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Originally Posted by charman03 View Post
Thereís way less hunters now because itís buck only the first week, and thereís so many rifle guys who are tagging out with their crossbows now in archery. I hardly know anyone who didnít already shoot a buck in archery.
True, i know not everyone shoots doe, but with all the DMAP properties now in PA you would think many hunters would take advantage of being able to shoot a doe the first week of buck only.

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It was the lowest hunter turn out for opening day I have ever seen in our area.

It has been declining in recent years, but yesterday was a all time low. I realize there are several contributing factors for declining 1st day hunters. At this point, I am failing to see any advantage to Saturday opener.

With the declining numbers, I expect we will see many changes in the coming years as the PGC adapts to our changing culture.

The Saturday opener did not effect me, so no personal grudge, just a honest observation .
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The opener was really no different than ones in recent past in the area I was in.My daughter was able to go out this year due to Saturday opener which was nice.Hunting pressure was lower from what I could tell from the amount of vehicles on the drive home.Shooting was pretty much non existent and we had the woods to ourselves which was good and bad.No deer seen while sitting or walking in or out which did not surprises me due to lower numbers than other parts of the state.I just read a article in the Harrisburg paper from the outdoor writer whom travels thru out local mountain game lands and he seemed to observe more hunters he felt in lots he went to,but one was pretty empty.I also talked to a family who was in SGL in 2A and it was dead there also.No shooting to speak of and very few hunters.Just glad I filled my buck tag in Archery season.
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I hunted in 3C yesterday on brothers land. Did not here one shot within 2 miles of the property. There was no one inthe cabin that adjoins my brothers. One truck on the property next to that. Heard no quads. Could not believe this was the first day of the rifled deer season. I had no issues with it being a Saturday but I would prefer a Monday start. But all I kept hearing about was how many more hunters would be in the woods and where I was it was like a ghost town. The good news is the deer are not spooked from being shot at!
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Other than the Easterly wind and very little shooting I had a great day. My 11 year old tells the story better but we saw 2 black squirrels chasing each other around, several grey squirrels, a red fox, a red tail hawk, 2 fishers, a couple doe, a button buck, and my trophy hunting boy passed a 4 point up that came by near noon. I stopped the buck 3 times and he was ready to shoot the deer but didn't, then said he wondered what it would be next year, I told him slide the safety forward if you don't want that deer and set the rifle back up. We rolled out of the stand about 2 o'clock and walked back to the house, I didn't have to gut or drag, Mama had the fire going and spaghetti sauce cooking, it was a good day.

I still prefer the Monday opener to Saturday because of the time it affords me to hunt in NY at my camp. I have to split time as it is (I know, what a problem to have) but the Saturdays are also high hunter number days at camp and I have doe tags that likely will not get filled this year because seasons running parallel now and the wife and I mentoring our 3 boys at the moment so I will be here most evenings to hunt, C'est la vie.
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I loved it. I hunt private land surrounded by public and there was double the amount of people in the woods. By 9am we saw 20 deer mostly bucks. I got to bring my 2 8yr old boys and we tagged out on a buck they spotted and made the call on. Best hunt to date
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Originally Posted by JJ4D View Post
I heard a TON of shots yesterday. Well over 50 while I was out for roughly 7 hours. Thatís far more than Iíve heard in previous years. I think yesterday was a success for many.
I remember when 50 shots or more were heard the first kiddin'
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Originally Posted by simoncool View Post
I remember when 50 shots or more were heard the first kiddin'

Me too. Heck, when you'd get a buck running flat out up a holler, you might hear 50 shots in a couple of minutes.
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Hunting is

20, 30, 40 years ago, talking about "no hunters" on the first day of buck season would have been a joke. Everyone complained about how crowded it was and would have welcomed less company in the woods.

Now guys are complaining about "not enough hunters" to move the deer? Really? Or they'll play the "no hunters" card to prove the pgc screwed up by moving the opener to saturday.

More time to hunt with less competition, how can that be a bad thing, unless you simply want it to be?

One more thing...

Here in 1A we are over run with deer. BUT, the pgc chose to only allow us only one week of doe hunting, and it's the same in many WSU's. Why? So hunters see more deer. Simply pacifying hunters by manipulating the seasons to make hunters see what they want to see. Geez, we are a spoiled bunch....

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I saw plenty of hunters yesterday, all with a rifle in hand. I also saw more deer in one day than I’ve seen in 20 years. I was fortunate enough to harvest a decent buck. I don’t think the Saturday start is going anywhere. All the complaints are reminiscent of when AR started. Everyone will have to accept it I guess. I’m definitely no expert on managing wildlife, but I know more guys that didn’t tag their buck in archery as opposed to the ones that did. I’d say at least in Clinton county, yesterday was a success.
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