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Tag in the ear law

With all the law changes the PGC makes , I'd like to see one common sense change. Remove the law that says the tag has to be fastened to the ear so the bar code can be read. For those of us that actually get pretty far from the parking lot having the tag tear off during the drag is a real possibility. I've had to backtrack and look for the tag a number of times. I usually try and tuck it down in the ear and drag with the tag up and keep checking occasionally but I've still had them come off, I mean ITS PAPER!! common sense tells you that catching on brush, laurel, over rocks, over logs, sliding down the mt, pulling up the mt, sooner or later your gonna tear it!

I have had two occasions where I had to back track pretty far, but luckily found it. And what if its windy? good luck now you have an untagged deer..not good. Stupid in fact. Why even chance it? So what the heck is wrong with as long as its properly filled out, putting it in your license holder and pinning it to the ear, or better yet stick it in your pocket till you get it out of the woods. You need to scan it?....no problem here it is.
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Right or wrong, I put the tag in the ear and zip tie the ear closed with a little yellow exposed. Have never lost that one way.

To me, I'd rather take flak for doing it that way, than the alternative. A lost tag = a possible very bad day.

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Wrap the ear around the tag and zip tie it . I've been hunting 60 yrs, have killed at least one deer in every year, have dragged some quite a distance, and have never lost a tag. Also, nowhere in the book in the tagging section, does it say the bar code has to be exposed. The tagging rule has been around for decades. There were no bar codes until they went to the PALS system
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Common sense tells ME to fill it out, cut a tiny slit in the ear and zip tie it to the ear. Tuck it into the ear and zip tie it shut. If somebody wants to see it cut the outer zip tie and show it to them. Literally a 10 second procedure. Had some pretty rough drags and never lost a single one.

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Possible POTD material bates? I think so....
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I am sure taxidermists just love slits in the ears. Just another antiquated regulation that is set up to be a money-raiser from fines for people not tagging deer in the prescribed way.

Guess what? I stopped at my taxi's place of business the evening archery was ended. Some fine PA bucks, real fine, taken ethically and legally by some upstanding people (hunters, citizens, parents). And each and every one of them.........tag wrapped around the antler.

Say you get checked. Let's even get real zealous with it, and have mandatory checkpoints. Guess what? When talking to that wildlife officer or biologist or person manning the check station, need to pull out the wallet and produce your ID. I don't have a bar code on my forehead that they can scan to identify ME, so I have to produce an ID. I could have my tag right there with it.

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if hunting I,ll produce id, but if not NO. make no mistake the GW,s have a job to do and are not your friends, if they find any thing that they deem illegal they can arrest you the same as the police. you don,t have to be rude, just know your rights.
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I agree that it's not hard to legally tag a deer in the ear, and that's how I do it because it's the law. But I also agree that it's asinine to fine somebody for tagging on the antler. If there's a good reason for strictly tagging in the ear, I haven't heard it yet.
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wrapping the ear around the tag, been there done that, agreed, but the law says they have to be visible and to be able to scan the bar code...So technically not legal..my point exactly. I have also pinned the license to the ear with tag in and never lost one. Zip tie and wrap the ear around it ? Sure makes sense but technically probably also not legal. My point is as long as the tag is filled out properly what the heck does it matter how its attached ? what if I just hand the tag to the warden what he can't scan it unless its attached to the ear and visible? after all the tag is only as durable as the paper, your zip tie might be plastic and not tear, but the tag is still only paper.. pardon my common sense.

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I'm not a fan of this law as IMHO, if the tag is para-corded (for ex) to the ear, horns, or other sturdy part, it's not going anywhere. I would not support a fill out 'n keep in the pocket type of law.
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