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Who the heck is "they'??

I had my mind blown recently.

I can't tell you all how many times I have heard "you just gotta get back in farther than everyone else" or "they will get the deer moving around lunch time when they walk out to the truck". A few months ago I was shootin it with a guy about a piece of public land I had been looking at. Now this guy was a big fella and my point is, this man isn't makin it very far in the woods if you know what I'm sayin. I couldn't believe what he told me. His exact words were "I just get back in farther than everyone else and that's just what you gotta do if you want to see deer"

This caused me to do some serious soul searching. If this man is saying this, which I have heard 100 other guys say, then exactly who the heck is "everyone else"? This guy is exactly who I imagine in my head when I am talking about "everyone else". If this man isn't "everyone else" than who the heck is it? Has anyone ever actually met the guy the are referring to as "50 yards from the road"? Is anyone out there the guy that ALL of us are referring to when we tell people "they will get them moving at lunch when they walk to the truck"

My theory is, "they" do not exist. We ALL have the same plan, get back in farther than everyone else, stay in the stand longer than everyone else, do everything better then everyone else and you will get that buck. The reality of it is, we are all banking on a fictional character that we have made up in our heads to get the deer moving if we get back in farther and sit longer. I think we all need to stop expecting "everyone else" to move the deer, or to get out of their stand earlier, because they simply do not exist.

Note: No, I am not smoking pot
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Be careful, you are becoming one of "them" .

Just like the guy at the range, the fellow with the ample body mass index, don't be fooled by appearances. My man may be large for many reasons, but size does not make or break the hunter's knowledge, skills, and experience.

"They" all start to think gee, I need to get down and move around. They think gee, I walked in two miles, I must be further back than everyone else, when in reality, Mr. Big has another mile on you. They think, gee, even though I spend only a few dozen hours a year in the woods, I can "still hunt" undetected through the woods and sneak up on a mature buck that has eluded scores of other hunters.

The reality of it is, a significant portion of the deer hunting ranks don't have the confidence or the abilities to really get in deep, get off the beaten path, take nothing but paths of least resistance. I'd like to see a study where they drop guys off at the edge of some really big woods and tell them to head North, with no GPS to guide them, for two miles then signal. I wonder how many would even make it close to one mile before they thought, man, I am at least two miles in.

They indeed exist. But they are sneaky. When you start to believe they don't exist, you are secretly being recruited to join them.

And no worries, if Wolf and Fetterman get their way, you'll be able to enjoy that toke on your back deck
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A closed mind keeps the truth out
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One of my best spots is less than 100 yards from the road. All the guys who go "way back in" push them there!

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Going back farther has its good and bad. I have spots i stay 50-100 yards from the road where everyone else goes back alot farther. I just sit in my stand longer in the mornings so they push deer to be when they come out.
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Honestly, you have to be smoking pot. And you can go hump yourself with the body size and judging comments. I am 6'2" and 270 pounds and I've done Alaskan backpack hunts for grizzly bear and caribou. I've been an elk guide in the rockies and I just recently went to Wyoming on an antelope hunt where I walked over 4 miles at 9,000 feet to get my buck. I'l bet there are plenty of people smaller than I am who can't finish the elliptical workout that I do on a daily basis.
So to answer your own question about who "they" is, to me it appears to be you. Because you ain't one of "us" in my group.
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I worked with a carpenter that used to have a saying he'd break out when the work got difficult, something was giving us fits, or as happens in construction, things get scary, Jake would say "You gotta want it!" He was right.
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Sadly most of my life has been wasted, but the rest I spent hunting, fishing, and trapping...
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Interesting. Of course I've heard that. Been hunting a long time...my theory is "gotta be in right place at right time" With rifle season...much comes down to some good old fashioned luck.
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“They” are the guys that have quit hunting or about to quit. “They” are the ones who began hunting when there was a deer behind every tree and never actually learned any “skills”, just stump sitting.

The vast majority of those left in the woods today are all waiting for “them” to push deer around, but “they” aren’t there anymore. That’s fine by me, because now I can hunt deer in rifle season like you would on archery season instead of hoping that “they” push them around...
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Im a 6’ 320lb fit fat guy that most of of my under 200lb buddies cant keep up to me in the woods. When I step out of my truck I’m in go mode. I hunt out west for elk and deer. This year with no training we shot 2 elk the first 2 days. Steeper than a 12/12 pitch roof on my elk. My elk was 2.21 miles in and my buddies was 2.19 miles in. We carried them out by ourselves. 3 trips each. I out smart most hunters on a regular basis and hunt hard and go deep when the situation calls for it. I’ve killed game 50 yards from the truck or 5 miles from the truck. It don’t take me long to figure out game and get it killed either. I play guide here in pa and out west. I’ve got google earth maps printed for out west with pins dropped for spike camps, bedding areas, water, and feed.... and almost every location holds a elk or mule deer when we get there too. I have hand fulls of buddies to back everything up I’ve just said so when you throw out the fat guy comment all’s I can say is bring your A game. My motto is “ You deserve it when You earn it” so I go and earn it.
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In the areas I go in rifle season I am a hunters best friend. All I do is still hunt or drive deer after the first day. On Tuesday my Dad and I did one man drives for over half the day. Between the two of us we saw close to 20 deer. After he went home I went to a peninsula . Figured I would still hunt the whole thing. After I made a big loop and came out on the other side there was a hunter watching the narrow field that went down the middle of it. He was seeing a lot of deer but no buck. At the time I am sure he was totally unaware that I was essentially doing a huge one man drive for him. My phone said I covered 11.5 miles that day. Yesterday I went up into the mountains and there wasnít another vehicle parked anywhere. Jumped over 10 deer in under 3 hours and I am sure many more I didnít see. One of them was a real nice buck that wouldnít offer me a shot. Tracked him in the snow for over a hour before I had to leave. If there was other hunters up there with me yesterday they would of had a good chance of getting him because of the snow and the great visibility. I know I am not the only one out there who hunts this way. I just canít sit in a stand all day expecting a big buck to get up and move around on itís own during daylight. They know they are being hunted at this point so I do what I can to get them on their feet and hopefully get a shot. If another hunter shoots one because of my actions then good for them.

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