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Saturday opener awareness?

Talked to two more hunters yesterday that had no clue that the first day of rifle deer is on Saturday this year. This seems to be almost a weekly occurrence for me. The reality is many hunters are not very tuned into yearly changes made to hunting seasons and regulations.

Anyone else running into folks not aware of the change?
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Yep, and after i tell them that, they are not to happy.
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Run into hunters like that every year. All they have to do is read the darn book. There are just clueless people in this world who seem to live under a rock.
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I ran into 4 people(non-Hunters) yesterday around 11 that were headed out hiking as I was heading home ! 2 guys and 2 girls ! The guys were wearing black jacket and a black hoodie and the girls had on a black hoodie and dark gray yoga pants and the other had a pair of black yoga pants on with a burgundy top and a black sweater over it ! I stopped to just let them know that it was the first day of Bear ML season and I wouldn't advise them to go out hiking today in those clothes unless they had FO vests to put on and even then I wouldn't advise it ! Not sure what they did as I left and headed home !

People act like they don't even know about hunting around here !
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Yes, iv'e talked to several who didn't know. It's been monday for so long I think alot of casual hunters won't realise it's been changed.

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A very small percentage of licensed hunters get on hunting websites Or pay much attention to anything hunting other then the few days or day they hunt a year. I know that some live it 24 - 7. Even on here the huge membership is impressive but itís a small percentage that actually are regular contributors.
I know some older hardcore hunters that donít have cell phones or computers. I know some hunters that still havenít bought a license cause they still have time before rifle season. They havenít shot anything in years but go to camp each year for whatever they get out of it.
Itís really not that important to them. Plus we went years and years without any changes for the most part. Now I here older guys complaining of all the changes.
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Like mentioned before, just read the book, or regs online. You should be checking yearly for any reg changes and ignorance is not an excuse. Maybe im just more into reading it because i hunt multiple states.
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Remember all the hubbub, back when the dates changed for doe applications?

People just do not pay attention. Over forty years ago, killed my first grouse at deer camp on the Saturday before buck. Took it to a local taxidermist near camp to have it mounted. Guy in his shop had a fit, accused me of shooting a grouse out of season.

Taxidermist knew him, asked him if he'd gotten one of the little rule books with his license, because grouse were still in Saturday. The guy still insisted we were both wrong. So the critter stuffer got his own little rule book out of his license holder and showed him the dates.

Aside from hunters, wondering how many rural organizations that always do a Sunday night hunters' feed, are aware of the change? As of about a month ago, the group that does that near my camp, were unaware of the change.
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As someone who hunts nearly year round in multiple states and countries, I have to admit I have trouble keeping up with the different changes PA seems to make on an annual basis. Not the major changes like the opener, but the FO regs, and mentored youth hunts, and what weapon can be carried when and for what. I always read the regs but then get confirmation from others as well to be certain I'm understanding them correctly. To me PA seems to get more complicated each year instead of less complicated.
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"Not aware of the Saturday opener." >>> Now when the license sales increase doesn't manifest itself like it was supposed to and save hunting, we will all know what the leading excuse will be.

All I have to say is that if they don't know the opener was moved to a Saturday, then they aren't very serious hunters at all and a Saturday opener wasn't about to help them in the first place.

ALL OF THIS FANTASTIC CHANGE AND INCREASED OPPORTUNITY that was supposed to help so many people, and in the end the outspoken few on here will blame it all on the PGC for not communicating it effectively enough to make hunters aware of the change.

Some people need fed a bottle and their diaper changed. Then you have other people who need their bottle warmed up before you feed it to them, rock them and sing them a lullaby while they are drinking it, burp them, give them a bath, powder and baby oil, tuck them under a warm blanket and sing them to sleep. We all now which one of those categories the clueless hunters who don't know about the Saturday thing fall into. And that is exactly why no amount of change will ever help them and they aren't worth "helping" in the first place.

Rant over...
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