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Letís hear youth hunting stories

I have a lot of these stories so I will start it. When my son was 9 years old I took him with me for the mentor hunt. This was the last year on the lease land I was in. The woman that owned the land passed away and her son sold it right away but back to the story. It was about a hour before dark and it was like somebody open a gate and said move deer. A spike walked up and he couldnít find it in the scope so it got away. Ten minutes later a 6 point was coming up the ridge to our left and he was already shaking then he whispered dad a deer to the right is coming it was a bigger 6 point so it was on his side of the stand so he wanted to go for it. I was watching the buck to the left to make sure he didnít spot us. Then my son says big buck. I said I know buddy just get ready. He is like no dad look behind that 6 point and oh my gosh guys it was a huge 10 point. I told my son try to stop shaking and told him where to aim. Itís about 40 yards away now and my boy was shaking so bad and I whispered you know where to aim so take the shot. He never look at me or said a word to me. Well it keeps walking and I was behind my son so I looked through his scope and he had the buck in his sights but no shooting. Finally the deer was out of sight and my boy turns to me and says dad he was huge. I said why didnít you shoot buddy. He said I couldnít. Said I was froze I couldnít move. Although I would have loved for him to shoot that buck I just smiled and said thatís called buck eggy buddy. Guys always say why wouldnít you just shoot the buck. It would have been the biggest buck I ever got but I would have done it the same way again bc it is a story my son tells all the time. He is 12 now and is a great little hunter. I have more I will post after I read some of your stories. If you have one take a minute and let us read it.
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Great story. He will always remember that big 10 point and hunting with his Dad. Did he get a buck yet?
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Yes he has killed one buck. I will post that story soon. If I can figure out how to post pics I will add them. I hope this post does good. I like reading hunting stories about young hunters.
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A lot of great stories. I have another one. It was the last day of the deee season where my son got his buck eggy. Got to the stand before day break and was seeing son does and I had my son practice getting them in the scope and trying to stay calm. He did a good job at that. Then around 10am I turned around and seen a deer coming from behind us and whispered to my son a deer is coming. Now keep in mind he found all the does in the scope no problem. We finally got a look and it was a nice 4 point. Well I could feel the stand start shaking from him. I said just take a couple deep breathes and relax. He said dad I want to get this one. I made a little joke to calm him down about letting the monster buck walk. He giggled...now this 4 point is 10 yards away and he couldnít find it in the scope. I grunted softly and he stop wide open timber broad side. Well still couldnít find him. Here we go I thought. Lol.. it got clean at the bottom of the ridge and I said buddy you have to find him bc 5 more yards he is out of sight. I grunted real loud. The buck stopped and I heard. I found him dad I got him in the scope. I whispered are you on the kill zone. He said yeah. I said pull the trigger buddy. He took a deep breathe like we practice and then I heard boom. He dropped the 4 point where it stood. We where pumped. He was so happy he had tears in his eyes and well if I am going to be 100% honest Dadís eyes might have been a little teared up also. After high 5ís for a minute we went down and I showed him how to approach a animal to make sure they are dead. It was about a 90 yard shoot for his first buck. Great job the reality set in and I looked up the ridge and said oh no. He said what. I said we have to drag him up that ridge now. 3 hours later we made it to the top. Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading more of your stories
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When I was a kid my dad took me squirrel hunting for the first time. I had sat with him on some previous deer hunts(this was before mentored youth), but this squirrel hunt was the first time that I had my own gun in the woods.

I'm carrying my Dad's 20ga Ithaca that he inherited from his grandfather. Dad loaded the gun for me before the hunt. So I see a squirrel and shoot it. I pump the action but it jams. Luckily the squirrel was dead.

I tell my Dad about the jam, and hand him the shotgun. The empty shotgun shell is stuck in the chamber and won't eject. So we walk back to the cabin with my first kill. Dad has to use a pair of pliers to rip the empty shotgun shell from the gun.

It turns out the shell was a 3" 20ga and the gun was only 2 3/4" chamber. Thanks Dad! Lucky it didn't blow up in my hands. I still, to this day, have no idea where that 3" shell came from. We didn't even own another 20ga gun and there was no other 3" shells among the ammo we had.
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First year of hunting for me son, he turned 12 in January, so spring gobbler was his first hunt carrying a gun. We shot clay pigeons quite a bit and he was pretty good at that so he figured a turkey would be a peice of cake. Bragged to his sisters there was no way he could miss a turkey, no way.

First morning they were gobbling good, and about a half hour after flydowm I called a big Jake up a little hill in front of us. We could hear him coming but couldn't see him till he popped over the hill 25 yds away in full strut. The "click" of the safety made him quit strutting and pick his head up, boom. He ducks and goes right back down over the hill, and my son jumps up and goes over the where the turkey was standing expecting to find him there. No turkey, he cannot beleive he missed. An hour later a repeat performance, this time on a nice Tom at about 35 yds. Ok, we were hunting behind our house so his sisters heard the 2 shots and they knew I didn't have a gun with me, so they were ready when we got back. Several lessons learned that day, keep your head down when shooting and keep your mouth shut til you've actually done something.

Monday morning he redeemed himself with a nice tom, but saturdays lessons had sunk in so he wasn't quite so cocky after that

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Great thread !
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I have so many stories raising three kids that hunted. I remember the year I built the house we live in now I didn't have a lot of time and one of my sons wanted to hunt one evening during archery when he was twelve or thirteen years old. I took him to a tree around 300 yards from where I was working on the house and had him climb a tree and told him I would be back at dark. When my kids turned twelve I didn't baby them, they learned to shoot a bow and climb trees with a climber on their own. When I showed to pick him up he was at the base of the tree and said he had shot a nice buck, after a short tracking job we found his first buck with a bow and will never forget the excitement. He has taken several bucks with a bow since that day but you never forget that first one.
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My daughter started hunting with me when she was 12. She will only hunt deer and once she shoots one she is done.

The first year we get up and she feels good. So we walk up to our stand, which is about 300 yards behind our house. We set down and before we even see any deer, she says dad I don't feel good. Then she starts dry heaving. So we start walking back towards the house, then all of sudden she said she feels better. So we turn around and walk up the hill farther to a different stand. After that first half hour she feels good the rest of the hunting season.

So on to the next year, same thing happens. Feels good until we get out there again.

She has hunted the first day with me every year since she was 12 except for one when it was her first year of college. Last hunting season she was 22 and she still gets sick the first morning after we get to her stand. Anymore we don't walk back towards the house. After about 10 to 15 minutes it passes and good to hunt the rest of the day.

So it has become a joke every year. Her brother and I ask her if she feels good before we leave the house and she always feels good until we get out there. She will be 23 this deer season and I can almost guarantee it will happen again!
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The first deer "boot string" tradition.
I killed my first buck when I was twelve in 1960 at 7:30am the opening morning. When it was time to dress him out I didn't have a clue where to start so dad took over the job. I was told to have a piece of sting in my license holder to tie the tag on but guess who didn't have what? Without a word my uncle whipped out his knife, reached down and cut about a six piece of my boot string off, "Here use this to tie the tag on".

Move ahead to 1985 when may son shot his first. I like my father I instructed him how to dress out a deer and like Unk, I cut off a piece of his boot string to tag it.

Then when my two grandsons shot their first ...

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