that on camera sport?”
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Re: MD Archery Buck

Nice buck, congrats!

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Re: MD Archery Buck

Awesome spot and stalk hunt! Congrats
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